Adjectives for Hill

Adjectives For Hill

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing hill, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Exploring the use of adjectives with the noun 'hill' reveals a landscape rich in visual and emotional texture. Whether describing a 'steep hill' that challenges climbers with its acute incline, a 'high hill' that offers breathtaking views from its summit, a 'small' or 'little hill' that adds quaint charm to a landscape, or a 'low hill' that gently rises from its surroundings, each adjective paints a unique picture. The length of a hill, described as 'long,' can also influence the perception of the journey it promises. These modifiers do more than delineate physical characteristics; they evoke feelings, challenge physical limits, and accent landscapes with their descriptive power. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives used with 'hill' and see how they can transform your understanding of this versatile noun.
steepThe arduous hiker struggled up the steep hill with each step becoming more labored.
highThe hiker climbed the high hill with ease.
smallThe small hill was a challenge for the hikers.
littleThe little hill was covered in wildflowers.
lowWe climbed the low hill to get a better view.
longThe steep, long hill proved to be challenging for the exhausted hikers.
antThe small ant hill was bustling with activity.
rockyThe path up the rocky hill was treacherous.
greenThe verdant green hill rolled gently down to the sparkling river below.
woodedThe trail wound its way up the wooded hill
nextThe car struggled to make it up the next hill
holyI went hiking up the holy hill last weekend.
distantThe distant hill stood as a sentinel, its silhouette merging with the fading sky.
nearbyThe nearby hill overlooked the entire city.
conicalThe conical hill rose sharply from the plain, its summit hidden in a blanket of clouds.
highestMy house is built on the highest hill in the city.
oppositeThe opposite hill was much steeper.
bigThere was a big hill just beyond the horizon.
theThe hill was steep and challenging to climb.
loftyThe towering hiker stood atop the lofty hill surveying the vast expanse below.
isolatedThe isolated hill stood tall and lonely, a beacon of solitude in the vast expanse.
neighbouringThe neighbouring hill provided a stunning view of the surrounding countryside.
grassyA gentle breeze blew across the grassy hill carrying the sweet scent of wildflowers.
bareThe bare hill caught my attention from afar.
sacredThe ancient ruins rest atop a sacred hill overlooking the city.
roundThere is a round hill behind my house.
easternThe eastern hill was a major landmark in the region.
neighboringA neighboring hill obscured our view of the city.
westernThe western hill overlooked the entire town.
gentleThe gentle hill led up to a beautiful meadow.
coveredHe stared at the covered hill in which the peak was hard to see through the fog.
beautifulThe sun cast an ethereal glow on the beautiful hill
mcgrawI bought my McGraw hill textbook from the bookstore.
roundedWe drove up the winding road to the summit of the rounded hill
capitolineThe Capitoline hill is one of the seven hills of Rome.
slightThe path up the slight hill was easier than expected.
barrenThe barren hill stood desolate, devoid of any sign of life.
shapedThe landscape of the area is dominated by a large, round-shaped hill.
strawberryThe view from Strawberry hill is breathtaking.
adjacentSheep grazed on the adjacent hill
artificialThe artificial hill was a popular spot for sledding in the winter.
nearestThe nearest hill overlooking the city is a popular hiking destination.
famousI climbed up the famous hill with ease.
prominentThe prominent hill overlooked the town below.
sandyThe sandy hill was difficult to climb.
footHe often climbed the foot hill near his house.
dungI would rather live on a dung hill than in this house.
lonelyThe lonely hill stood tall and desolate, a silent sentinel overlooking the vast landscape.
hugeI struggled to hike up the huge hill
precipitousThe car climbed up the precipitous hill its tires screaming in protest.
tallThe tall hill overlooked the town below.
ruggedThe rugged hill towered over the surrounding landscape.
sideThe old farm house was perilously situated on a steep side hill
cladThe clad hill was a beautiful sight to behold.
sandThe hikers couldn't see the path because of the sand hill
farFrom the far hill I could see the whole town.
windyThe windy hill overlooked the vast valley.
solitaryThe solitary hill stood tall and majestic, overlooking the sprawling countryside below.
harrowThe winding path led up Harrow hill a steep and arduous climb.
adjoiningThe path traverses two adjoining hills.
grawI read a Graw hill book about history.
edgeThe Battle of Edge hill was the first major battle of the English Civil War.
bleakThe bleak hill loomed before them, a solitary sentinel in the desolate landscape.
sunnyThe sunny hill was dotted with wildflowers.
craggyThe craggy hill loomed over the town like a protective giant.

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