Adjectives for Hero

Adjectives For Hero

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing hero, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

In the tapestry of storytelling, the character of a hero dons many shades, each brought to life through carefully chosen adjectives. A national hero may embody a country's ideals, inspiring patriotism and pride. A great hero transcends ordinary boundaries, achieving feats that etch their names in history. The young hero brings a sense of relatability, their journey often synonymous with growth and potential. Conversely, a tragic hero offers a poignant narrative, their flaws leading to downfall yet evoking empathy. Among these narratives, popular heroes resonate with the masses, while real heroes remind us of the human capacity for courage and kindness. Delve deeper into the attributes that define heroes across stories below.
nationalThe national hero was celebrated for his courageous actions.
greatThe great hero saved all the people from the flood.
youngThe young hero bravely fought the dragon.
tragicThe tragic hero's downfall was due to his fatal flaw.
popularThe popular hero was a symbol of hope for the downtrodden.
realThe real hero is the one who saves a life, not the one who wins a race.
trueThe true hero is not the one who fights for himself, but the one who stands up for others.
americanThe American hero risked his life to save others.
militaryThe military hero was awarded the Medal of Honor for his bravery.
legendaryThe legendary hero fought valiantly against the evil forces.
greatestSuperman is the greatest hero in the world.
localThe local hero was awarded a medal for their bravery.
greekHeracles was a legendary Greek hero with superhuman strength.
epicThe epic hero journeyed far and wide, facing countless challenges with courage and unwavering determination.
deadThe dead hero was mourned by all who knew him.
eponymousThe eponymous hero of the novel is a young man named David Copperfield.
navalNelson was a famous British naval hero who defeated the French at the Battle of Trafalgar.
christianThe christian hero fought bravely against the evil forces.
westernThe western hero rode off into the sunset, his trusty steed by his side.
revolutionaryThe revolutionary hero stood tall, a symbol of hope and defiance.
maleThe male hero saved the day.
mythicalHercules, the mythical hero performed twelve impossible tasks.
famousThe famous hero stood tall and proud, a symbol of hope for all.
comicThe comic hero fought bravely against the evil villain.
typical"Not even a typical hero could have defeated him," said the old woman.
byronicThe brooding and introspective protagonist embodied the classic Byronic hero
idealHe was an ideal hero selfless in his sacrifice and unwavering in his commitment to justice.
youthfulThe youthful hero valiantly defended his kingdom against hordes of invaders.
ancientThe ancient hero vanquished the evil sorcerer with his trusty sword.
culturalThe cultural hero introduced maize to his people, bringing them sustenance and prosperity.
braveThe brave hero fought valiantly against the odds.
favoriteMy favorite hero is Batman.
nobleThe noble hero risked his life to save the innocent.
traditionalThe traditional hero embarked on a quest to slay the evil dragon.
unsungThe unsung hero of the team was the assistant coach.
homericThe homeric hero faced adversity with unwavering determination.
perfectHis popularity is the embodiment of the perfect hero
mightyThe mighty hero fought valiantly against the evil forces.
genuineDespite having immense power, he is known as a genuine hero because he uses his abilities only to help others.
mythicHeracles was a mythic hero known for his extraordinary physical strength and his many adventures.
favouriteMy favourite hero is Superman.
fictionalThe fictional hero fought valiantly against the evil forces.
chiefThe chief hero of the film is a brave warrior who saves the day.
femaleThe female hero fought bravely against the invading army.
literaryThe young girl's literary hero was the protagonist in her favorite book.
celebratedThe celebrated hero received a warm welcome from the grateful city.
romanThe roman hero fought valiantly against the barbarians.
irishThe Irish hero Michael Collins led the fight for independence from British rule.
authenticThe authentic hero was recognized by the people.
divineThe divine hero fought valiantly against the forces of evil.
gallantThe gallant hero bravely faced the dragon.
archetypalThe archetypal hero battled the dragon and rescued the princess.
valiantThe valiant hero stood firm against the onslaught of the enemy.
mythologicalHercules was a great mythological hero
solarHe is the solar hero that is saving our entire world.
classJohn Smith was known as a class hero for his tireless work in improving the lives of the poor and disadvantaged.
titularThe titular hero of the novel is a young man named Harry Potter.
unlikelyThe unlikely hero saved the day with a courageous act.
decoratedThe decorated hero was honored for his bravery.
victoriousThe victorious hero returned to his homeland to a hero's welcome.

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