Adjectives for Hearings

Adjectives For Hearings

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing hearings, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

The use of adjectives with the noun 'hearings' significantly affects the context and perception of the event. A 'public hearing' suggests openness and accessibility, inviting the general populace to be informed or involved. Contrastingly, a 'congressional hearing' specifies a more structured, government-oriented gathering, often linked to legislative processes. The term 'preliminary hearing' denotes an initial stage, possibly hinting at further, more in-depth meetings to come. The addition of 'legislative' or 'formal' refines the hearing's purpose, aligning it with official law-making bodies or formal protocols, respectively. Moreover, 'extensive hearings' imply a thorough and possibly prolonged examination of the subject matter, indicating serious deliberation. Each adjective, thus, brings its unique shade of meaning, enhancing the specificity and expectation around the hearing. Explore the full spectrum of adjectives applied to 'hearings' and the subtle nuances they introduce below.
publicThe public hearings lasted for three days.
congressionalThe congressional hearings will be held next week to investigate the alleged misconduct.
preliminaryThe preliminary hearings scheduled for tomorrow, will determine if there is enough evidence to proceed to trial.
legislativeThe legislative hearings were held to discuss the proposed new law.
formalThe committee will hold a series of formal hearings on the issue.
extensiveThe committee held extensive hearings on the proposed legislation.
openThe open hearings are scheduled to begin next week.
administrativeThe administrative hearings were held in a fair and impartial manner.
furtherThe court will reconvene next week for further hearings
watergateThe Watergate hearings televised live to the American public from May 17 to August 9, 1973, were one of the greatest scandals in the U.S. history.
oralThe court will hold oral hearings on the matter next week.
jointThe joint hearings will be held on Tuesday at 10 am.
disciplinaryThe disciplinary hearings were held to investigate the allegations of misconduct.
pretrialThe judge scheduled pretrial hearings to discuss the evidence and witness availability.
subsequentA series of subsequent hearings were held to determine the facts of the case.
lengthyThe lengthy hearings drained the energy of all who were involved.
recentThe recent hearings haven't led to any meaningful change.
fairThe defendant has the right to fair hearings
judicialThe court held several judicial hearings before reaching a verdict.
numerousThe law was passed after numerous hearings
separateThe judge ordered separate hearings for the two cases.
closedThe closed hearings will begin next week.
informalThe committee conducted informal hearings on the matter.
additionalThe court scheduled additional hearings to consider the new evidence.
parliamentaryThe parliamentary hearings on the recent scandal have been postponed.
dueThe defendant is entitled to due hearings before being sentenced.
initialThe defendant appeared in court for his initial hearings
secretThe committee held secret hearings to investigate the allegations.
trialThe trial hearings were scheduled to begin next week.
juvenileThe juvenile hearings were closed to the public, but the judge did allow a few reporters in.
comparativeThe court held comparative hearings to determine the best custody arrangements for the child.
televisedThe televised hearings were watched by millions of Americans.
earlierThe earlier hearings were held in a small courtroom.
annualThe board will hold annual hearings to review the progress of the project.
evidentiaryThe suspect will be given the right to attend evidentiary hearings
extendedThe trial judge granted extended hearings to consider the new evidence.
contraThe court overruled the defense's objection to the contra hearings
investigativeThe investigative hearings into the scandal have been ongoing for months.
regionalThe committee held regional hearings to gather public input on the proposed legislation.
officialSeveral officials testified at the official hearings
regulatory"We must undergo regulatory hearings before any of our work can proceed."
grandThe grand hearings will take place in the city center.
protractedThe judge decided to postpone the trial due to protracted hearings
senateThe lawyer attended the senate hearings yesterday.
printedWe reviewed the printed hearings and determined there was no error.
prolongedThe prolonged hearings caused a great deal of stress for all parties involved.
exhaustiveThe board later held exhaustive hearings on the subject.
priorThe court considered the defendant's prior hearings before sentencing.
frequentThe court held frequent hearings to resolve the dispute.
criminalThe criminal hearings were delayed due to inclement weather.
executiveThe committee will hold executive hearings on the matter.
endlessEndless hearings have become commonplace in our political landscape.
publicizedCity Council is expected to have publicized hearings on the rezoning proposal.
typeThe committee held type hearings on the bill.
contestedThe recent contested hearings consumed a lot of time and effort.
repeatedThe case has had repeated hearings in the past year.
elaborateThe elaborate hearings lasted several days.
periodicThe judge scheduled periodic hearings to monitor the defendant's progress.
governmentalHe pointed out that the governmental hearings might not achieve anything.

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