Adjectives for Heads

Adjectives For Heads

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing heads, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

The word 'heads' can be modified by a variety of adjectives, each bringing its own nuance to the conversation. The adjective 'human' emphasizes the biological or personal nature, while 'large' can suggest something about the size or importance. 'Several' indicates multiplicity, introducing the concept of diversity or quantity. 'Crowned' heads often refer to those in power or with regal status, adding a layer of dignity or authority. Meanwhile, the use of 'following' can allude to heads that are involved in movement or guidance. Finally, 'female' directs the discussion towards gender, highlighting issues of representation or identity. Discover the full list of adjectives that reveal the multifaceted nature of 'heads' below.
humanI can see three human heads in the picture.
largeThe aliens had large heads with big eyes and small mouths.
severalHis coat with its several heads could hide anyone.
crownedLeaders of the crowned heads gathered to discuss the future of the monarchy.
followingI followed her to the shop by following heads
femaleThe Anglo-Saxon female heads were adorned with a diadem of thin gold plates, on which rossettes were fastened with gold wire.
maleThe male heads were put on display.
bowedThe students sat with bowed heads listening intently to the lecture.
mainThe main heads of the company are responsible for its success.
blackI have some black heads on my nose.
departmentalThe departmental heads met to discuss the budget.
whiteThe young man had developed white heads on his face.
roundThe nails have round heads
spearThe spear heads were sharp and gleaming.
coralThe divers swam past the vibrant coral heads their colors shimmering in the sunlight.
flowerThe flower heads were a vibrant array of colors.
flatThe carpenter hammered flat heads into the wooden plank.
bigThe children had big heads and wide eyes.
respectiveThe respective heads of the two nations met in a summit to discuss the peace treaty.
separateHis desk is complete with drawers accessed by separate heads eliminating the need to reach around one unit to open another.
coolerIt's important to approach the situation with cooler heads prevailing.
brokenThe fight resulted in several broken heads
arrowThe sharp arrow heads pierced through the target with ease.
broadThe men in the town had broad heads and wide mouths.
hotThe hot heads in the meeting made it difficult to reach a consensus.
shapedtheir shaped heads were covered with thick mats of hair
redThe two red heads were easily spotted in the crowd.
subThe sub heads in the newspaper discussed the latest news events.
distinctThe two distinct heads of the hydra snapped at the hero's heels.
principalThe principal heads a large school with over a thousand students.
functionalFunctional heads are the minimal units of syntax that can bear grammatical functions.
wiseThe wise heads know that silence is often the best answer.
uncoveredPeople were gathered with their uncovered heads
bareThe women stood with bare heads in the rain.
yellowThe sunflowers had droopy yellow heads
coolThe cool heads of the company executives helped to devise a strategy to overcome the crisis.
administrativeThe administrative heads were responsible for managing the day-to-day operations of the organization.
darkThe dark heads of the sunflowers turned towards the sun.
likeThe two brothers are like heads and tails of the same coin.
hugeThe aliens had huge heads
bentThe people walked with bent heads trying to avoid the rain.
carvedThe tribal house was decorated with intricate carved heads
greenHe had two green heads and was covered in slime
emptyThe team of empty heads lost the sporting contest.
magneticThe magnetic heads recorded the data on the magnetic tape.
globularThe globular heads of the three brothers were bowed in prayer.
grotesqueThe walls were adorned with grotesque heads
figureThe company's figure heads were all replaced after the scandal.
grayThe gray heads of the old men contrasted with the black hair of the young boys.
poppyThe poppy heads swayed gently in the breeze.
tinyThe tiny heads of the dolls made them look like children.
denseThe dense heads of cabbage were perfect for making coleslaw.
roundedThe big bolts had rounded heads that wouldn't fit the wrench.
flintThe Native Americans meticulously crafted flint heads for their arrows and spears.
deadThe road was closed due to dead heads

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