Adjectives for Heights

Adjectives For Heights

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing heights, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Exploring the world of 'heights' through adjectives unveils a landscape rich with diversity and nuance. The term 'new heights' reminds us of achievements and breakthroughs, whereas 'different heights' emphasizes diversity in levels or achievements. Mention of 'great heights' evokes a sense of grandeur and excellence, while 'greater heights' indicates an ongoing journey of surpassing previous achievements. The simplicity of 'such heights' can denote admiration or surprise, and 'various heights' highlights multiplicity and range. Each adjective, when paired with 'heights,' paints a unique picture, influencing our perception in subtle yet profound ways. Dive into the full spectrum of adjectives associated with 'heights' to appreciate the intricate ways they mold our understanding and expectations.
newThe company's profits soared to new heights last year.
differentThere were mountains reaching for the sky at different heights
greatThe mountaineer climbed to great heights reaching the summit of the mountain.
greaterWith determination, we can reach greater heights
suchHe scaled such heights that he could see the curvature of the Earth.
variousThe students stood at various heights
loftyThe eagle soared to lofty heights its wings outstretched against the blue expanse.
relativeThe buildings were all different relative heights
unprecedentedTheir determination and innovation drove them to unprecedented heights
greatestThe skier soared to the greatest heights
rockyHikers climbed the rocky heights in search of a panoramic view.
dizzyThe climber had reached dizzy heights but he knew he still had a long way to go.
woodedThe hiker marveled at the expansive views from the wooded heights
spiritualHe had reached spiritual heights that few have ever achieved.
considerableThe mountaineers ascended to considerable heights
lowerThe climber wasn't able to reach lower heights
averageSome researchers focus on average heights in human populations.
sublimeThe mountains reached sublime heights with their snow-covered peaks piercing the clouds.
meanThe mean heights of the two groups were significantly different.
alpineThe hikers were amazed by the breathtaking views from the alpine heights
peakThe jagged peak heights stretched skyward, defying all bounds.
neighbouringThe neighbouring heights of the mountains were impressive.
giddyThe climbers reached the giddy heights of the mountain.
dizzyingThe hikers climbed to dizzying heights marveling at the breathtaking views.
equalThe two trees have equal heights
ruggedThe rugged heights of the mountains were a formidable challenge for the hikers.
olympianThe climber ascended to olympian heights
distantThe mountains' distant heights were veiled in clouds.
inaccessibleThe mountain's inaccessible heights remained a daunting challenge.
maximumGovernment funding of $25 million provided the necessary funds to build two 50-foot towers at maximum heights
loftiestThe determination of the explorers led them to reach the loftiest heights of the mountain.
steepThe daring hiker ascended the steep heights of the mountain.
snowyThe climbers reached the snowy heights after days of arduous trekking.
oppositeThe basketball players had opposite heights with one towering over the other.
verticalShe displayed her prowess in rock climbing with vertical heights
highestThe mountain rises to the highest heights
extremeThe climbers faced extreme heights on their ascent to the summit.
loftierThe climbers yearned to ascend to loftier heights on the mountain's rugged face.
respectiveThe table shows the respective heights of each of the group members.
heavenlyThe acrobats soared to heavenly heights their graceful movements like the flight of birds.
precipitousAtop the precipitous heights of Mount Everest, the climbers experienced unparalleled exhilaration and awe.
extraordinarySome birds soar to extraordinary heights
fantasticThe acrobat soared to fantastic heights defying gravity with every leap.
dangerousThe construction workers faced dangerous heights on a daily basis.
adjacentThe adjacent heights of the mountains were astounding.
correspondingThe mountains have corresponding heights
unequalThe basketball players on the opposing teams had unequal heights
barrenThe barren heights stood as a stark reminder of the harshness of life.
northernThe northern heights overlooked the sprawling metropolis.
incredibleThe climber scaled incredible heights with ease.
supremeThe mountain climbed to supreme heights
cladThe Empire State Building stands at clad heights of 1,454 feet.
bareThe bare heights of the mountains rose against the horizon.
celestialThe celestial heights soared above the glistening city, inviting dreams to take flight.
moderateSeveral more feet of snow are expected in the area, bringing snow accumulations on the ground to moderate heights
gloriousThere is no limit to the glorious heights you can reach with hard work and dedication.
lesserEven at lesser heights the summit looked incredibly steep.
majesticThe mighty eagle soared to majestic heights its wings spread wide.
sereneI gazed up at the serene heights of the mountain peaks.
unknownWe ventured into unknown heights guided only by the stars.
craggyThe climber scaled the craggy heights with ease.
himalayanThe mountain climbers reached the himalayan heights after a treacherous climb.
syrianThe Syrian heights are a group of hills in the southern part of the Golan Heights.
enormousThe skyscraper reached enormous heights piercing the clouds.
tremendousThe climber was able to ascend to tremendous heights
exaltedThe mountain climbers reached exalted heights on their ascent to the summit.
tidalThe tidal heights were unusually high during the storm.
observedThe scientist observed heights of the sample.
poeticThe poet's words soar to poetic heights painting vivid pictures in the mind's eye.
lonelyThe lonely heights of the mountain were a stark contrast to the bustling town below.
artisticHis paintings soared to artistic heights captivating audiences with their vibrant colors and intricate brushwork.
woodyThe elevated paths meandered through the woody heights
topmostTheir youthful aspirations soared to the topmost heights
astronomicalThe cost of the new telescope reached astronomical heights
airyThe bird soared to airy heights its wings gliding effortlessly through the sky.
coolThe view from these cool heights was breathtaking.

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