Adjectives for Hearing

Adjectives For Hearing

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing hearing, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

The word 'hearing' carries significant weight in various contexts, each modified distinctly by accompanying adjectives. A 'public hearing' suggests an open, inclusive process, inviting community involvement, whereas a 'fair hearing' underscores the importance of equity and justice. The 'first hearing' indicates initial encounters or deliberations, providing foundational insights. On the procedural front, a 'preliminary hearing' serves as a crucial screen, hinting at future legal battles. In the realm of perception, a 'normal hearing' anchors us to standard auditory benchmarks, critical in medical and social assessments. Furthermore, a 'worth hearing' assertion elevates any subject, marking it as valuable and deserving attention. Discover more about how adjectives frame and refine 'hearing' in our extensive list below.
publicThe public hearing on the proposed zoning changes will be held next week.
fairThe defendant has a right to a fair hearing
firstI was immediately hooked from the first hearing
preliminaryThe preliminary hearing for the defendant is scheduled for next month.
normalHer normal hearing was lost during the bombardment.
worthI will see you after this concert worth hearing
fullAfter a full hearing the judge ruled in favor of the defendant.
finalThe judge announced that the final hearing would be held next week.
formalThe formal hearing will be held next Wednesday.
sympatheticThe judge gave the defendant a sympathetic hearing
humanThe range of human hearing is typically 20 to 20,000 Hz.
defectiveShe was born with defective hearing
languageThe language hearing will be held tomorrow afternoon.
congressionalThe congressional hearing was set to begin at 9am
secondThe jury's second hearing was scheduled for next week.
residualShe has enough residual hearing to hear loud speech.
patientThanks to the doctor's patient hearing I was able to fully explain my symptoms.
oralThe court conducted an oral hearing to consider the motion.
impairedAshley turned up the volume as she drove home as her impaired hearing made it hard to follow the directions from her GPS.
furtherI was hoping to speak to you further hearing from your attorney.
respectfulWe should give each other a respectful hearing even if we disagree.
evidentiaryThe court held an evidentiary hearing on the motion to dismiss.
administrativeThe defendant requested an administrative hearing to contest the allegations.
judicialThe judge convened a judicial hearing to hear both sides of the dispute.
poorShe had poor hearing and often had to ask people to repeat themselves.
acuteThe owl's acute hearing allowed it to hunt in the darkness of the night.
initialThe initial hearing for the case will be held on Monday.
disciplinaryThe employee was called to a disciplinary hearing for violating company policy.
openThe committee held an open hearing to discuss the proposed legislation.
pretrialThe pretrial hearing will be held on May 15th at 9am.
dueThe company granted the employee due hearing regarding their disciplinary action.
speechI went to the speech hearing last week.
informalThe informal hearing determined that the employee was not at fault.
favorableThe judge gave a favorable hearing to the lawyer's request.
impartialThe judge promised that he would give the defendant an impartial hearing
favourableThe lawyer felt confident about the favourable hearing
binauralBinaural hearing allows us to perceive the direction of a sound source.
properThe doctor ran tests to assess her proper hearing
attentiveThe students gave the lecturer attentive hearing
directionalThanks to directional hearing owls can locate prey with great precision.
subsequentThe court scheduled a subsequent hearing to review the evidence.
legislativeThe legislative hearing commenced with a detailed presentation by the chairperson.
keenThe dog's keen hearing alerted us to the intruder.
readyMy ready hearing will improve next week.
jointThe joint hearing was held in the main chamber of the courthouse.
priorThe request was dismissed by the district court without a prior hearing
adequateHer adequate hearing prevented her from hearing the faint sound.
excellentShe has excellent hearing and can detect even the faintest of sounds.
sensitiveShe had sensitive hearing and could always pick up on the slightest of sounds.
briefThe judge scheduled a brief hearing for the case next week.
closedThe judge ordered the closed hearing to protect the privacy of the witnesses.
trialThe lawyer was late for the trial hearing due to a flat tire.
usefulThe doctor's useful hearing helped her diagnose the patient's condition.
grandThe grand hearing was held in the historic courthouse.
dispositionalAfter a temporary order is issued, the case is typically set for a dispositional hearing to complete the process.
deafDespite his repeated attempts, he met with deaf hearing
postThe post hearing was a success.
diminishedThe elderly man had diminished hearing making it difficult for him to participate in conversations.
coloredI have always been fascinated by the concept of colored hearing the ability to see colors when one hears sounds.
selectiveMy mother has selective hearing and only hears the things she wants to hear.
allHe has an all hearing ear.
juvenileThe juvenile hearing was held in a closed courtroom.
widerThe author's work attracted a wider hearing after it was translated into English.
everI can't recall ever hearing that before.
promptThe court gave the defendant a prompt hearing

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