Adjectives for Heel

Adjectives For Heel

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing heel, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Exploring the relationship between adjectives and the noun 'heel' reveals a fascinating array of nuances, each offering a unique perspective on this often-overlooked part of our anatomy and wardrobe. From the 'left' and 'right' heel, which ground us in the physical orientation of our bodies, to the 'high' and 'low' heel, evoking images of fashion, posture, and societal status. Not to mention the compelling connotations of feeling 'down' at heel, signifying a state of disrepair or despondency. Each adjective paired with 'heel' paints a vivid picture, telling its own story and conjuring its own imagery. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives associated with 'heel' and the eclectic stories they tell just below.
leftI stepped on a tack with my left heel
rightThe runner's right heel was throbbing with pain.
highShe tottered on her high heels as she walked.
downThe horse was down heel for the rest of the race.
achillesThe Achilles heel of the project was its lack of funding.
bootShe wore cowboy boots with a distinctive boot heel
lowerMy new boots have a lower heel than my old ones.
bareShe walked barefoot across the cold stone floor, her bare heels leaving no trace behind.
inchShe wore white pumps with a tiny inch heel
painfulHe had difficulty walking due to his painful heel
vulnerableThe soldier's vulnerable heel was exposed during the battle.
armedShe wore boots with armed heels.
heavyThe hiker pressed on, ignoring the heavy heel of his pack.
crownThe crown heel was the most fashionable shoe in Victorian England.
flatI prefer shoes with a flat heel
backThe back heel is a type of soccer shot that is performed with the heel of the foot.
sharpShe stepped on my foot with her sharp heel
clovenThe devil is said to have a cloven heel
posteriorHe suffered a posterior heel injury in the crash.
slightHer boots had a slight heel which made them more comfortable to walk in.
soreThe blisters on his sore heels made it difficult to walk.
frenchShe wore a pair of high heels with a french heel
broadShe wore shoes with a low broad heel
hardI have a hard heel and it hurts when I walk.
brokenShe carefully walked in her shoes with the broken heel
narrowThe narrow heel of the shoe made it difficult to walk.
spikedShe sashayed through the room on her scarlet spiked heels, her presence commanding attention.
redShe wore red heels with her dress
germanThe German army wore jackboots with German heels.
naziThe Nazi heel stamped out freedom across Europe.
downatThe downat heel man looked like he had been through a lot.
cubanShe walked gracefully in her new shoes with a cuban heel
roundedShe walked gracefully in her shoes with rounded heel
rearI twisted my rear heel while walking down the stairs.
blisteredThe hiker had to stop due to a blistered heel
oppositeThe opposite heel of the left shoe was cracked and worn.
innerAfter that, you will feel the inner heel also begin to release.
lateralThe lateral heel is the outer edge of the heel bone
frontShe wore heels with a wide front heel for better stability.
shodThe rider's shod heel dug into the horse's flank.
medialThe podiatrist identified a medial heel spur.
insideHe felt a slight pain in the inside heel of his right foot.
pointedShe wore pointed heel shoes to the party.
woodenShe walked into the room with wooden heel shoes.
solidThe dancer executed a solid heel turn and then exited the stage.
tarAs a native tar heel I am proud to live in North Carolina.
palmHe struck his opponent with a palm heel
outerThe outer heel of the shoe was worn down.
thickShe wore thick heel boots to the party.
outsideThe outside heel is the part of the foot that is on the outside of the heel.
bruisedHis bruised heel throbbed with pain as he hobbled along.
curvedThe boots had a curved heel that made them easy to walk in.
bloodyI stepped on a nail and got a bloody heel
prominentShe wore shoes with a prominent heel
thinShe wore high heel shoes with a thin heel
looseThe loose heel of her shoe made it difficult to walk.
andHe twisted his ankle and heel while playing basketball.
tinyThe tiny heel of the shoe peeped out from under the hem of her long dress.
cruelThe cruel heel of the tyrant crushed the spirits of his people.
hoofedThe horse's hoofed heel struck the ground with force.
shapedShe was wearing shoes with a shaped heel

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