Adjectives for Harvest

Adjectives For Harvest

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing harvest, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

The noun 'harvest' when combined with adjectives such as 'rich', 'good', 'abundant', 'bad', 'post', and 'first', unveils a spectrum of meanings that can illuminate various aspects of agriculture, timing, and quality. A 'rich harvest' conveys a sense of bountiful yield and prosperity, while a 'bad harvest' hints at struggles and potential scarcity. The adjective 'abundant' emphasizes the lavishness of the yield, contrasting sharply with the challenges suggested by 'bad'. 'Post' and 'first' introduce temporal elements, hinting at sequence and novelty. Each adjective attached to 'harvest' not only describes the yield but also paints a vivid picture of conditions, efforts, and outcomes. Explore the full list of adjectives connected to 'harvest' below, each with its own unique context and implications.
richThe farmer anticipated a rich harvest this year due to the ample rainfall.
goodThe farmers rejoiced as they reaped a good harvest that year.
abundantThe abundant harvest brought joy to the farmers' hearts.
badThe bad harvest resulted in widespread famine.
postThe research focuses on post harvest management of tomatoes in Nigeria.
firstThe first harvest was a glorious day.
nextI'm so excited for the next harvest I can't wait to see what bounties the land has to offer.
poorThe poor harvest left the farmers with little to sell.
goldenThe golden harvest shimmered under the September sun.
annualThe farmers celebrated their annual harvest with a bountiful feast.
bountifulThe farmers rejoiced at the bountiful harvest
plentifulThe farmers rejoiced at the plentiful harvest their barns overflowing with golden grain.
totalThe total harvest this year was 100 bushels.
lastThe last harvest was so bountiful that the farmers had to hire extra help to store the surplus.
fullThe farmer reaped a full harvest of wheat this year.
preThe pre harvest period is critical for ensuring the quality of the crop.
earlyThe early harvest resulted in a bumper crop of apples.
lateThe late harvest yielded a bountiful crop of sweet grapes.
finalThe final harvest of the year was a time of great joy and celebration.
bitterThe bitter harvest of war left a lasting legacy of pain and sorrow.
entireThe farmers were ecstatic because the entire harvest was as perfect as they had ever seen.
commercialCommercial harvest of whales is prohibited in most parts of the world today.
futureThe future harvest will be bountiful
successfulWe celebrated our successful harvest with a feast.
averageThe average harvest this year is expected to be higher than last year.
fineThe farmer rejoiced over his fine harvest
richerThe richer harvest brought joy to the farmers.
spiritualAt the spiritual harvest we reap the fruits of our inner labor.
oliveThe olive harvest is a time for celebration and community.
gloriousThe farmer celebrated his glorious harvest with a feast for his friends and family.
betterThe farmers expected a better harvest this year.
richestThe farmers reaped the richest harvest in decades.
previousThe previous harvest was successful.
fruitfulThe fruitful harvest brought joy to the entire village.
ampleThe ample harvest yielded enough food to sustain the village for months.
disastrousThe disastrous harvest left the farmers in a state of despair.
excellentThe farmers celebrated their excellent harvest with a feast.
scantyThe farmer was disappointed with his scanty harvest
wheatThe wheat harvest is expected to be bountiful this year.
yearlyThe yearly harvest was plentiful.
ripeThe ripe harvest was a testament to their hard work.
wildThe wild harvest of berries yielded a bountiful crop.
deficientThe farmer faced financial difficulties due to a deficient harvest
bounteousThe farmers were overjoyed at the bounteous harvest they had this season.
cornThe corn harvest was a success this year.
wetThe wet harvest yielded a bounty of plump, juicy tomatoes.
largestThe farmers celebrated their largest harvest in years.
doubleThe farmer was able to get a double harvest this year.
splendidThe farmers celebrated their splendid harvest with a bountiful feast.
meagerThe meager harvest barely kept the villagers from starving.
terribleThe terrible harvest left many families without food for the winter.
meagreThe meagre harvest was barely enough to sustain the family through the winter.
bloodyThe bloody harvest was a grim reminder of the horrors of war.
grossThe gross harvest of the company increased by 10% this year.
profitableThe farmer had a profitable harvest this year.
yellowThe golden fields of sunflowers created a breathtaking yellow harvest
preciousThe precious harvest was stored in the barn to keep it from the elements.
grapeThe grape harvest was bountiful this year, yielding a record amount of wine.
goodlyThe farmers were thankful for the goodly harvest
wonderfulThe farmers celebrated their wonderful harvest with a feast.

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