Adjectives for Headline

Adjectives For Headline

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing headline, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the perfect adjective to accompany 'headline' can significantly impact the reader's perception and interest. A 'bold headline' conveys confidence and grabs attention, while a 'big headline' emphasizes the importance or urgency of the news. When we refer to a 'front headline,' we're talking about the leading story, literally positioning it at the forefront of the reader's mind. On the other hand, 'page' and 'column headlines' suggest a more structured, perhaps methodical approach to information dissemination. Each adjective brings its own nuance, shaping how audiences engage with content right from the first glance. Explore the full range of adjectives that can transform your headlines from simple titles to compelling calls to action.
pageThe page headline is a concise summary of the article's main points.
columnThe column headline was bold and eye-catching.
mainThe main headline of the article was about the latest scientific breakthrough.
boldThe bold headline** commanded attention.
bigThe big headline caught my attention.
frontThis is a sentence with 'front headline' in it.
largeThe newspaper article had a large headline that caught my attention.
recentI read a recent headline about the latest scientific breakthrough.
hugeShe was thrilled to finally see her painting on display with a huge headline beside it.
blackThe black headline caught my attention.
typicalThe typical headline for this type of story is 'Man Bites Dog'.
sensationalThe sensational headline caught my attention immediately.
singleHer single headline was too sensational for even the gossip blogs.
subThe sub headline is a smaller headline that appears below the main headline.
famousThe famous headline read, 'All the News That's Fit to Print.'
smallerThat article has a smaller headline than the others.
frontpageThe frontpage headline screamed the news of the shocking discovery.
lineThis is a line headline
topThe recent controversy over the government's handling of the pandemic was the top headline yesterday.
provocativeThe provocative headline screamed across the newspaper's front page.
screamingThe screaming headline blared from the newspaper.
shortThe short headline announced the latest news.
strongThe strong headline captivated readers with its boldness.
simpleThe simple headline drew attention to the main story.
dramaticThe dramatic headline captured the attention of readers everywhere.
inchThe inch headline is a catchy phrase that grabs the reader's attention.
pointThe article's point headline grasped my attention.
catchingThe latest catching headline is that the world is ending soon.
misleadingThe newspaper article's misleading headline caught my attention instantly.
newspaperThe newspaper headline screamed out the latest news.
redThe red headline caught my attention.
latestThe latest headline is a story about the upcoming election.
editorial"Universal Basic Income is a Broken Idea" was the editorial headline
biggestThe biggest headline of the day is about the new COVID-19 variant.
appropriateThe appropriate headline for the article is 'New Study Finds Link Between Exercise and Improved Mental Health'.
glaringThe glaring headline caught his attention.
secondaryThe secondary headline should be no more than 70 characters in length.
deckThe deck headline should be concise and to the point.
interestingThe interesting headline caught my attention.
prominentThe prominent headline caught my attention.
briefThe press release announced that a brief headline was released.
effectiveAn effective headline compels readers to continue reading.
aboveThe stock market is trading above headline levels.
largestThe largest headline of the day was about the war in Ukraine.
cleverThe clever headline caught the reader's attention.
blaringThe blaring headline caught my attention immediately.
strikingThe newspaper's striking headline caught my attention.
luridThe lurid headline screamed from the front page of the tabloid.
enormousThe enormous headline made me want to read the rest of the article.
occasionalWe were able to find only occasional headlines and no written material.
ominousThe ominous headline hinted at impending danger.
doubleThe double headline shocked the world.
powerfulThe powerful headline captivated readers and drew them into the compelling article.
shockingThe shocking headline sent shivers down their spines.
giantThe giant headline caught my attention immediately.
familiar"What's up, doc?" is a familiar headline
giganticThe gigantic headline was unmissable.
memorableThe memorable headline drew attention to the article.
dailyThe daily headline was about the latest political scandal.
favoriteMy favorite headline was about the recent scientific breakthrough.
blazingThe blazing headline caught my attention immediately.
flaringThe flaring headline screamed from the front page of the newspaper.
typeThe type headline is bold and centered.

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