Adjectives for Hello

Adjectives For Hello

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing hello, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

The word 'hello' may seem straightforward, but the adjectives paired with it can completely transform its impact. A 'quick hello' conveys a sense of urgency or efficiency, perfect for a busy setting. Contrastingly, a 'friendly hello' is inviting, suggesting an openness to dialogue and connection. A 'big hello' is enthusiastic and boisterous, often used in joyous or celebratory contexts. When time is of the essence, a 'brief hello' manages expectations, signaling a short interaction. Meanwhile, a 'warm hello' exudes kindness and care, making it ideal for comforting or intimate situations. Lastly, a 'cheery hello' brings a bright, positive energy, lifting spirits with its upbeat tone. Discover the full spectrum of nuances each adjective brings to 'hello' below.
quickI just wanted to say a quick hello before I go.
bigI'd like to say a big hello to my friends listening in!
briefHi, I just wanted to say a brief hello
warmThank you for the warm hello
cheeryA cheery hello greeted the visitors as they stepped inside.
simpleIt was a simple hello that started the great friendship.
firstThe first hello is the most important
politeExcuse me, I'd like to say a polite hello
cheerfulThe cheerful hello made me smile.
specialI want to send him a special hello
loudThis morning, I was greeted by a loud hello from my neighbor.
softThe soft hello filled the air with a sense of comfort and warmth.
curtHe gave a curt hello and then walked away.
pleasantJohn greeted his friend with a pleasant hello
quietThe quiet hello echoed through the empty room.
goldenThe company offered a golden hello to attract top talent.
perfunctoryHe gave her a perfunctory hello and rushed past.
properI said a proper hello to the guest.
silentThe silent hello echoed through the empty room.
sleepyHer sleepy hello woke me up.
occasionalShe greeted us with an occasional hello as she walked past.
weakThe weak hello was barely audible.
tentativeI offered her a tentative hello unsure of how she would react.
shy She greeted him with a shy hello
gruffThe stranger gave a gruff hello before turning away.
initialThe initial hello was warm and inviting.
shortI gave you a short hello at the party.
cordialThe manager greeted me with a cordial hello
coolIt was a cool hello
happySay a happy hello to your friends.
faintShe answered with a faint hello
heartyHe gave her a hearty hello
brightIt was a bright hello to friends.
breathlessShe sent him a breathless hello as she rushed into the room.
groggyHer groggy hello was barely audible.
cautiousBefore entering the room, she gave a cautious hello
timidHe gave her only a timid hello
enthusiasticThe enthusiastic hello filled the room with warmth and joy.
civilWe exchanged a civil hello as we passed each other in the hallway.
sweetHe gave her a sweet hello as he walked past.
cursoryHe gave me a cursory hello and then went on his way.
muffledA muffled hello drifted across the room.
executableThe executable hello is located in the current directory.
briskI greeted my friend with a brisk hello as I hurried to my appointment.
coldThe cold hello chilled me to the bone.
familiarThe familiar hello of the waitress brought back memories of the old cafe.
fondHe sent a fond hello to his old friends.
gentleHer voice was a gentle hello warm and inviting.
feebleThe old man gave a feeble hello to his grandson.
decentI have heard a decent hello
nervousHe greeted me with a nervous hello
vagueI got a vague hello from him.
affectionateJane greeted her friend with an affectionate hello
hoarseA hoarse hello echoed through the empty room.
graciousWith a gracious hello the two friends greeted each other warmly.
preliminaryLet's have a preliminary hello before we get started.
hesitantShe gave a hesitant hello as she entered the room, unsure of her welcome.
courteousThe courteous hello from the receptionist made me feel welcome.
customaryI would like to start our conversation with a customary hello
hurriedShe greeted him with a hurried hello before rushing off.
sayPlease say hello to my friend.
chirpyHello, little birdy with your chirpy hello
wearyThe weary hello greeted them with a sense of relief.
chillyThe chilly hello sent shivers down my spine.
brusqueThe businessman gave a brusque hello to his rival and marched out of the room.
grimThe grim hello sent shivers down their spines.
neighborlyThe neighborly hello warmed my heart.

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