Adjectives for Handle

Adjectives For Handle

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing handle, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to pair with 'handle' can subtly change the mental image it conjures. A 'wooden handle' evokes a sense of tradition and warmth, suggesting something classic or handcrafted. A 'long handle' might imply greater reach or leverage, useful in a physical or metaphorical sense. Conversely, a 'short handle' suggests compactness and ease of use, perhaps in confined spaces. 'Small' emphasizes the delicacy or precision of use, while 'better' speaks to improvement or superiority in design. A 'vertical handle' introduces a specific orientation, impacting function and user interaction. Each adjective shades the meaning of 'handle' in unique ways, offering a glimpse into the limitless possibilities of language. Explore the full list of adjectives for more nuances and insights.
woodenI grabbed the wooden handle of the hammer.
longI bought a spatula with a long handle to flip the pancakes.
shortThe broom has a short handle
smallThe small handle on the coffee cup made it difficult to grip.
betterWe need to get a better handle on our finances.
verticalThe vertical handle on the door made it difficult to open.
singleThe sink has a single handle that controls both the hot and cold water.
broomThe broom handle was broken in half.
shapedThe ergonomically shaped handle provides a comfortable grip.
curvedHer handbag had a curved handle that was easy to grip.
blackThe black handle of the coffee mug felt cold in my hand.
rightThe right handle of the wrench was too tight for him to turn.
malleusThe malleus handle is located in the middle ear and transmits sound vibrations to the eardrum.
convenientThe travel mug had a convenient handle for easy gripping.
startingThe old car needed a starting handle to get going.
plasticThe plastic handle of the knife was smooth and comfortable to grip.
straightThe straight handle of the axe made it easy to grip.
roundThe round handle of the hammer was uncomfortable to hold.
heavyThe heavy handle of the ax made it difficult to swing.
flatHe picked up a flat handle hammer and hit the nail.
horizontalThe tool had a horizontal handle
hollowThe hollow handle of the basket was made of woven wicker.
smoothThe smooth handle of the sword felt comfortable in his hand.
easyThe machine's easy handle made it easier to operate.
redThe ax with the red handle was buried in the woodpile.
solidThe solid handle of the hammer gave me a good grip.
winchThe winch handle was old and rusty, but it still worked perfectly.
hardIt was hard handle the situation, but we managed to get through it.
thickThe heavy pot had a thick handle that made it easy to grip.
doubleThe sleek cookware comes with a double handle for ease in lifting and pouring.
leftHe grabbed the left handle of the mug.
topThe top handle of the bag made it easy to carry.
longerThe pot has a longer handle for easy gripping.
thinThe mug had a thin handle that was easy to grip.
firmHe had a firm handle on the situation.
cylindricalThe cylindrical handle of the mug made it easy to grip.
brokenI carefully placed the mug with the broken handle back on the shelf.
bottomThe coffee mug has a sturdy bottom handle for easy gripping.
bentThe bent handle of the spoon made it difficult to stir the soup.
crookedThe old man leaned heavily on his cane with the crooked handle
greenThe table knife has a light green handle
inchThe inch handle was too loose to turn the bolt.
goldenThe golden handle glinted in the sunlight.
suitableThe artist used a suitable handle for the paintbrush.
softThe fabric has a soft handle
doorI turned the rusty door handle and stepped inside.
detachableThe saucepan has a detachable handle
slenderThe slender handle of the vase felt smooth in her hand.
broadThe broad handle of the ax made it easy to grip.
twistedThe teacup had an interesting twisted handle
middleShe grabbed the middle handle of the bag to carry it.
polishedThe sleek, polished handle of the sword gleamed in the dim light.
plainThe box had a plain handle
roundedThe rounded handle of the mug made it easy to grip.
crankThe mechanic used a crank handle to start the old car.
yellowA black bag with a yellow handle caught her eye.
carvedMy grandfather's cane had a carved handle
circularWe used the circular handle to open the heavy door.
footThe foot handle was used to operate the machine.
stoutThe stout handle of the hammer felt comfortable in my hand.
bronzeThe antique door had a sturdy bronze handle
validThe credential used to access the object is a valid handle
insideHe reached for the inside handle of the door and yanked it open.
uprightThe tall upright handle of the broom made it difficult to clean under the furniture.
frontThe front handle of the bag is made of leather.
oppositeThe opposite handle moved a little to the left
outsideGrab the outside handle to open the door.
roughThe rough handle of the axe left splinters in my hand.
panHe showed how to pan handle by shaking the pan rapidly.
laryngoscopeThe laryngoscope handle is gripped in the left hand close to the connection to the blade.
brushI used the brush handle to prop up the wobbly table.

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