Adjectives for Hands

Adjectives For Hands

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing hands, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe hands can significantly alter the nuance of a sentence, adding layers of meaning and emotion. From the possessive warmth of own to the intimacy of private, each adjective conveys a unique shade of description. The simplicity of bare hands speaks to vulnerability, while little evokes tenderness and care. Conversely, the adjective right can denote correctness and authority, whereas human emphasizes our shared, natural state. These subtle distinctions illustrate the powerful role adjectives play in our language. Explore the full spectrum of adjectives paired with 'hands' to master the art of nuanced description.
ownI built this table with my own hands
privateThe castle was in private hands for centuries before it was acquired by the state.
bareThe hikers climbed the mountain with their bare hands
littleThe little hands of the child reached out for the toy.
rightThe two right hands clapped with a resounding thump.
humanThe artist's human hands created the beautiful sculpture.
strongThe carpenter worked with strong hands to build the house.
whiteHer white hands caressed the soft petals of the rose.
claspedWith clasped hands she uttered a prayer.
foldedThe elderly woman sat on the park bench with folded hands
bigThe child has big hands
outstretchedShe welcomed her friend with outstretched hands
coldMy cold hands fumbled with the keys.
dirtyThe mechanic had dirty hands from working on the car.
britishI love the smell of british hands in the morning.
emptyShe stood there with empty hands a lost look on her face.
thinThe doctor had thin hands and a kind smile.
capableThese capable hands have been working all day.
wrongHe realized that his dangerous secret had fallen into the wrong hands
violentHis violent hands painted a bloody picture on the canvas of his home.
cuppedThe child held cupped hands under the broken water pipe
tinyShe has tiny hands that fit perfectly into gloves.
delicateThe surgeon's delicate hands carefully stitched the wound closed.
beautifulThe pianist's beautiful hands danced over the keys, creating a mesmerizing melody.
idleIdle hands are the devil's playthings.
skilledThe skilled hands of the surgeon performed the delicate operation with precision.
brownThe brown hands of the artist moved deftly over the canvas, creating a masterpiece.
willingMany willing hands helped to clean up the neighborhood.
clenchedShe stood with clenched hands her knuckles turning white.
hugeThe man's huge hands were like shovels.
fewerThere were fewer hands on deck than usual.
safeThe goalkeeper made a brilliant save with his safe hands
bloodyThe murderer's bloody hands left a trail that led to his arrest.
eagerThe young boy's eager hands grasped the new toy.
bonyThe old man's bony hands trembled as he held the cup of tea.
slenderShe inspected the age-old tapestry, her slender hands tracing the fading designs.
gentleThe doctor examined the patient with gentle hands
upliftedThe people in the crowd raised their uplifted hands in a show of unity.
powerfulThe man with powerful hands lifted the heavy weight without effort.
experiencedThe experienced hands of the surgeon guided the scalpel with precision.
invisibleThe invisible hands of the market guided the economy to prosperity.
competentThe surgeon's competent hands moved with precision during the delicate operation.
wetHe washed his wet hands and dried them on a towel.
weakThe player with weak hands was unable to hold onto the ball.
japaneseI love the delicate touch of Japanese hands
skilfulThe surgeon's skilful hands gently guided the scalpel.
fatHe had very fat hands that he used to gesture wildly.
friendlyThe friendly hands welcomed me with a warm embrace.
busyMy busy hands are always making something.
fairShe had fair hands that were always cold, even in the summer.
russianThe wrestler put his opponent in a painful russian hands
paleHer pale hands slowly traced the letters on the ancient manuscript.
gnarledShe looked at her gnarled hands and remembered a lifetime of hard work.
unseenUnseen hands guided her through the winding labyrinth.
expertThe surgeon's expert hands guided the scalpel with precision during the delicate operation.
feebleHe weakly reached out with feeble hands hoping to grasp something that would steady him.
ableThe surgeon's able hands expertly maneuvered the scalpel during the operation.
holyThe healer's holy hands brought comfort to the suffering.

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