Adjectives for Header

Adjectives For Header

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing header, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe a header can significantly impact the perception and understanding of your content. A double header suggests duplication or reinforcement, while a byte header conveys technical specificity, essential in programming contexts. A new header implies recent changes or updates, inviting readers to discover what's fresh. The term common header denotes familiarity and standardization, reassuring users of the content's accessibility. Meanwhile, a main header signifies importance and hierarchy, guiding audience focus. Lastly, a standard header sets expectations of normalcy and conformity. Explore these nuances further and uncover the full spectrum of adjectives that can enrich your description of headers.
doubleThe team played a double header on Saturday.
newWe added a new header to the document.
commonThe article benefited from a common header
mainThe main header of the document provides an overview of the content.
standardThe standard header is a part of the HTTP request.
typeThis sentence has a type header
nextInsert your next header here.
originalThe book had an original header
lengthThe length of the message was not specified in the length header
singleThe single header simplifies implementation.
mailI need to add the following mail header to my email: "X-My-Header: some_value".
appropriateYour input should have an appropriate header in a JSON format.
entireThe entire header section was filled with cursive writing.
octetThis file contains the octet header for the kernel image.
outerThe outer header is not required for all the types of documents
additionalThe additional header provided detailed information about the report.
agentThe user-agent header is the string that identifies the web browser that is being used.
fixedThe website utilizes a fixed header for ease of navigation.
specificThe specific header is a way to organize information.
fullHe added the full header to the email.
bitThis 8-bit header contains metadata about the image.
topThis is the top header
basicI am a basic header
frontThe front header is a structural element that supports the roof.
lowerThe lower header is just a smaller and less prominent header.
languageI updated the language header of the request.
httpThe HTTP header contains information about the request or response, such as the content type, encoding, and status code.
separateThe separate header was clearly marked at the top of the page.
pinThe pin headers on the PCB are used to connect to external devices.
tripleThe football game featured a triple header with three games in one day.
typicalA typical header contains information about the sender, recipient, date, and subject.
modifiedThe modified header was sent to the server.
bottomThe bottom header provides a summary of the page's content.
pseudoThe pseudo header contains fields that are not present in the actual IP header.
fragmentThis is a fragment header sentence.
rearThe rear header of the car was smashed.
genericThis is a generic header
upperThe upper header contains the most general text.
ipv6The IPv6 header is a mandatory part of every IPv6 packet.
contentThe content header provides a concise summary of the page's content.
encodingAn encoding header is included at the beginning of a MIME email message.
ipv4The IPv4 header contains information about the source and destination IP addresses, the protocol type, and other information.
validThe 'valid header' field was not in the 'AUTHORITY' request header field list.
innerThe inner header is typically used to display a logo.
emailIn the email header the sender's address is displayed.
correspondingThe corresponding header can be found in the document.
hopThe hop header indicates the intermediate hosts that a packet has traversed.
extraI added an extra header to this message.
dateShe puts a date header on the first page.
coldThe cold header punched out a blank for the bolt.
sectionalThe sectional header was placed at the beginning of each section.
pressureDr. Smith ordered the patient to decrease the pressure header to prevent further damage.
lineYou can use the line header to create a new line.
correctMake sure the correct header is set in the response.
inchWe added an inch header to each side of the document.
uniqueThe document contains a unique header
levelThe marketing campaign used a level header to grab attention.
internetThe internet header contains important information about the message.
extendedThe extended header provides additional information about the request or response.
precompiledThe precompiled header optimization compiles commonly used header files and stores the object code in a file for faster compilation.
pageThe page header includes the page number, chapter title, and other information.
variableThe variable header contains the length of the data and the packets that are transmitted.
horizontalThe table has a horizontal header
continuousThe continuous header provides a fixed point of reference for the reader as they scroll through the document.
ethernetThe ethernet header contains the source and destination MAC addresses of the frame.
htmlThe html header contains important meta information about the webpage.
soundThe sound header was clear and concise.
alternateThe data stored in the table is sorted by the alternate header which is the header of the other end of the table.

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