Adjectives for Headlines

Adjectives For Headlines

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing headlines, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to pair with 'headlines' can significantly shape the reader's perception and interest. The difference between 'big headlines' and 'sensational headlines' is not just in size but in the intensity and urgency conveyed. 'National headlines' speak to the broad, often country-wide implications, while 'large headlines' emphasize the physical or metaphorical size of the news. Incorporating adjectives like 'page' or 'such' can add a layer of detail or surprise, respectively. Each adjective adds a unique hue, guiding the reader towards the intended emotional or intellectual reaction. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives that bring 'headlines' to life, revealing the nuances they carry in the full list below.
bigThe newspaper's front page was dominated by big headlines
nationalThe news outlet is reporting on national headlines
pageShe scans the page headlines each morning before getting out of bed.
suchSuch headlines are often seen in newspapers.
sensationalJournalists often resort to sensational headlines to grab attention.
largeThe newspaper featured large headlines that announced the latest news and events.
newspaperI saw the newspaper headlines and was shocked.
boldThe bold headlines caught my attention immediately.
blackThe black headlines screamed out the latest news.
dailyI read the daily headlines to stay informed about current events.
internationalInternational headlines often report on events in the political, economic, and cultural spheres.
fewThere were few headlines in the newspaper today.
moreThere were more headlines about the election today.
hugeThe newspaper's cover page featured huge headlines about the recent election results.
frontI read the front headlines in the newspaper to stay informed.
recentRecent headlines have reported on the latest developments in the conflict in Ukraine.
luridThe newspapers displayed lurid headlines for all to see.
latestThe latest headlines are available on the website.
columnOur marketing plan has column headlines that communicate the key performance indicators (KPIs).
currentThe current headlines are dominated by the recent election results.
typical"Typical headlines" are clickbait that often sensationalizes the issue.
dramaticThe newspaper's dramatic headlines screamed out the latest breaking news.
bannerThe newspaper had banner headlines about the latest political scandal.
biggerThe news article had bigger headlines than usual.
biggestThe biggest headlines from the past week were about the new vaccine and the upcoming election.
redThe red headlines were glaring at me from the newspaper stand.
negativeThe negative headlines were not very encouraging.
largerHe surveyed the front page of the paper, noting the larger headlines
flamingThe newspaper's flaming headlines screamed of the latest catastrophe.
frontpageThe frontpage headlines were dominated by stories about the ongoing war in Ukraine.
enormousThe newspaper had enormous headlines on the front page.
prominentThe article featured prominent headlines that caught the reader's attention.
heavyThe heavy headlines weighed on her mind all day.
inchI read the inch headlines over my morning coffee.
provocativeThe article has some provocative headlines
catchyCatchy headlines are like a siren call, beckoning readers to delve deeper.
topThe top headlines are dominated by the latest news on the pandemic.
worldwideThe war in Ukraine has dominated worldwide headlines
catchingThe recent discovery of a new planet is catching headlines around the world.
subThe document included several sub headlines
smallerThe newspaper used smaller headlines to fit more news on the front page.
misleadingMisleading headlines can cause readers to draw incorrect conclusions.
fewerWith fewer headlines the news seems more manageable.
navalThe newspaper carried several naval headlines about the victory.
tabloidThe tabloid headlines screamed of a shocking scandal.
inflammatoryThe website's inflammatory headlines stirred controversy among readers.
strikingThe article's striking headlines caught my attention.
frequentThe frequent headlines of the news covered the recent election.
giantThe newspaper had giant headlines that screamed breaking news.
nationwideThe news story made nationwide headlines
excitingThe newspaper's exciting headlines announced the thrilling news of the day.
shockingThe newspaper's shocking headlines screamed from the front page.
sensationalistThe news article was full of sensationalist headlines designed to shock and evoke strong emotions.
typeThe newspaper used large type headlines to attract readers.
largestThe largest headlines were about the war in Ukraine.
alarmingThe alarming headlines caused widespread panic and concern
occasionalThe Internet was a major source of information that day, with the occasional headlines about an upcoming asteroid impact.
grabbingThe news about the celebrity's unexpected marriage was grabbing headlines on all major news outlets.
spectacularThe newspaper's spectacular headlines caught my attention.
splashyThe magazine's splashy headlines caught my attention.
tallThe tall headlines on the newspaper stand caught my eye.

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