Adjectives for Heart

Adjectives For Heart

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing heart, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe the heart can convey a wide spectrum of emotions and states, from the deeply personal (own) to the universally recognized (human). The intensity of feeling can be amplified with adjectives like very or whole, while terms like broken or good navigate the realms of emotional distress and moral character, respectively. Each adjective brings its own shade of meaning, enriching the narrative or analysis. The nuanced use of these adjectives can paint a vivid picture that resonates on a personal level, inviting readers into a shared human experience. Discover the full range of adjectives most fittingly paired with 'heart' below.
ownAlways listen to your own heart
humanHer human heart filled with love and joy.
veryThe doctor took his very heart out for the transplant.
wholeHe devoted his whole heart to the project.
goodShe had been dealt a rough hand by fate, but she had a good heart
heavyHe left his home with a heavy heart
pureThe child has a pure heart and does not know the evil of the world.
warmHer warm heart made her a beloved member of the community.
dearMy dear heart I will always cherish the love we have.
rightThe right heart is the heart's right side.
poorThe poor heart struggled to keep up with the rest of her broken body.
trueShe sang the song with true heart
lightShe skipped down the street with a light heart
generousHer generous heart led her to donate her time and resources to those in need.
nobleThe knight had a noble heart and always helped those in need.
weakShe had a weak heart but a strong spirit.
normalHer normal heart was beating too fast.
openShe spoke with an open heart
honestHe spoke his mind with an honest heart regardless of the consequences.
bigHe has such a big heart that he can forgive anyone.
braveHe fought with a brave heart and never gave up.
stoutHe had a stout heart and a strong will.
fetalThe fetal heart rate was 120 bpm.
badHe had a bad heart but he still lived a long and happy life.
leftThe doctor said that her left heart was weak.
cleanHe was a pure man with a clean heart and honest soul.
coldThe killer's cold heart showed no remorse for his heinous crime.
gratefulI am filled with a grateful heart for all the blessings in my life.
gentleShe had a gentle heart always putting others' needs before her own.
proudWith a proud heart she stepped onto the stage to accept her award.
artificialThe artificial heart was implanted in the patient's chest.
contriteShe approached the altar with a contrite heart seeking forgiveness for her sins.
secretI have a secret heart that only I know.
softShe had a soft heart for lost animals.
isolatedThe isolated heart was beating feebly.
evilHe had an evil heart and wanted to destroy the world.
faithfulOne's faithful heart will always guide them in the right direction.
humbleI approach the task with a humble heart recognizing my limitations and seeking guidance from others.
troubledThe troubled heart yearned for solace and understanding.
merryShe sang with a merry heart as she prepared the feast.
enlargedThe doctor discovered that the patient had an enlarged heart
mammalianThe mammalian heart is a complex organ that pumps blood throughout the body.
happyI woke up this morning with a happy heart
sweetI love you, my sweet heart
wickedHer wicked heart led her to betray her friends.
foolishIn the labyrinth of love, my foolish heart yearns for solace.
nearestMy nearest heart my dearest love.
lonelyThe lonely heart yearns for connection and companionship.
wearyHer weary heart ached for solace and respite.
stoutestEven the stoutest heart can falter in the face of adversity.
cheerfulHe spread a cheerful heart wherever he went.
sincereShe expressed her sincere heart in the letter.
healthyMaintaining a healthy heart is crucial for a long and fulfilling life.
anxiousHer anxious heart pounded in her chest as she waited for news.
mightyThe warrior faced his foes with a mighty heart
sensitiveHe inherited a sensitive heart from his mother.
innermostHer innermost heart filled with joy.
lighterHe approached the task with a lighter heart
soreThe words pierced her sore heart leaving her wounded and broken.
willingWith a willing heart she always helps those in need.
compassionateHer compassionate heart always made her give help to those less fortunate.
thankfulI am filled with a thankful heart for all the blessings in my life.
fondI bid you farewell with a fond heart knowing that our paths will cross again.
benevolentHer benevolent heart led her to volunteer at the local soup kitchen.

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