Adjectives for Hearts

Adjectives For Hearts

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing hearts, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Using adjectives with the noun 'hearts' can profoundly influence the sentiment and depth of your sentences. An 'own heart' conveys a sense of personal experience or conviction. Discussing the 'human heart' often touches on universal emotions or the essence of humanity itself. Words like 'many hearts' hint at widespread feelings, shared by numerous individuals, while 'young hearts' evokes a sense of innocence and freshness. On the darker side, 'broken hearts' speak of deep sorrow and loss, and 'heavy hearts' carry the burden of sadness or trouble. Each adjective adds a unique shade of meaning, setting the tone for intricate expressions of human emotion. Explore the full list below to see how each adjective can shape your understanding of hearts.
ownListen to your own hearts you know what to do.
humanhuman hearts beat with love
manyMany hearts beat as one during the emotional performance.
youngYoung hearts are full of dreams.
brokenThe silence was deafening, and all that remained were broken hearts and shattered dreams.
heavyWe bid farewell this day with heavy hearts
braveThe brave hearts fought valiantly for their country.
warmThey extended a helping hand to the needy with warm hearts
truePeople with true hearts are always kind and compassionate.
hardThe criminals with hard hearts didn't feel any remorse for their actions.
pureTheir pure hearts filled with joy.
veryHer words filled us with very hearts
stoutThose with stout hearts will face challenges head-on.
sadThe children had sad hearts when their dog ran away.
lightThey set off into the forest with light hearts
nobleThe call to action quickly filled the ranks with noble hearts
isolatedThe isolated hearts beat in unison.
openWith open hearts they welcomed him into their home.
honestWe seek people with honest hearts and good intentions.
loyalOur loyal hearts beat in unison, connecting us through time and distance.
generousThe generous hearts of the volunteers made the event a success.
artificialA team of scientists is working on developing artificial hearts that are more durable and efficient.
ratThe doctor was astonished at the size of the rat hearts
gladWe hike with glad hearts
strongStrong hearts can overcome any obstacle.
happyThe group of friends walked with happy hearts along the beach.
coldThe cold hearts felt numb and indifferent to the suffering of others.
anxiousThe waiting room was filled with anxious hearts
tenderI seek solace in the tender hearts of loved ones.
weakThis job is not for weak hearts
faintFaint hearts never win fair ladies.
poorMy poor hearts will never be saved.
redThe bouquet was filled with vibrant red hearts
stoutestOnly the stoutest hearts could endure such hardship.
faithfulThose faithful hearts should be appreciated.
thankfulOur thankful hearts overflow with joy at this special moment.
lonelyThe lonely hearts gathered at the cafe to seek companionship.
humbleWe must always approach our work with humble hearts
willingThey volunteered with willing hearts to help those in need.
kindKind hearts are the foundation of a compassionate society.
christianThe Christian hearts were filled with joy as they celebrated the birth of their Savior.
troubledThe troubled hearts wandered in the labyrinth of sorrow, seeking solace.
stonyTheir cold, stony hearts remained unmoved by the suffering they had witnessed.
youthfulThe youthful hearts danced with joy and abandon.
gentleThey spoke with gentle hearts and open minds.
hardenedTheir hardened hearts refused to show any compassion.
wearyThe weary hearts yearned for a respite from their arduous journey.
dearKeep your dear hearts from breaking.
evilA man of evil hearts is more useful than a dozen enemies.
joyfulThey sang with joyful hearts
manlyWe should be proud of our manly hearts and our emotional strength.
softThe soft hearts of the angels dripped with compassion for the needy.
rabbitThe rabbit hearts were beating rapidly.
fondThey left their home, but they carried fond hearts for it.
cheerfulThey marched through the streets with cheerful hearts
corruptThe corrupt hearts of the wicked will never find peace.
deadThe dead hearts lay scattered across the battlefield.
healthyFruits and vegetables are important for healthy hearts
sorrowfulThey mourned their loss with sorrowful hearts
diseasedThe garden of their diseased hearts needs tending.
hypertrophiedThe autopsy revealed hypertrophied hearts and other signs of heart disease.
boldAdventurers with bold hearts have always ventured into the uncharted lands.
heroicBrave and compassionate souls ignite the world with their heroic hearts
piousThe pious hearts of the faithful were filled with joy.
unitedTheir united hearts beat as one, a testament to their unwavering love.
sweetThe two sweet hearts danced the night away.

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