Adjectives for Handles

Adjectives For Handles

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing handles, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjectives to describe handles uncovers a world of nuance in functionality and aesthetic appeal. A wooden handle evokes a sense of warmth and tradition, perfect for a cozy, rustic vibe. Long handles offer ease of use and accessibility, making them ideal for drawers or doors. For spaces constrained by size, small handles are not only practical but also minimize visual clutter. The choice between vertical and horizontal handles can influence the user's interaction with the object, impacting both ergonomics and design. And for those seeking impact, large handles can serve as bold statement pieces. Dive into the full spectrum of possibilities with our comprehensive list of adjectives tailor-made for handles.
woodenThe tools with wooden handles felt comfortable in his hands.
longThe broom's long handles made it easy to sweep the high ceilings.
smallThe small handles made it difficult to grip the object.
verticalThe ladder had vertical handles that made it easy to climb.
horizontalThe toolbox has sturdy horizontal handles for easy carrying.
largeThe large handles on the bag made it easy to carry.
shortThe toy car had short handles that were hard to grip.
shapedThe wooden vase's shaped handles made for a comfortable grip.
blackThe metal saucepan had two black handles
plasticThe kitchen knives had bright plastic handles
broomShe fastened the bracket on the wall with broom handles
flatThe drawers had flat handles which made them easy to open
curvedThe curved handles of the mug made it easy to grip.
doubleThe sturdy box had two double handles for easy carrying.
roundThe dresser has round handles and spacious drawers.
doorThe door handles were made of brass.
bezierThe designer adjusted the bezier handles to fine-tune the curvature of the path.
solidThe boxes had solid handles
heavyThe heavy handles made it difficult to lift the bag.
carvedThe ornate table had carved handles and intricate legs.
twistedThe twisted handles of the golden cup made it difficult to hold.
straightHe carried the heavy suitcase with straight handles
convenientThe pan features convenient handles for a secure and comfortable grip.
axeThe logger's hands were covered in splinters from the rough axe handles
redThe new garden scissors have bright red handles
stampedThe heavy wooden door had two stamped handles of cast iron.
squareThe toolbox was filled with tools with square handles
hollowHe grasped the fragile axe with its hollow handles
brokenThe faded paint and broken handles of the old armoire hinted at its long history.
greenI bought a pair of scissors with green handles
thickThe tools had thick handles providing a comfortable grip during use.
insulatedThe pliers have insulated handles to protect the user from electrical shock.
oarThe rower gripped the oar handles tightly as they propelled the boat forward.
likeHe had like handles on the sides of his body.
longerThe new broom has longer handles
tangentLean back and relax. Hang on tight as the ride approaches that 90-degree turn and the tangent handles on the coaster jostle your body.
polishedThe wooden box had polished handles that gleamed in the sunlight.
swordThe finely crafted sword handles were adorned with intricate designs.
goldenShe stared at the golden handles of the ancient coffin.
detachableThe kitchen tools came with detachable handles for easy cleaning.
blueThe cabinet has blue handles
loopThe tote bag had sturdy loop handles making it easy to carry.
pickI picked up the pick handles and used them to dig a hole
bronzeThe ornate bronze handles on the door contrasted beautifully with the white paint.
brushThe brush handles were made of a smooth, dark wood.
elaborateThe cabinet had elaborate handles decorated with intricate carvings.
ploughTom was gripping the plough handles tightly.
plainThe old desk had plain handles
goldThe cabinet had gold handles adorned with intricate carvings.
winchThe winch handles were covered in grease.
tubularThe mugs had unusual tubular handles
cylindricalGlasses had smooth cylindrical handles
uprightThe upright handles of the bicycle made it easy to ride.
thinThe mug had thin handles
ornamentalThe furniture was beautiful, with intricate carvings and ornamental handles
pearlThe intricate pearl handles of the dagger were a striking contrast to its deadly blade.
ornateThe cabinet's ornate handles glimmered under the bright lights.
circularShe grabbed the circular handles of the heavy metal kettle.
platedThe cabinet had drawers with plated handles
broadThe broad handles of the suitcase made it easy to grip.
piercedThe porcelain cups had delicate pierced handles
multipleThe bag had multiple handles for easy carrying.
decorativeThe antique dresser had decorative handles made of ornate brass.
toolThe rough tool handles made my palms sore.
oppositeThe door had opposite handles on both sides.
typeI'm not sure what you mean by 'type handles', can you please explain?
roundedShe opened the sturdy, rounded handles of the old chest.
smoothThe coffee mug had smooth handles making it comfortable to grip.

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