Adjectives for Handling

Adjectives For Handling

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing handling, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe handling can subtly change the meaning and tone of a sentence, reflecting the nature of the interaction with the subject at hand. Describing something as careful handling suggests precision and mindfulness, whereas rough handling implies a lack of delicacy or potential damage. Proper handling indicates adherence to correct procedures, while special handling may denote the need for exceptional measures due to uniqueness or fragility. Conversely, careless handling warns of potential mishandling or oversight, which could lead to undesired outcomes. The precision in selecting an adjective like renal handling points to the specific and critical nature of handling kidneys, for example, emphasizing the high stakes involved. Below, explore our full list of adjectives to accurately capture the nuances of handling in any context.
carefulHandle the delicate china with careful handling
roughThe package arrived in rough handling
properThe proper handling of the situation ensured a positive outcome.
specialThe package required special handling due to its fragile nature.
carelessThe item's condition has deteriorated due to careless handling
renalRenal handling refers to the physiological processes that maintain water, electrolyte, and acid-base balance in the body.
safeFollow the safe handling instructions provided by the manufacturer.
materialCareful material handling is essential for preserving fragile items.
easyThe coffee maker's easy handling made it a joy to use.
efficientThe service's efficient handling saved both time and money.
improperDisaster can result from the improper handling of nuclear materials.
manualOur manual handling polices are designed to protect our employees from injury.
delicateThe delicate handling of the antique vase was necessary to prevent any damage.
effectiveThe effective handling of the crisis prevented further escalation.
eventThe application's event handling system efficiently manages user interactions.
gentleThe delicate vase required gentle handling to prevent breakage.
skillfulThe skillful handling of the situation prevented any damage.
mechanicalMechanical handling equipment is used to move materials and products in various industries.
muchThe painting was damaged due to much handling
skilfulDespite the skilful handling of our captain, our ship was wrecked in the fierce storm.
successfulThe successful handling of the crisis averted disaster.
subsequentThe subsequent handling of the situation was highly effective.
poorThe package was damaged due to poor handling
easierIts smaller size and lighter weight allow for easier handling
physicalPhysical handling can include lifting, pushing, pulling, and carrying objects.
correctHandle items with correct handling procedures.
betterThe new car has better handling than the old one.
actualThe actual handling of the situation was left to the professionals.
appropriateThe appropriate handling of the situation led to a positive outcome.
tactfulThe matter was resolved with tactful handling
sensitiveThe witness provided sensitive information that requires careful and sensitive handling
deftThe deft handling of the situation saved the day.
expertThe expert handling of the situation prevented any serious injuries.
extraThe package requires extra handling
excessiveThe package was damaged due to excessive handling
intelligentThe intelligent handling of the situation allowed us to avoid a major crisis.
rapidThe rapid handling of the situation prevented any further damage.
unnecessaryUnnecessary handling can lead to errors and inefficiencies.
masterlyThe masterly handling of the situation by the diplomat defused the tense crisis.
frequentFrequent handling can cause damage to the device.
doubleAvoid unnecessary double handling of paperwork.
automaticThe automatic handling of the machine made the work much easier.
constantThe constant handling of precious objects made her feel nervous.
convenientThe new app's convenient handling made it easy to navigate and use.
firmThe firm handling of the situation by the authorities prevented further escalation.
powerThe amplifier has excellent power handling capabilities.
lessThis new way of doing it requires less handling
clumsyThe clumsy handling of the situation led to an embarrassing misunderstanding.
promptThe customer service agent's prompt handling skills were exceptional.
interruptThe computer has an internal mechanism for interrupt handling
sympatheticThe sympathetic handling of the situation helped to diffuse tensions.
fileFile handling is the process of reading, writing, and manipulating files on a computer system.
routineThe routine handling of the shipments was disrupted due to the storm.
minimalShipping companies offer minimal handling for goods.
quickThe boxer's quick handling of his opponent led to a knockout victory.
expeditiousThe company ensured expeditious handling of the goods.
bulkThe company specializes in bulk handling and transportation of various commodities.
adequateThe necessity of adequate handling in the situations cannot be overstated.
severeThe package showed clear signs of severe handling by the courier.
technicalThe technical handling of the project was complex and challenging.
judiciousThe judicious handling of the delicate situation prevented further conflict.
adroitThe diplomat's adroit handling of the negotiations averted a crisis.
economicalThe economical handling of resources is essential for sustainable living.
cautiousThe artifact requires cautious handling due to its fragile nature.
tacticalThe response team moved with tactical handling to secure the area.
liquidThe laboratory technician used liquid handling equipment to transfer small volumes of liquid accurately and precisely.
coalThe coal handling equipment at the power plant is state-of-the-art.
signalSignal handling is a mechanism by which a process can respond to signals sent by the operating system.
airThe air handling systems in this building are very efficient.
automatedThe automated handling of the project is expected to improve efficiency.
vigorousThe package was damaged due to vigorous handling during transit.
masterfulThe surgeon's masterful handling of the scalpel ensured a successful operation.
tubularThe proximal tubule is responsible for the majority of tubular handling of solutes.
cleverThe clever handling of the situation ensured a successful outcome.

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