Adjectives for Headphones

Adjectives For Headphones

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing headphones, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

In the world of audio, the adjectives paired with 'headphones' can significantly alter your listening experience. Descriptions such as wireless emphasize freedom from cords, making your audio journey seamless and clutter-free. Canceling moves you into a realm of uninterrupted bliss, blocking out the world's noise. Opting for lightweight headphones ensures comfort during prolonged use, perfect for music enthusiasts and gamers alike. Moreover, terms like good and own mirror the personal and subjective nature of sound quality and ownership. Choosing the right adjective to describe your headphones can be as pivotal as the music you intend to wear them for. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives that can describe your next auditory experience below.
wirelessI can't wait to use my new wireless headphones
cancelingI need to get some noise canceling headphones
lightweightThe lightweight headphones provide superior sound quality and comfort.
ownI watched a movie with my own headphones
goodI can't hear you, I'm wearing good headphones
wearI wear headphones when I listen to music.
specialThe special headphones blocked out all the noise.
largeI put on my large headphones and listened to music.
qualityImmerse yourself in your favorite music with these high-quality headphones.
stereophonicThe stereophonic headphones provided an immersive listening experience.
highShe listens to music with high headphones
personalThe personal headphones blocked out all other sounds.
smallI put on my small headphones and listened to some music.
blackThe student listened to music with his black headphones
bigThe man with the big headphones listened intently to the music.
individualThe students listened attentively through their individual headphones
styleI love listening to music with my new style headphones
tinyI plugged the tiny headphones into my phone and listened to music.
whiteI listened to music with my white headphones
portableI enjoy listening to music on my portable headphones while I walk.
circumauralI put on the circumaural headphones and enjoyed the immersive sound experience.
ordinaryShe put on her ordinary headphones and listened to her favorite music.
mostMost headphones on the market today are wireless.
paddedI put on my padded headphones and turned up the volume to enjoy my favorite music.
heavyI put on the heavy headphones to block out the noise.
closedThe closed headphones effectively blocked out the surrounding noise.
wiredI can't hear you, I'm wearing wired headphones
crystalI put on my crystal headphones and listened to the music.
auralThe aural headphones provided a clear and immersive audio experience.
standardThe standard headphones work well for everyday use.
audioThe bass is good on my new audio headphones
openI prefer to use open headphones when I'm working.
binauralI put on my binaural headphones and listened to the music.
miniatureThe miniature headphones were perfect for her small ears.
conventionalThe band played for three hours, their conventional headphones muffling the sound of the raucous crowd.
cheapThe cheap headphones had poor sound quality and broke easily.
bulkyShe wore bulky headphones to block out the noise.
stereoI put on my stereo headphones and listened to my favorite music.
expensiveHe wore expensive headphones to listen to music.
infraredThe infrared headphones wirelessly transmit sound.
yellowThe child was bouncing a bright yellow ball while listening to music through his yellow headphones
activeThe active headphones were amazing at canceling out the noise of the airplane engine.
dynamicI was impressed by the sound quality of the dynamic headphones
protectiveThe worker was wearing protective headphones to block out the dangerous noises.
electrostaticI've heard that electrostatic headphones provide an unmatched listening experience.
typeI prefer the type headphones that have a noise cancellation feature.
multipleThe students listened to music with their multiple headphones
external He will never know the joy of external headphones
digitalI listen to music with my digital headphones every day.
soundThe concert was astounding, especially through my sound headphones
comfortableI enjoy relaxing with my comfortable headphones while listening to music.
soundproofI use soundproof headphones to study in noisy environments.
reducingI love listening to music with my noise-reducing headphones.
enormousThe DJ had enormous headphones covering her ears.
endPut on your end headphones and rock out!.
sensitiveI put on the sensitive headphones to listen to the music.
magneticI love listening to music with my magnetic headphones
separateI use separate headphones for gaming to create a more immersive experience.
giantHe wore his giant headphones while listening to his favorite music.
massiveShe put on her massive headphones and disappeared into her own world.
budI put on my bud headphones to listen to music on my commute to work.
ohmThese ohm headphones provide superior sound quality.
damnThe damn headphones won't connect to my phone.
sealedThe man put on his sealed headphones
spareI lost my spare headphones on the bus yesterday.
calibratedThe audio engineer used calibrated headphones to ensure the accuracy of the mix.
oversizedThe oversized headphones covered his entire head, blocking out all sound.
invisibleThe invisible headphones were so comfortable, I forgot I was wearing them.
audiometricThe doctor put on audiometric headphones to test my hearing.
typicalHe always carries typical headphones in his backpack.
silentThe students were listening to music on their silent headphones during the study session.
lightI put on my light headphones and listened to the music.
cushionedWith these cushioned headphones you will experience impeccable sound without discomfort
availableThe available headphones are displayed on the website.
inexpensiveI bought a pair of inexpensive headphones for my son.
complimentaryThe complimentary headphones were a nice touch.
dualI plugged my dual headphones into the audio jack.
techI use my tech headphones to listen to music and podcasts.
activatedHe put on the activated headphones and immersed himself in the music.

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