Adjectives for Highway

Adjectives For Highway

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing highway, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe a highway can subtly alter the image conveyed in a sentence, evoking a broader spectrum of emotion and context. A main highway suggests a vital artery of transport, bustling with activity. Describing it as public emphasizes its accessibility and communal use. A great highway might conjure images of grandeur or historic significance, whereas a new highway hints at modern infrastructure and development. Conversely, an old highway may evoke a sense of nostalgia or dilapidation. Each adjective paints a unique picture, rich with nuance and specificity. Dive deeper into how these descriptive choices sculpt our understanding and perception of highways with the full list of adjectives below.
mainThe main highway was closed due to construction.
publicShe was walking down the public highway when she saw the accident.
greatThe cars sped along the great highway towards the unknown.
newThe new highway reduced travel time significantly.
laneThe lane highway was closed due to an accident.
oldThe old highway was bumpy and winding.
broadThey drove along the broad highway for hours.
interstateWe drove down the interstate highway for hours
pavedThe sun beat down on the asphalt of the paved highway as we drove through the desert.
majorThey drove for hours on the major highway before reaching their destination.
nationalThe national highway was closed due to construction.
busyCars sped down the busy highway
coastalAmelia drove her new convertible along the coastal highway
modernThe modern highway stretched out ahead, a ribbon of asphalt leading to distant lands.
openThe open highway stretched out before us, a ribbon of asphalt leading to adventure.
commonThe interstate is a common highway that sees a lot of traffic.
offThe truck drove off highway towards the remote campsite.
naturalThe river acted as a natural highway for the ancient people.
dustyThe car traveled along the dusty highway
concreteThe concrete highway stretched into the distance, a ribbon of gray cutting through the green landscape.
ancientThe ancient highway wound its way through dense forests.
wideWe drove along the wide highway for hours.
straightThe car sped down the straight highway
narrowThe narrow highway wound through the rugged mountains.
westThe west highway was closed due to a landslide.
scenicThe scenic highway offered breathtaking views of the mountains and valleys.
militaryThe military highway was closed due to construction.
smoothThe smooth highway stretched endlessly before us.
federalThe federal highway was closed due to construction.
commercialWe drove for several hours on the commercial highway
internationalThe international highway connected the two countries.
elevatedThe elevated highway provided a smooth and efficient passage over the bustling city below.
principalThe principal highway leading to the city is often congested during rush hour.
emptyThe empty highway stretched out before us, inviting us to explore its endless possibilities.
royalSuch a highway had been the royal highway in Persian times.
mileThe mile highway has a long history of accidents.
ruralThe rural highway was a long and winding road.
famousThe famous highway was a popular destination for tourists.
darkShe was driving along the dark highway when she saw a figure in the distance.
arterialThe arterial highway which serves as a major transportation route, facilitates the movement of goods and people throughout the region.
nearbyThe nearby highway made it easy to get to the city.
desertedThe deserted highway stretched out before them, a lonely ribbon of asphalt.
nearestThe nearest highway is about 10 miles away.
electronicThe electronic highway is a vast network of computers and communication devices.
romanThe Roman highway connected the cities of the Roman Empire.
chiefThe chief highway patrolman stopped the vehicle for speeding.
lonelyThe lonely highway stretched out before me, a testament to the passage of time and the isolation of the human soul.
crowdedThe crowded highway was a nightmare during rush hour.
excellentThe excellent highway made for a smooth and efficient drive.
accessTo gain access highway there was a toll booth to pay.
improvedThe improved highway reduced travel time by 20 minutes.
grandThe grand highway stretched out before us, promising adventure and freedom.
traveledBrenda had traveled highway 101 many times.
imperialThe imperial highway stretched across the vast empire, connecting its distant corners.
historicThe historic highway Route 66, is one of America's most iconic roads.
distantThe distant highway stretched out before us, a ribbon of asphalt leading to unknown adventures.
panThe pan highway runs through the center of the city.
alaskanThe Alaskan highway stretches over 1,400 miles from Dawson Creek, British Columbia to Delta Junction, Alaska.
provincialThe truck sped down the provincial highway raising clouds of dust in its wake.
magnificentThe magnificent highway stretched out before me, a ribbon of asphalt leading to distant horizons.
weatherThe weather highway is clear and the traffic is moving smoothly.
splendidThe splendid highway stretched out before us, a ribbon of asphalt leading to adventure.
strategicThe strategic highway serves as a vital artery for the nation's economy and defense.
silentThe silent highway stretched out before me, a ribbon of asphalt cutting through the desolate landscape.
railThe rail highway is a convenient way to travel.
multilaneThe multilane highway was congested with traffic during rush hour.

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