Adjectives for Hint

Adjectives For Hint

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing hint, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

In language, the power of a 'hint' can be significantly nuanced by the adjectives that precede it, shaping the way information is perceived and acted upon. A 'first hint' may ignite curiosity or concern, leading one toward discovery or caution. The 'slightest hint' or 'least hint' emphasizes subtlety and a need for keen observation, suggesting that even minor signs should not be underestimated. Using 'little' or 'only' before 'hint' can denote limitation, yet simultaneously convey that even minimal cues are of value. Meanwhile, a 'broad hint' dispels any notion of subtlety, indicating something almost completely revealed yet not explicitly stated. These adjectives unlock various shades of meaning, guiding interpretation and response to the hints we encounter. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives that can color your understanding of 'hint'.
firstI was drowsy at first hint of dawn.
slightestHis odor lingered in the hallway, giving her the slightest hint that he had been there.
leastThe least hint of suspicion hung in the air.
littleThe little hint helped her find the hidden object.
onlyThe only hint he gave was a cryptic smile.
broadShe gave me a broad hint that she was not interested.
strongThe evidence suggested a strong hint of foul play.
faintestThe faintest hint of a smile played upon her lips.
merestThe merest hint of a smile crossed her face.
slightThe slight hint of lavender in the air was a welcome contrast to the heavy scent of ozone.
helpfulA helpful hint is to always check the expiration date on food before consuming it.
mereA mere hint of scandal was enough to ruin his reputation.
faintThe faint hint of lavender perfume lingered in the air.
gentleThe gentle hint made her realize her mistake.
subtleHer subtle hint that she was hungry was the rustling of a candy bar wrapper.
usefulA useful hint is to always read the instructions carefully before beginning a task.
barestAs sunlight peeked through the barest hint of a crack in the curtains, I realized it was time to rise.
singleHe dropped a single hint about his plans.
furtherI couldn't find any further hint
valuableThat valuable hint helped me from making many mistakes.
vagueHe gave a vague hint about his intentions.
significantThe witness provided a significant hint that helped solve the case.
friendlyShe knows my job better than me, and offered a friendly hint
delicateShe dropped a delicate hint that she'd like to go home.
occasionalThe music had an occasional hint of bluegrass.
possibleThe research group is seeking possible hint to the problem.
practicalA practical hint for making your presentation more engaging is to use visual aids.
plainHer plain hint was ignored.
remotestThe remotest hint of a smile played on her lips.
briefThe brief hint she gave me led me to the right answer.
darkThe grim painter's latest work bore a dark hint of unspeakable secrets.
bareI could see only a bare hint of the sun through the dense fog.
veiledShe dropped a veiled hint that she would be quitting soon.
tinyShe added a tiny hint of salt to the dish.
tiniestThe tiniest hint of a smile played on his lips.
tantalizingThe tantalizing hint of a hidden treasure sparked their curiosity.
earliestThe earliest hint of a smile appeared on his face.
vaguestI can see the vaguest hint of a smile on her face.
unmistakableHer unmistakable hint was noticed by all.
quietThe quiet hint was all she needed to understand.
slyThe sly hint in her voice made me wonder what she was really thinking.
timelyShe gave him a timely hint that he should leave now.
indirectShe dropped an indirect hint about the importance of punctuality.
ominousThe ominous hint sent shivers down their spines, casting a pall over the evening's festivities.
obscureThe obscure hint left by the mysterious benefactor concealed a secret path to untold riches.
obliqueShe gave an oblique hint to the police about the criminal's location.
casualThe host's casual hint made me feel a bit uneasy.
pregnantShe dropped a pregnant hint about her marriage plans.
remoteThe remote hint was only visible to those who knew where to look.
modestTina showed only a modest hint of jealousy when she heard the news.
discreetShe gave him a discreet hint to leave.
intelligibleShe gave him an intelligible hint he should leave.
mildThe mild hint caused me to pause and reconsider my approach.
leaftThe leaft hint of a smile played about his lips.

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