Adjectives for Headers

Adjectives For Headers

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing headers, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Understanding the nuanced interplay between adjectives and the noun 'headers' can significantly elevate your content's depth and clarity. For instance, 'double headers' often conveys the notion of abundance or excess, enhancing the perceptual scope of your message. 'Additional headers', on the other hand, suggests a layering or expansion of content, inviting an explorative reading experience. 'Different headers' can introduce diversity, indicating a range of topics or perspectives within a dialogue. 'Standard headers' ground your content in familiarity, setting a baseline expectation for the audience. 'Mail headers' are more technical, pointing to the structured components of email systems. Choosing the 'appropriate' adjective can sculpt your communication, ensuring it resonates accurately and effectively with your intended audience. Explore our comprehensive list of adjectives paired with 'headers' to refine your message further.
doubleThe team will have to play three double headers in a row.
additionalThere are two additional headers in the document.
differentWith different headers and text, the webpage is accessible to all that visit it.
standardStandard headers are commonly used in HTTP requests and responses to specify important information about the communication.
mailThe mail headers provide information about the sender, receiver, and other aspects of the email.
appropriateUse appropriate headers when making API requests.
alternateThe website uses alternate headers to enhance the reader's experience.
httpThe server responded with the following HTTP headers Content-Type: text/html; charset=UTF-8, Server: Apache/2.4.41 (Unix)
optionalThe professor asked his students to include optional headers in their research papers.
emailThe email headers revealed that the message was sent from a suspicious IP address.
specificUse specific headers to group related content together.
multipleThe multiple headers on the document were causing problems with the formatting.
variousThe table had various headers to choose from.
commonThe common headers in an HTTP request are the Host, User-Agent, Accept, and Accept-Language headers.
specialWe should use these special headers for the request.
precompiledThe use of precompiled headers can significantly improve compilation time.
separateYou can use separate headers for each section of your report.
rearThe rear headers were cracked due to the collision.
onlyI want a waffle with only headers
frontThe front headers are important for optimizing website performance.
lowerI have a habit of hanging clothes on lower headers
verticalThe spreadsheet had vertical headers for each column.
mainPlease use main headers wisely throughout the site
requestPlease include the necessary request headers in your HTTP request.
followingThe following headers provide information about the authenticated user.
lengthThe TCP and UDP use length headers also known as message length headers of the message to indicate the actual length of the message.
blueThere were blue headers on almost every column.
extraThis is an example of a JSON response with extra headers
bottomWe added bottom headers while you were away.
typeType headers are used to specify the type of content being sent in an HTTP request.
completeThe email contained complete headers
tubularThe tubular headers provide an efficient way to extract exhaust gases from the engine.
ironThe footballers fought bravely in the match, with their iron headers securing several goals.
necessaryThe necessary headers were included in the HTTP request.
backThe coach divided the players into groups to practice back headers
darkThe dark headers were visible from a distance.
upperThe upper headers of the document contained important information.
inchThe inch headers were just slightly too short for the job.
htmlHTML headers are used to structure the content of a web page and provide headings and subheadings.
correctThe bcc's should have correct headers
sectionalThe document has several sectional headers that make it easy to navigate.
subjectPlease check the subject headers before emailing.
levelThe meeting was hosted by two level headers who kept the discussion on track.
properUse proper headers when formatting your code.
horizontalThe spreadsheet has horizontal headers for each column.
vitrifiedThe vitrified headers are an important component of the kiln lining.
correspondingWe used the corresponding headers of the selected columns in the input file for the output file.
receivedI received headers in the request.
blindThe blind headers concealed the true nature of the data.
manifoldThe manifold headers are designed to optimize the flow of exhaust gases.
suitableThe software should generate data using suitable headers
topThe top headers are displayed in the main navigation bar.
requiredThe API requires the following required headers X-API-Key, X-Application-Name, and X-Request-ID.
contentThe content headers include the title, author, and date.
definedThe researchers analyzed the defined headers of the JSON file.
solidThe website design team used solid headers to create a visually appealing and easy-to-navigate interface.
typicalThe typical headers in a basketball game are the point guard, shooting guard, small forward, power forward, and center.
steelThe steel headers were reinforced with extra rebar to support the weight of the new roof.
ipsecThe IPsec headers provide protection for the data packets.
outgoingThe outgoing headers were not set correctly.
respectiveThe latest financial statements of the company can be found in the appendix of the annual report under their respective headers
falseThe website uses false headers to hide its true identity.
smallerTry to use smaller headers to make your design look cleaner.
coldThe cold headers were used to create the metal components.
flemishThe Flemish headers give the wall a unique texture.
predefinedThe API allows you to specify predefined headers for each request.
arbitraryThe programmers dealt with arbitrary headers in the email metadata.
validThe HTTP request must include valid headers to be processed.
sinuousThe sinuous headers of the procession swayed gently in the breeze.
intermediateThere are intermediate headers in this document.
outerThe table has outer headers on both sides.
automaticThe report was generated with automatic headers
availableThe server provides metadata about available headers through the Content-Type header.

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