Adjectives for Helmet

Adjectives For Helmet

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing helmet, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective for the noun 'helmet' can significantly alter its meaning and evoke different imagery. A 'white helmet' may convey purity and peace, often associated with humanitarian missions. In contrast, a 'black helmet' might hint at anonymity or authority, common in military or tactical gear. 'Golden' and 'plumed helmets' bring to mind the grandeur of historical or mythical warriors, emphasizing nobility or divine protection. Whether it's the practical 'sun helmet' designed for protection against harsh weather, or the majestic 'crested helmet' symbolizing rank and valor, each adjective paints a unique picture that enriches our language. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives paired with 'helmet' and the nuanced meanings they carry below.
whiteThe construction workers were wearing white helmets.
sunThe explorer wore a sun helmet to protect his head and face from the harsh sunlight.
plumedThe knight in the plumed helmet charged into the fray.
goldenThe knight wore a golden helmet into the fray.
crestedThe warrior donned his crested helmet ready for battle.
blackThe motorcyclist sped off into the night, his black helmet shining in the moonlight.
germanThe soldier was wearing a german helmet
spikedThe German soldiers wore spiked helmets in World War I.
heavyThe construction worker was sweating excessively under his heavy helmet
oldI found an old helmet in the attic.
conicalThe soldier wore a conical helmet into battle.
corinthianThe corinthian helmet was a type of ancient Greek helmet that covered the entire head and neck.
protectiveHe put on the protective helmet before getting on the motorcycle.
blueThe UN's blue helmets are deployed in many war-torn countries.
hornedThe Viking wore a horned helmet into battle.
pointedThe knight wore a pointed helmet into battle.
romanHe put on his gleaming roman helmet and prepared for battle.
wingedThe winged helmet is a symbol of Hermes, the messenger god.
redThe cyclist wore a bright red helmet
plasticHe arrived wearing a plastic helmet
shapedThe knight wore a shaped helmet to protect his head during the battle.
lightThe cyclist wore a light helmet for protection.
tropicalSporting a khaki uniform and a tropical helmet he led his troops with courage and determination.
batteredThe knight wore a battered helmet with a deep dent in the side.
greekThe Greek helmet was made of bronze and had a crest on top.
roundHe wore a round helmet with a chin strap.
brazenThe brazen helmet gleamed in the sunlight.
bigHe wore a big helmet on his head.
yellowThe construction worker was wearing a bright yellow helmet
openThe motorcyclist was wearing an open helmet
brightThe knight wore a bright helmet into the battle.
visoredThe knight wore a visored helmet into battle.
magicThe adventurer donned his magic helmet granting him the ability to see through illusions.
gildedThe knight rode into battle with his gilded helmet shining in the sun.
greenThe construction worker wore a bright green helmet
tallThe knight wore a tall helmet with a plume.
hugeThe knight wore a huge helmet that covered his entire head.
bronzeThe ancient warrior wore a bronze helmet into the fray.
shinyThe bicyclist wore a shiny helmet
ancientThe ancient helmet was made of bronze and had intricate carvings.
atticThe attic helmet was a type of ancient Greek helmet that was worn by hoplites.
closedThe knight put on a closed helmet to protect his head during the battle.
closeThe knights put on their close helmets.
hardI secured my hard helmet to ensure proper protection during construction.
styleThe cyclist wore a style helmet to protect their head from injury
polishedThe knight's polished helmet glinted in the sunlight.
giltThe knight wore a shining gilt helmet
standardShe wore a standard helmet and rode her bike to school every day.
faceThe giant rock looks like a face helmet
burnishedThe valiant knight wore a burnished helmet to protect his head in battle.
royalThe knight wore a royal helmet adorned with intricate carvings.
darkDark helmet stole the Schwartz.
famousThe famous helmet was on display at the museum.
woodenThe brave knight was wearing a wooden helmet
spanishThe spanish helmet was a type of helmet worn by Spanish soldiers in the 16th and 17th centuries.
paddedThe astronaut wore a padded helmet for protection during the mission.
rustyThe rusty helmet lay abandoned on the battlefield.
prussianThe prussian helmet is a symbol of the German military.
peakedThe ancient Greek soldier wore a peaked helmet
featheredThe conquistadors wore feathered helmets adorned with vibrant plumes.
likePlease put on your like helmet
giganticThe gigantic helmet was made of solid gold and weighed over a ton.
splendidThe knight wore a splendid helmet that gleamed in the sunlight.
enormousThe knight wore an enormous helmet that covered his entire head.
cylindricalThe cylindrical helmet protected his head from the falling debris.
beautifulThe beautiful helmet protected his head from injury.
grecianThe hoplite wore a grecian helmet to protect his head in battle.
spareThe cyclist put the spare helmet in the basket.
extraThe player grabbed an extra helmet from the equipment manager.
emptyThe empty helmet lay on the ground.
toppedThe knight charged forward, his topped helmet gleaming in the sunlight.
thickThe knight wore a thick helmet to protect his head during battle.
lightweightThe lightweight helmet protected the rider's head from impact.
crownedThe victorious knight wore a crowned helmet
grayThe worker wore a gray helmet on the construction site.
typeThe motorcyclist wore a full-face type helmet
magnificentThe knight wore a magnificent helmet adorned with intricate carvings and a flowing plume.

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