Adjectives for Hints

Adjectives For Hints

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing hints, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Understanding the nuances of using specific adjectives with the noun 'hints' can significantly alter the perception of guidance provided. Whether a 'few' hints stir the imagination, 'helpful' hints facilitate learning, 'many' hints overwhelm or enlighten, 'useful' hints empower action, 'practical' hints enhance applicability, or 'valuable' hints enrich understanding, each adjective colors the noun with a unique shade of meaning. These modifiers not only quantify but also qualify the type of hints, reflecting on their utility, abundance, and relevance. Delving into the full list of adjectives associated with 'hints' reveals the intricate interplay of language in shaping thought and action.
fewThere were few hints about the outcome of the race.
helpfulHere are some helpful hints
manyThe professor gave many hints during the lecture.
usefulDon't forget to take note of the useful hints we give you.
practicalThe book included practical hints for everyday living.
valuableThe knowledgeable professor provided valuable hints to his students, enabling them to excel in their academic endeavors.
darkThe shadows whispered dark hints casting an eerie pall over the night.
severalShe left several hints about her next move.
onlyOnly hints were given for the puzzle.
generalI looked everywhere for general hints but couldn't find any.
broadShe gave me some broad hints about her plans for the weekend.
vagueHer vague hints left him uncertain about her true intentions.
subtleThe painting contained subtle hints of the artist's love for nature.
strongThe enigmatic aroma permeated the air, carrying strong hints of lavender and bergamot.
occasionalThe book contained occasional hints of its author's past struggles.
furtherI couldn't find any further hints in the document.
mysteriousThe old attic held a world of forgotten secrets, whispering mysterious hints through the dust and shadows.
briefThe professor gave brief hints for the exam.
mereThe movie offered mere hints at the dark future to come.
scatteredEmily discovered scattered hints of hidden treasure throughout her grandfather's rambling old house.
slightSubtle nuances in her voice betrayed slight hints of her true feelings.
numerousThe article contained numerous hints about the suspect's whereabouts.
enoughThe old abandoned house stood silently, its crumbling facade revealing enough hints of a forgotten past.
veiledShe dropped veiled hints about her plans to accept the new position.
clearHe gave me clear hints about his plans.
interestingHe gave me some interesting hints about the location of the hidden treasure.
faintHe could detect faint hints of an accent beneath his standard diction.
handySharpen your knowledge with handy hints
someLeaving her some hints he departed the cafe.
excellentToday's lesson provided us with excellent hints for improving our communication skills.
aboveThe above hints are not useful for me.
frequentThe professor's frequent hints made it easier for us to pass the exam.
obliqueHer oblique hints hinted at something being amiss.
slyThe cashier's sly hints suggested she knew we had been shoplifting.
imperfectThe imperfect hints pointed the way to the hidden treasure.
friendlyPlease provide friendly hints to help complete the task.
therapeuticHe gave me some therapeutic hints to help me cope with my anxiety.
casualShe dropped casual hints that she wasn't interested in continuing the relationship.
evenThe party was so lively that it even hints at some special event.
intriguingThe antique map held intriguing hints about a long-lost treasure.
secretThe map held secret hints to the treasure's location.
miscellaneousHere are miscellaneous hints for baking success.
slightestHe detected the slightest hints of a smile on her face.
invaluableThe experienced traveler gave us invaluable hints for our upcoming trip.
pregnantShe dropped pregnant hints throughout the conversation.
verbalHe gave verbal hints about the location of the treasure.
plainThe lecturer gave plain hints about the upcoming test.
preliminaryThe preliminary hints suggested the veracity of the rumors.
distantThe faint murmur of voices provided distant hints of civilization beyond the desolate landscape.
looseSarah gave loose hints about her surprise birthday party.
foregoingI have no prior experience with this type of work, but I am a quick learner and I am confident that I can quickly master the basics with the foregoing hints
unmistakableHis words held unmistakable hints of sarcasm.
sundryOther sundry hints may be gleaned from the text.
fragmentaryThe novel offered fragmentary hints of a sinister plot.
shrewdShe gave him shrewd hints on how to improve his performance.

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