Adjectives for Hats

Adjectives For Hats

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing hats, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective for the noun 'hats' can drastically alter the perception and style it conveys. A 'top' hat evokes a sense of formality and elegance, contrasted by the casual and cool aura of a 'black' hat. The 'brimmed' hats suggest a practical approach to fashion, providing shade and protection, while 'hard' hats introduce an element of safety and work-centric utility. On the other hand, 'white' hats can symbolize purity or even connote a professional status in certain contexts. The angle or style of wearing, implied by 'cocked', adds a layer of personality and attitude. Each adjective adds its unique shade of meaning, enriching the narrative around hats. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives aligned with 'hats' and the subtle nuances they bring to the table.
topThe young men were wearing top hats at the wedding.
brimmedThe ladies wore large brimmed hats and carried parasols.
hardWorkers on construction sites must always wear hard hats
whiteThe ethical hackers, known as 'white hats', work to protect systems from malicious attacks.
tallThe guards wore tall hats adorned with feathers.
largeThe fashionable ladies wore large hats to the event.
bigThe ladies were dressed in elegant gowns and big hats
highThe drummer used high hats and cymbals during the lively number.
oldThey were old hats at this game.
roundThe children wore round hats to protect themselves from the sun.
redThe cheerful students all wore red hats during their field trip.
broadThe ladies wore broad hats adorned with veils and ribbons.
conicalMany tourists like to buy conical hats when they visit Vietnam.
plumedThe soldiers marched down the street wearing plumed hats
wideThe wide hats provided shade from the scorching sun.
funnyMy friends and I spent hours creating elaborate funny hats for the neighborhood block party.
crownedThe queen and her entourage wore elaborate crowned hats to the ceremony.
corneredThe soldiers wore their cornered hats proudly.
pointedThe witches wore pointed hats to their coven meeting.
softThe soft hats protected their heads from the sun.
bowlerThe detectives wore bowler hats and smoked pipes.
slouchThe cowboys wore their slouch hats to protect themselves from the sun and rain.
hugeThe women were wearing huge hats
wearRemember to wear hats to protect yourself from the sun.
flatThe three men wore flat hats
featheredHe wore one of his fancy feathered hats to the party.
yellowThe yellow hats were too big for the children.
shapedThe Victorian ladies wore large, shaped hats in public.
greenThe leprechauns wore bright green hats
leafThe children wore leaf hats to protect themselves from the sun.
enormousThe enormous hats blocked our view of the stage.
sunWearing sun hats is important for protecting oneself from the sun's rays.
peakedThe children wore their peaked hats to the park.
fineThe store sold fine hats
strawThe group wore straw hats to protect themselves from the sun.
blueThe peacekeeping forces wore blue hats
slouchedThe men wore slouched hats to shield their faces from the sun.
fancyThe ladies wore fancy hats to the garden party.
stiffThe men all wore stiff hats and black suits.
gallonThe cowboys wore their gallon hats and rode off into the sunset.
broadbrimmedThe women wore broadbrimmed hats to shade their faces from the sun.
grayThe gray hats operated in a nebulous space between black hats and white hats, using their skills for both good and ill.
beaverThe pilgrims wore beaver hats to protect themselves from the sun and the cold.
batteredThe weathered hikers wore battered hats their brims torn and faded from years of sun and rain.
badThey met under bad hats
lacedThe women wore big laced hats that shaded their faces from the sun.
fashionableThe stylish woman accessorized her outfit with fashionable hats
widebrimmedThe stylishly dressed women wore widebrimmed hats
coloredThe children wore brightly colored hats to the party.
brownThe hikers wore brown hats to protect themselves from the sun.
prettyWomen gathered under pretty hats to enjoy the spectacle.
shinyThe marching band members wore shiny hats
floweredThe women wore flowered hats to the garden party.
strangePeople wearing strange hats walked down the street.
elaborateThe ladies wore elaborate hats to the party.
tinyThe tiny hats were adorable on the kittens.
madeShe made hats for a living.
cheapThere were several cheap hats for the party-goers to choose from.
immenseThe ladies adorned immense hats adorned with feathers and flowers.
brightThe children wore bright hats to the parade.
distinctiveThe eccentric society wore distinctive hats to their annual gathering.
rimmedThe fashionable ladies wore broad-brimmed hats.
greyThe grey hats were ethical hackers who used their skills to expose vulnerabilities in computer systems.
smartThe stylish lady wore several magnificent smart hats to the grand party.
mexicanThe group wore colorful mexican hats to the party.
jauntyThe women wore jaunty hats to the garden party.
brimThe women wore wide-brim hats to shield their faces from the sun.

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