Adjectives for Hawaiian

Adjectives For Hawaiian

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing hawaiian, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

The word 'Hawaiian' evokes an array of vivid imagery and sensations, shaped significantly by the adjectives that precede it. Whether it's the vibrant traditions of 'Native Hawaiian' culture, the hybrid identity of 'American Hawaiian' connections, or the generational nuances captured between 'young' and 'old' Hawaiians, each adjective adds a unique hue to our understanding. The term 'part Hawaiian' highlights the diverse heritage many embrace, while 'pure Hawaiian' sparks discussions on ancestry and identity. These adjectives do more than merely describe; they invite us into a deeper exploration of what it means to be Hawaiian, each narrative enriched by its own distinct background and perspective. Dive into the full spectrum of adjectives that mold the rich tapestry of Hawaiian identity below.
americanThe American hawaiian is a steamship company
nativeThe native hawaiian culture is rich in history and tradition.
partMy mom is part hawaiian
youngThe young hawaiian woman danced gracefully on the beach.
bigThe big hawaiian pizza was delicious.
chineseI ordered the chinese hawaiian dish at the restaurant and it tasted great.
englishI love English hawaiian
nonThe non hawaiian man was excited to try poi for the first time.
neoShe would go to a neo hawaiian wedding with a hawaiian shirt and straw skirt.
ancientThe ancient Hawaiians were skilled navigators and farmers.
caucasianThe caucasian hawaiian was enjoying the warm weather.
halfI'd like a half hawaiian pizza with extra pineapple.
bloodedThe blooded hawaiian is also known as the Hawaiian Poi dog.
averageThe average hawaiian is about 5'7" tall.
japaneseThe Japanese hawaiian community has a rich history and culture.
asiaticBringing the essence of aloha through Asiatic hawaiian culture.
handsomeThe handsome hawaiian hula dancer moved with grace.
typicalThe luaus held on the beach are a typical hawaiian tradition.
indigenousThe indigenous Hawaiians have a rich culture and history.
californiaThe California hawaiian cuisine is influenced by Asian and American flavors.
trueI love learning about true hawaiian culture.
casteI tried eating the caste hawaiian delight.
uniquelyHula, a uniquely hawaiian dance, is a beautiful and expressive art form.
eighthI met the eighth hawaiian delegate at the conference.
intelligentHe was born in Hawaii and was an intelligent hawaiian
tallThe tall hawaiian was towering over me.
hugeThere is a huge hawaiian volcano in the southern part of the island.
angloI love Anglo hawaiian food.
portugueseThe portuguese hawaiian is a type of ukulele.
warmThe warm hawaiian breeze carried the scent of plumeria.
ethnicThe ethnic Hawaiian's young daughter is learning the vanishing art of hula.
homogeneousI enjoyed the company's homogeneous hawaiian team.
peculiarly"The peculiarly hawaiian shirt stood out like an iridescent sea turtle in a sea of khakis."
fatThe fat hawaiian enjoyed his vacation in Waikiki.
quarterI ordered a quarter hawaiian pizza for dinner.
elderlyMy elderly hawaiian neighbor is always so kind and helpful.
matriThe matri hawaiian sits just right in her chair.
authenticThe authentic hawaiian dish, poi, is made from mashed taro root.
giantThe giant hawaiian monk seal basked in the sun.
sixteenthMary bought her niece a lovely sixteenth hawaiian quilted wall hanging.
naturalizedA naturalized hawaiian asked to be buried on a beach in Hawaii.
ethnicallyThis ethnically hawaiian woman has a talent she is passionate about.
hairedThe robust young haired hawaiian man wore a vibrant blue button-down shirt.
massiveThe massive hawaiian wave crashed against the shore.
happyThe happy hawaiian danced the hula with joy and passion.
genuineThe genuine hawaiian food was delicious.
tabooI'm sorry, I don't know any taboo hawaiian words or phrases.
loneThe lone hawaiian monk seal basked in the sun.
proHe is pro hawaiian
proudThe proud hawaiian warrior stood tall and defiant in the face of adversity.

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