Adjectives for Helen

Adjectives For Helen

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing helen, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe Helen can bring out various aspects of her personality or appearance, adding depth and nuance to any narrative. Describing her as little Helen highlights her diminutive stature or perhaps her youthfulness, while poor Helen evokes sympathy for her plight. Calling her fair or beautiful Helen emphasizes her physical attractiveness, creating an image of grace and allure. Referring to her as dear Helen conveys affection and a close bond with her. Alternatively, old Helen could reflect not just her age but a life filled with experiences. Each adjective paints Helen in a different light, inviting readers to see her complexity. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives used with Helen below.
littleLittle helen was too excited to sleep.
poorPoor helen was left all alone.
fairMen went to war over fair helen
dearDear helen I hope this letter finds you in good health and spirits.
beautifulParis and Beautiful helen eloped to Troy, starting the Trojan War
oldOld helen is wise and experienced.
real"Real Helen" turned out to be a fake.
youngYoung helen skipped merrily through the meadow.
secondThe second helen was a ship that sailed from England to Australia in 1833.
sweetSweet helen gazed longingly at the shimmering lake.
beauteousThe beauteous helen from Greece
famousFamous helen of Troy, whose beauty launched a thousand ships and caused the fall of Troy.
dearestDearest helen you have been on my mind all day.
bornBorn helen Wells in 1917, she later adopted the stage name Bette Davis.
belovedBeloved helen returned to her homeland after many years.
falseIt is a False helen that is native to south Africa.
goldenThe beautiful and golden helen was the reason for the Trojan War.
prettyPretty helen was the most beautiful woman in the world.
ladyLady helen spent the weekend in the countryside.
fatalFatal helen knows her husband, Menelaus, is not killed in battle and is alive on the shore.
lateLate helen is a classic film.
younger Younger helen being unacquainted with the ways of the court, was quickly disillusioned.
robedThe robed helen entered the room.
gentleGentle helen was a kind and caring woman.
deadThe dead helen was a woman who died in the 19th century.
marieMarie helen attended the party with her friends.
sorrySorry helen I cannot do that.
missI spoke to Miss helen yesterday.
legendaryLegendary helen was the most beautiful woman in the world.
plumpPlump helen adorned herself with lavish jewelry.
wonderfulWonderful helen sang a beautiful song by the lake.
empressEmpress helen was a devout Christian and is credited with finding the True Cross.
innocentThe innocent helen was unaware of the treacherous plot brewing against her.
peerlessDown the hall, Peerless helen was waiting to chastise him
unfortunateUnfortunate helen wandered around aimlessly.
eyedEyed helen traversed the room in a serpentine motion.
immortalImmortal helen the most beautiful woman in the world, was said to have been the cause of the Trojan War.
faithfulFaithful helen shared her dinner with the needy.
wantonWanton helen was a beautiful woman who caused a war between the Greeks and the Trojans.
presidentPresident helen visited the school today.
preciousPrecious helen was the most beautiful woman in the world.
piousPious helen is so virtuous and devout that the townspeople are convinced she can perform miracles.
queenlyQueenly helen gazed down upon the mortal realm.
guiltyGuilty helen looked down, her face pale as she realized her mistake.
graciousGracious helen sat upon the throne, her regal bearing commanding respect.
roundThe round helen was chased by the lion.
fairestFairest helen is known as the face that launched a thousand ships.
wretchedThe wretched helen of Troy caused a war to be fought.
mythicalMythical helen the most beautiful woman in the world, was said to have caused the Trojan War.
faithlessFaithless helen ran off with the Trojan prince.
pregnantShe was pregnant helen Potter, a young lady of no family or fortune.
reluctantReluctant helen crawled to the school gates.
celebratedCelebrated helen played a pivotal role in the Trojan War.
imaginaryThe imaginary helen was the most beautiful woman in the world

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