Adjectives for Highs

Adjectives For Highs

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing highs, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

In the rich tapestry of language, adjectives breathe life into the noun 'highs,' painting a vivid picture of its many contexts. 'New highs' speak to groundbreaking achievements or levels, often imbued with a sense of excitement and novelty. 'Junior highs,' reflect not just a phase of educational transition but also moments of youthful discovery and challenges. The term 'emotional highs' plunges into the depths of human feeling, evoking moments of intense joy or fulfillment. Meanwhile, 'subtropical highs' and 'topographic highs' ground us in the physical world, describing climatic phenomena and landforms that shape our environment. The phrase 'time highs' hints at moments unparalleled in history or personal experience. Each adjective, from 'new' to 'time,' unveils unique hues of experience and perception, inviting exploration into how these descriptors delineate the contours of 'highs.' Discover the complete list of adjectives that illuminate the multifaceted character of 'highs' below.
newThe stock market reaches new highs every day.
emotionalThe rollercoaster's emotional highs left me feeling exhilarated and a bit dizzy.
subtropicalThe subtropical highs are high-pressure systems that form over the oceans near the tropics.
topographicThe topographic highs of the region provide stunning views of the surrounding landscape.
structuralOil is trapped in underground structural highs by impermeable rock layers.
extremeThe roller coaster's extreme highs and lows made my stomach turn.
historicInflation skyrocketed to historic highs unseen for decades.
higherThe stock market has been experiencing higher highs recently.
previousThe company's shares climbed to previous highs
daytimeDaytime highs reached 97 degrees.
localStudents can experience local highs and lows in motivation throughout their academic careers.
naturalExercising and spending time in nature are great ways to achieve natural highs
lowerThe chart showed lower highs and lower lows, indicating a downtrend.
dailyThe weather forecast predicts daily highs in the mid-70s.
magneticProspecting methods included ground magnetic surveys which determined the magnetic highs
seniorThe two senior highs were very good students.
historicalInterest rates have reached historical highs
kneeShe pulled on her red knee highs and stepped into her boots.
seasonalThe seasonal highs are expected to be in the mid-80s.
manicShe experienced intense highs and lows, transitioning between manic highs and deep depressions.
averageThe area receives an average of 2,500 hours of sunshine per year, with average highs in the 70s and average lows in the 50s.
unprecedentedThe stock market has reached unprecedented highs in recent months.
recentThe stock market has hit recent highs driven by strong corporate earnings.
highestThe roller coaster took us to the highest highs
spiritualI felt a sense of deep peace and connection during my spiritual highs
relativeThe company has forecasted relative highs in revenues this fiscal year.
intenseThe intense highs of the rollercoaster left me breathless.
oceanicBarometric pressure in oceanic highs is higher than in the surrounding areas.
bathymetricSatellites have found bathymetric highs ranging from hundreds of meters to just tens of meters.
successiveThe successive highs and lows of life's journey can be daunting, but they shape us into who we are.
postwar"Postwar highs" is a term used to describe the period of economic prosperity in the United States following World War II.
incredibleThe party had incredible highs and lows.
yearThe stock market reached year highs last week.
continentalThe continental highs are areas of high atmospheric pressure that form over continents during the summer.
weekThe stock reached week highs of $100.
euphoricShe experienced euphoric highs that made her feel invincible.
minorThe minor highs of his day were the cups of coffee he stole from his work's kitchen.
coldThe runner was unfazed by the cold highs
permanentBeing in her company always gives me permanent highs
tropicalThe heat of the tropical highs was terrible.
semipermanentMy semipermanent highs were a problem in my early twenties.
annualThe average annual highs for this city are in the low 80s.
wartimeThe wartime highs intensified the situation between the two countries.
regionalThe stock market experienced regional highs in several sectors this past quarter.
dramaticThe play had dramatic highs and intense lows, keeping the audience on the edge of their seats.
priorI'm starting to see some strength in the market again with prior highs being broken.
monthlyThe monthly highs have been in the mid-80s.
adjacentThe adjacent highs in the atmosphere are causing the jet stream to split.
polarPolar highs are found in the Arctic and Antarctic regions.
warmThe warm highs will be pleasant.
inducedThe participants didn't know they were receiving induced highs
temporaryThe temporary highs of the initial success soon faded.
artificialThe artificial highs of the party were short-lived.
cyclicalThe company's earnings report showed cyclical highs and lows.
recordThe city experienced record highs this summer.
isolatedThe isolated highs are expected to continue throughout the week.
tremendousThe conference brought tremendous highs and lows.
geoidIn the illustration, geoid highs are indicated with plus (+) signs.
occasionalAmidst the usual lows, there were occasional highs to remind us of brighter days.
fewerThe company has experienced fewer highs in recent years.
intrabasinalStructural closures closely mimic intrabasinal highs
prominentThe towering peaks stood out against the horizon, their prominent highs piercing the clouds.
ecstaticThe Olympic gymnast experienced ecstatic highs as she nailed her final dismount.
consecutiveJohn experienced consecutive highs from the drug use.

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