Adjectives for Healing

Adjectives For Healing

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing healing, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe healing can deeply influence the perception of its process and outcome. Whether it's spiritual healing that mends the soul, complete healing that leaves no trace of ailment, self healing which empowers personal agency, physical healing concerning the body, or divine healing attributed to a higher power, each term carries its unique nuance. However, not all healing is positive; poor healing reminds us of recovery processes that fall short of expectations. These adjectives paint a broad spectrum of healing's varied and complex nature. Discover the full nuances by exploring the extended list below.
spiritualHer spiritual healing journey brought her inner peace.
completeWith the help of the skilled doctors, he experienced complete healing
physicalThe physical healing process is slow and painful.
divineThe divine healing process has brought solace to the troubled minds.
poorTheir poor healing prevented them from returning to work.
mentalMeditation and therapy are effective methods of mental healing
woundHydrocolloid dressings are used to promote wound healing by creating a moist environment.
rapidThe medicine promoted rapid healing of the wound.
spontaneousSpontaneous healing can sometimes occur in response to stress or trauma.
delayedHer injuries had delayed healing so she was still in pain and unable to work.
primaryThe wound healed by primary healing
miraculousThe miraculous healing of the sick left everyone in awe.
naturalNatural healing involves using natural remedies and therapies to promote the body's own healing mechanisms.
slowThe slow healing wound left a permanent scar.
traditionalTraditional healing methods can be effective in treating certain illnesses.
emotionalEmotional healing is a journey that requires courage, vulnerability, and self-compassion.
trueTrue healing is found in the embrace of love and acceptance.
innerMeditation can facilitate inner healing and personal growth.
fractureThe fracture healing process involves the formation of a blood clot, which is then replaced by a fibrocartilaginous callus.
cornealCorneal healing is a complex process that involves the regeneration of damaged corneal tissue.
religiousThe power of religious healing has been debated for centuries.
properThe injury will require proper healing to prevent scarring.
psychologicalShe underwent psychological healing to overcome her trauma.
adequateThe patient has experienced adequate healing and can now return to full activity.
epithelialThe epithelial healing process is complex and involves several stages.
secondarySecondary healing is a type of tissue repair that occurs in response to injury.
holisticHolistic healing aims to treat the whole person, not just their symptoms.
subsequentThe subsequent healing process was long and arduous, but she eventually regained her full strength.
christianThe church offered christian healing to those in need.
nonThe wound was non healing and required medical attention.
distantThe distant healing technique alleviated my chronic pain.
successfulShe took great joy in the successful healing of her favorite patient.
satisfactoryThe satisfactory healing of the wound allowed the patient to resume normal activities.
ulcerThe early use of antibiotics for patients with hemorrhagic peptic ulcers may facilitate ulcer healing
softThe soft healing touch of the nurse's hands brought comfort to the patient.
postoperativeThe patient's postoperative healing was uneventful.
magneticThe therapist used magnetic healing to alleviate the patient's pain.
initialRosa celebrated the initial healing of her shoulder from the injury.
metaphysicalMetaphysical healing is a holistic approach to wellness that seeks to address the mind, body, and spirit.
herbalHerbal healing is the use of plants for medicinal purposes.
periodontalPeriodontal healing involves the regeneration of lost tissue and the restoration of function to the affected area.
faithI don't believe in faith healing but I respect those who do.
magicalThe magical healing power made her feel better instantly.
bonyThe fracture was stable and showed bony healing at six weeks.
promptThe herbal ointment promotes prompt healing of the wound.
perfectHer perfect healing eliminated any trace of her injury.
impairedHis injured foot had impaired healing due to the infection.
alternativeI'm interested in exploring alternative healing options for my chronic pain.
optimalThe optimal healing process requires a combination of rest, proper nutrition, and medical attention.
shamanicThe shamanic healing session was an intense and transformative experience for her.
partialThe partial healing of the wound was a relief to the patient.
fasterIncreased cell turnover promotes faster healing
instantaneousThe enigmatic amulet gifted her with instantaneous healing after every battle.
cutaneousThe cutaneous healing process involves a complex interplay between various cells, growth factors, and extracellular matrix components.
allThe all healing power of nature cannot be denied.
incompleteAlthough this surgery was a success, there was unfortunately some incomplete healing
ultimateThe ultimate healing power lies within us, we just have to tap into it.
absentThe healer attempted to perform absent healing on the patient.
fetalFetal healing has the potential to provide cures for a wide range of conditions.
symbolicThe shaman performed a symbolic healing ritual to cleanse the patient's spirit.
mucosalResearch about mucosal healing is still ongoing, but the results are promising.
permanentSeeking solace in the depths of despair, she discovered the sanctuary of permanent healing
epidermalThe epidermal healing process involves the regeneration of damaged skin tissue.
acceleratedWith accelerated healing the patient recovered from surgery in half the time.
crystalCrystal healing is a form of alternative medicine that uses crystals to heal the body and mind.
soundThe sound healing session left me feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.
eventualThe eventual healing of his wounds brought him great relief.
uneventfulThe doctor was relieved to note that the patient's recovery was progressing at a pace that could only be described as uneventful healing

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