Adjectives for Hampton

Adjectives For Hampton

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing hampton, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Discover the diverse adjectives connected to 'Hampton' and explore the nuanced meanings each brings to different contexts. Whether referring to 'East Hampton' with its affluent charm, or 'Old Hampton' rich in history, each adjective unveils a unique facet. 'South Hampton' breathes a coastal freshness, while 'General Hampton' may evoke historical significance. The vibrancy of 'Young Hampton' contrasts with the metropolitan allure of 'York Hampton'. These adjectives do more than modify; they transport readers to places and times, each with its own story. Dive deeper to discover the full spectrum of adjectives that pair with 'Hampton' below.
eastThe Hamptons, a group of towns on the eastern end of Long Island, includes East hampton
oldThe old hampton house was filled with antique furniture.
southI drove to South hampton to meet my friend.
generalGeneral hampton was in charge of the African-American soldiers during the Siege of Petersburg.
youngYoung hampton collected seashells from the beach.
yorkYork hampton is a town in Virginia.
littleLittle hampton is a town on the south coast of England.
lateThe late hampton Taylor was a renowned painter.
northNorth hampton is a town in New Hampshire.
nearbyThe nearby hampton Inn offers a complimentary breakfast.
blackBlack hampton is a historic neighborhood in the southwest corner of Dallas, Texas, USA.
confederateConfederate Hampton's forces patrolled a 20-mile front in Virginia.
formerThe former hampton remains a landmark in the town.
earlyEarly hampton yelled at the other dogs as soon as he saw them.
presentI am so excited to visit Present hampton for the first time.
secondI'm going to the second hampton for a party.
neighboringI live in the neighboring hampton
strongThe strong hampton family has made a name for themselves in the community.
191We rented a house at 191 hampton
witchThe witch hampton cast a spell on the unsuspecting town.
neighbouringThe neighbouring hampton inhabitants were very welcoming.
thirdThe third hampton was an unforgettable experience.
gallantGallant hampton is a gallant knight who rescued the princess.
westWest hampton is a beautiful town on the south shore of Long Island.
dayDay hampton was a great basketball player.
fashionableThe fashionable hampton is the perfect place to start off your summer wardrobe.
centuryCentury hampton is a vibrant and thriving community located in the heart of Hampton, Virginia.
wesleyWesley hampton served as a general in the Confederate States Army during the American Civil War.
famousThe famous hampton Court Palace is a royal palace in the London Borough of Richmond upon Thames, England.
exeterI'm sorry, I can't generate a sentence with "exeter hampton" without more context.
bathBath hampton is a village in the Cotswold Hills.
democraticSunny and warm in Democratic hampton NH today.
royalThe Royal hampton hotel offers luxurious amenities and a convenient location.
wealthyThe wealthy hampton couple lived in a beautiful mansion overlooking the ocean.
youngerYounger hampton was a rising star in the music industry.
preThe pre hampton program was designed to help students prepare for college.
missMiss hampton was a kind and gentle woman.
sleepyThe sleepy hampton was relaxing in the sun.
londonLondon hampton is a residential neighborhood in the Richmond borough of London.
postwarThe postwar hampton was a different place from the prewar Hampton.
braveBrave hampton faced the challenge with confidence.
postThe post hampton deal was a success.
maldenMalden hampton is a city in Virginia.
nearThe village of Isleworth is near hampton
belovedMy beloved hampton is a beautiful place to live.
historicThe historic hampton House is a beautiful example of Georgian architecture.
elderElder hampton has a long and distinguished career in public service.
virginiaThe plane was met by Virginia hampton who had been the Princess's friend from her schooldays.
sabinSabin hampton is a talented artist.
dearMy dear hampton I hope this finds you well.
favoredFavored hampton revealed his dominance by winning the first prize at the dog show.
loveliestThe loveliest hampton in New York is a truly special place.
charismaticThe charismatic hampton greeted the crowd with a warm smile and a firm handshake.
wartimeWartime hampton was a difficult time for the people living in the area.
venerableThe venerable hampton Court Palace is a historic royal palace located in the London Borough of Richmond upon Thames.
energeticEnergetic hampton was ready to take on the day.

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