Adjectives for Highways

Adjectives For Highways

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing highways, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Exploring the myriad of adjectives paired with 'highways' unveils a fascinating linguistic journey. Descriptors such as 'public,' 'main,' 'major,' 'interstate,' and 'new' not only highlight the functional roles or statuses of these thoroughfares but also hint at their significance within infrastructural and societal frameworks. A 'public highway' is accessible to all, fostering connectivity and communal engagement. The 'main highway' or 'major highway' signifies importance and heavy usage, often being critical for efficient travel. 'Interstate highways' underscore a broader connectivity, linking states and facilitating long-distance travel, while 'new highways' reflect growth, development, and the promise of smoother journeys ahead. Each adjective paints a unique picture of the highway it describes, enriching our understanding of these vital pathways. Dive deeper into the complexities of these descriptions with our full list of adjectives.
publicTrucks are not allowed to drive on public highways
mainThe main highways of the state are crowded with traffic during rush hour.
majorThe city's major highways are often congested during rush hour.
interstateThe interstate highways criss-cross the country, providing easy access to major cities and towns.
newThe government is planning to build new highways to connect the major cities.
greatI'm cruising down the great highways of life.
nationalThe national highways of India are well-maintained and connect major cities and towns.
pavedThe paved highways stretched into the distance, disappearing over the horizon.
laneThe lane highways were congested with traffic.
modernModern highways have allowed for faster travel and more efficient transportation.
ruralThe rural highways were mostly empty except for a few pickup trucks and the occasional car.
importantNumerous important highways run through the state.
improvedThe improved highways have made travel much easier and faster.
federalThe federal highways connect major cities and facilitate transportation across the nation.
naturalRivers are natural highways that provide transportation and trade routes.
principalThe state began its improvements on the principal highways
broadThe broad highways stretched out before us, inviting us to explore.
arterialOxygen travels to the organs and extremities of the body by arterial highways
urbanThe traffic on the urban highways is always heavy in the morning.
betterImproved infrastructure, including better highways is essential for economic development.
concreteThe concrete highways stretched out before me like an endless ribbon.
busyCars rushed by on the busy highways during rush hour.
primaryThe primary highways in the state need to be repaved.
commercialCommercial highways connect major cities and regions, facilitating the transportation of goods and people.
accessThe access highways with no less than four lanes in each direction, were located on each side of the river.
excellentThe excellent highways made driving a breeze.
romanLegions marched along the vast network of Roman highways
ancientThe ancient highways were once bustling with trade and commerce.
secondarySecondary highways often connect smaller towns and rural areas to major highways.
scenicThe scenic highways of New Zealand are a popular tourist attraction.
openThe open highways stretched out before us, inviting us to explore the unknown.
crowdedThe crowded highways made it difficult to get to work on time.
dustyThey drove for miles along dusty highways the sun beating down on their weary faces.
provincialThe provincial highways were closed due to snow.
historicThe historic highways were once the main routes for travel.
multilaneThe 6-mile-long multilane highways connect major parts of the estate together.
wideMassive traffic jams are common during rush hours on wide highways
chiefThe chief highways from the United States enter the province at Niagara Falls, Brockville, Kingston, Ottawa, Prescott, and Cornwall.
electronicThe rapid development of electronic highways has revolutionized the way we communicate.
speedThe speed highways allow for quick travel between major cities.
smoothThe car glided effortlessly along the smooth highways
congestedTraffic crawled along the congested highways during rush hour.
elevatedThe elevated highways winding through the city skyline offered a breathtaking aerial view.
limitedThe area has limited highways connecting it to its surroundings.
superThe super highways were congested with traffic during rush hour.
southThe south highways were closed due to flooding.
imperialCaravans travelled along the imperial highways to trade goods.
splendidThe car sped along the splendid highways taking in the sights of the countryside.
weatherThe weather highways are clear.
straightThe car sped along the straight highways
magnificentWe drove for miles along the magnificent highways
narrowThe truck navigated the narrow highways with ease.
expressThe express highways in the city were congested during rush hour.
adequateThe community has adequate highways that connect it to the rest of the state.
royalThe ancient Persians built a network of royal highways connecting their vast empire.
strategicThe strategic highways connecting the major cities were crucial for the country's economic development.
suburbanThe suburban highways were bustling with traffic.
traveledI have traveled highways and byways to find you.
miserableThe car bumped along the miserable highways
coastalThe coastal highways provided breathtaking views of the ocean.
defectiveThe defective highways are causing accidents and damage to vehicles.
happyThe happy highways were full of joyful drivers.
parallelThe two parallel highways stretched out before them like silver ribbons.

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