Adjectives for Helicopter

Adjectives For Helicopter

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing helicopter, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe a helicopter can significantly alter the perception of the reader or listener. Whether it's a first or second helicopter in question, the adjective used paints a picture of its history or condition. A military helicopter immediately conjures images of strength and purpose, while small and large helicopters evoke senses of maneuverability and power, respectively. The use of American as an adjective speaks to origin, possibly hinting at the design or capabilities specific to American helicopters. Each adjective brings its own nuance, highlighting various aspects of the helicopter's identity, purpose, or characteristics. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives associated with helicopters below, and explore the rich descriptions they offer.
firstThe first helicopter was invented in 1939.
militaryThe military helicopter flew overhead, its blades whirring loudly.
secondThe second helicopter arrived on the scene shortly after.
smallThe small helicopter flew overhead, its blades chopping the air.
largeThe large helicopter flew overhead with an ominous buzzing sound.
americanThe American helicopter hovered above the battlefield, providing overwatch for the advancing troops.
bigThe big helicopter hovered above us, its blades whirring loudly.
blackThe conspiracy theorist watched the black helicopter fly overhead.
lastThe last helicopter departed the scene and headed back to base.
medicalThe medical helicopter landed in a field near the crash site.
lightThe light helicopter flew quickly over the trees.
presidentialThe presidential helicopter landed on the White House lawn.
privateThe wealthy businessman used his private helicopter to commute to work.
singleThe single helicopter hovered low over the disaster zone.
armedThe armed helicopter approached the target, its blades whirring ominously.
successfulThe successful helicopter took off from the helipad and soared into the sky.
russianThe Russian helicopter flew over the border and into Ukraine.
whiteThe white helicopter landed in the field.
medevacThe medevac helicopter arrived quickly to transport the injured hiker.
hugeThe huge helicopter flew overhead, its blades creating a thunderous roar.
practicalThe practical helicopter is designed for everyday use.
modernThe modern helicopter hovered over the city.
flyingThe flying helicopter hovered over the city skyline.
sovietThe Soviet helicopter flew overhead, its distinctive shape easily recognizable.
heavyThe heavy helicopter transported supplies to the remote village.
thirdThe third helicopter arrived at the scene of the accident.
largestThe Sikorsky CH-53K King Stallion is the largest helicopter currently in service.
engineThe engine helicopter circled the building looking for survivors.
conventionalThe conventional helicopter has a single main rotor and a tail rotor.
israeliThe Israeli helicopter was flying over Gaza.
liftThe lift helicopter landed in the clearing.
britishThe British helicopter flew over the city.
largerThe larger helicopter was able to lift more cargo.
giantThe giant helicopter hovered above the city.
redThe red helicopter buzzed through the air.
commercialThe commercial helicopter landed in the field.
blueThe blue helicopter flew overhead.
downedThe downed helicopter was discovered by a search and rescue team.
greenThe green helicopter hovered above the trees.
advancedThe advanced helicopter flew swiftly through the air.
enginedThe twin-engined helicopter hovered over the city at dawn.
submarineThe submarine helicopter descended to the ocean floor to explore the wreckage.
experimentalThe experimental helicopter was a marvel of engineering.
tinyThe tiny helicopter hovered above the ground, its rotor blades whirring.
standardThe standard helicopter is used for a variety of civilian and military purposes.
marineThe marine helicopter flew over the ocean on a search and rescue mission.
hypotheticalThe hypothetical helicopter was spotted flying over the city skyline.
antisubmarineThe antisubmarine helicopter hovered low, its sonar searching for signs of enemy subs.
antiThe anti helicopter was used to defend against aerial attacks.
navalThe naval helicopter quickly landed on the aircraft carrier.
madeThe engineers made helicopter to go to the crash site.
typicalA typical helicopter has a single main rotor and a tail rotor.
builtThe military base built helicopter hangars to house their new fleet.
purposeThe purpose helicopter ascended during the meeting.
civilianThe civilian helicopter landed in a field near the village.
carryingThe carrying helicopter quickly evacuated the wounded soldiers from the battlefield.
charteredThe chairman boarded the chartered helicopter for a tour of the property.
seaterThe four-seater helicopter landed safely in the field.
smallerThe smaller helicopter landed on the helipad.
damnI was so annoyed by the damn helicopter hovering overhead.
unmarkedThe unmarked helicopter dropped off the SEAL team at their insertion point.
unmannedThe unmanned helicopter hovered silently over the battlefield.
wreckedThe search and rescue team discovered the wrecked helicopter in the dense jungle.
loneThe lone helicopter circled overhead, its blades slicing through the air.
noisyThe noisy helicopter interrupted the peaceful silence of the countryside.
tankThe tank helicopter hovered over the battlefield, its powerful guns blazing.
autonomousThe research team successfully tested the autonomous helicopter for the first time.
medivacThe Medivac helicopter airlifted the wounded soldiers to the nearest hospital.
incomingThe incoming helicopter hovered above the clearing.

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