Adjectives for Harbour

Adjectives For Harbour

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing harbour, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Describing a harbour with adjectives like good, natural, inner, safe, little, and small reveals much about its physical features, safety level, and overall appeal. A good harbour suggests it meets certain standards of usefulness or beauty, while a natural harbour emphasizes the untouched, possibly serene aspect of it. Mentioning an inner harbour can imply a more protected, possibly bustling area within a larger port, and calling a harbour safe underscores its security and reliability for ships. Size descriptors like little and small offer an intimate, perhaps quieter charm. Each adjective paints a more vivid picture of the harbour, enticing various interpretations and interests. Explore the full spectrum of adjectives to discover more about the nuanced descriptions they afford.
goodThe quaint town boasts a good harbour
naturalThe island is protected from the open sea by its natural harbour
innerThe inner harbour was a popular destination for tourists.
littleThe ship entered the little harbour
smallThe small harbour was a haven for the fishing boats.
excellentThe city has an excellent harbour
greatThe city has a great harbour with many ships and boats.
outerThe outer harbour was calm and still.
oldThe old harbour was a picturesque sight, with its cobblestone streets and colorful buildings.
magnificentThe magnificent harbour was a sight to behold.
bestThe best harbour is Sydney Harbour.
beautifulWe took a walk along the beautiful harbour
onlyThe beautiful city only harbours a small fishing fleet.
artificialThe seaside town also boasts an artificial harbour
shelteredWe arrived at the tranquil sheltered harbour
deepThe deep harbour sheltered the boat from the storm.
splendidThe splendid harbour was a sight to behold.
spaciousThe spacious harbour was filled with boats of all sizes.
mainThe main harbour was filled with boats of all shapes and sizes.
commodiousThe commodious harbour allowed for the safe passage of ships.
finestThe city boasts the finest harbour in the region.
ancientThe ancient harbour is full of old and abandoned ships.
lockedThe locked harbour kept the ships safe from the storm.
secureOur destination was the secure harbour just around the bend.
tinyThe boat sailed gracefully into the tiny harbour its sails billowing in the gentle breeze.
navalThe naval harbour was a strategic location for the country.
busyThe busy harbour was a hive of activity.
landlockedThe landlocked harbour was a safe haven for ships during storms.
principalThe principal harbour of the city is in the southwest.
commercialThe commercial harbour was bustling with activity.
nobleThe noble harbour was a safe haven for the weary sailors.
snugThe boat found a snug harbour after the storm.
tidalThe tidal harbour was a safe haven for the fishing boats.
nearestWe can reach the nearest harbour at a short notice.
betterThe town has a better harbour than its neighbour.
capaciousThe capacious harbour provided ample space for the large fleet to dock.
narrowThe narrow harbour was a safe haven for the small boats.
largestOn the eastern shore of Victoria Harbour is the city's largest harbour Port Melbourne.
suitableThe port provided a safe and suitable harbour for the local fishing fleet.
picturesqueThe picturesque harbour was filled with colorful boats and sailboats.
shallowThe shallow harbour was a haven for small boats.
famousTourists flocked to the famous harbour to admire the historic ships and stunning views.
easternThe eastern harbour was filled with boats.
protectedThe sheltered bay provided a protected harbour for the ships.
lovelyThe picturesque town boasts a lovely harbour filled with bobbing fishing boats and elegant yachts.
chiefThe chief harbour of the island is Trepang
northernIt was a journey to the northern harbour where the wind was blowing cool.
vastThe vast harbour was full of boats.
extensiveThe city boasted an extensive harbour a testament to its maritime significance.
neutralThe ferry pulled into Neutral harbour its engines churning.
neighbouringThe port in the neighbouring harbour was closed.
friendlyThe warm, friendly harbour of Charleston welcomed us as we sailed in.
wonderfulThe wonderful harbour was a sight to behold.
romanThe Roman harbour was the centre of trade and commerce for the city.
superbThe city overlooks the superb harbour
admirableThe towering skyline overlooked the admirable harbour
crowdedFishing boats bobbed in the crowded harbour their masts a forest of wooden spars.
nearbyThere is a nearby harbour with boats of different sizes.
calmThe calm harbour offered a safe haven for the weary ships.
distantThe distant harbour was a welcome sight after the long journey.
fairThe ship anchored in the fair harbour
peacefulThe boat gently sailed into the peaceful harbour
circularThe circular harbour was a beautiful sight to behold.
quarantineThe ship anchored in the quarantine harbour
tolerableThe boat docked in a tolerable harbour

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