Adjectives for Hazard

Adjectives For Hazard

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing hazard, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe a hazard can significantly alter the perception and urgency of the situation. A moral hazard invokes considerations of right and wrong, impacting ethical decisions. A potential hazard suggests a risk that could materialize under certain conditions, requiring foresight and precautions. Occupational hazards, on the other hand, spotlight risks inherent in specific jobs, emphasizing the need for workplace safety measures. Descriptors like serious, great, and major amplify the severity and immediate concern associated with a hazard, underlining the importance of immediate action. Exploring these adjectives unveils the complexity and significance hidden in our descriptions of hazards, inviting readers to delve deeper into the full spectrum of terminology used to navigate these dangers.
moralMoral hazard arises when one party takes a risk knowing they will be compensated for any losses.
potentialThis old tree has many potential hazards.
occupational"Watch me do this trick!" said the magician about to pull a rabbit out of his hat, an occupational hazard of his profession.
greatThe team came across a great hazard in the cave.
majorThe chemical spill was a major hazard to the environment.
environmentalThe factory was shut down due to its environmental hazards.
hapThe boxes were piled up hap hazardly in the corner.
greatestThe greatest hazard is not falling, but failing to get up.
greaterThe thinly frozen lake posed a greater hazard to the children than they had realized.
significantThe significant hazard posed by the storm forced the evacuation of the coastal town.
possibleThe possible hazard of radiation exposure should not be ignored.
particularThe particular hazard of the situation was the slippery ice on the road.
realThe real hazard was the powerful current that could easily pull a person under.
additionalThe tournament will be held in the open air, but lightning is an additional hazard
imminentThere is an imminent hazard of a runaway vehicle.
naturalThe natural hazard caused widespread damage to the area.
constantThe constant hazard of falling rocks made hiking the trail dangerous.
seismicThe seismic hazard in this area is low.
extremeThe area is exposed to an extreme hazard of flooding.
industrialExposure to industrial hazards can have severe health consequences.
lessThe less hazard there is, the more enjoying I will be.
severeThe severe hazard warning was issued by the National Weather Service.
dangerousThe forgotten old mineshaft was a dangerous hazard that lurked in the darkness of the forest.
toxicThe storage facility contained a toxic hazard that posed a threat to the environment.
definiteThe definite hazard was identified and addressed promptly.
relativeThe relative hazard of inhaling and ingesting the dust is 30 times that of breathing regular air.
electricalThe electrician was aware of the potential electrical hazard
immediateThe immediate hazard was removed from the area.
extraThe driver was cited for an extra hazard on his vehicle.
principalThe principal hazard of working at heights is falling.
obviousBe careful of the obvious hazard
chiefIcy roads are a chief hazard during the winter.
utmostThe climber was in utmost hazard as he ascended the treacherous mountain.
addedThe added hazard of icy roads made driving treacherous.
moderateThere is a moderate hazard of snow in the mountains.
chokingKeep small toys and objects out of infants' reach, as they pose a choking hazard
acuteThe acute hazard of the chemical exposure required immediate medical attention.
staticThe static hazard on this component could lead to a dangerous situation.
distinctThe distinct hazard of the river's current was apparent.
substantialThe frayed electrical wire posed a substantial hazard to the occupants of the building.
unnecessaryAvoid going outside because of the constant rain and unnecessary hazard in the streets.
explosiveAn explosive hazard forced the bomb squad to evacuate the building.
cumulativeThe cumulative hazard rate is the total hazard rate up to a given point in time.
leastRemain calm and look for the least hazard
termThe term hazard refers to the potential for harm or damage to people, property, or the environment.
undueThe new procedure posed an undue hazard to the workers.
navigationalShips must be aware of the navigational hazard of the shallow reefs near the coast.
biggestThe biggest hazard was the lack of any warning signs.
inherentDue to the inherent hazard it was necessary to evacuate the building immediately.
minorThe minor hazard of the job is the risk of being exposed to chemicals.
desperateThe desperate hazard of the storm forced us to take shelter in the nearest building.
apparentDue to the apparent hazard the construction site was immediately closed down.
unusualWorkers are exposed to an unusual hazard of falling marmosets in this factory.
geneticResearchers are working to develop a test that can identify people at risk for genetic hazards.
graveThe grave hazard posed by the wildfire forced the residents to evacuate immediately.
floodThe flood hazard map shows areas that are at risk of flooding.
fireThe fire hazard caused by the faulty wiring was a serious concern.
recognizedThe recognized hazard was mitigated by the use of proper safety equipment.

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