Adjectives for Hiring

Adjectives For Hiring

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing hiring, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Using adjectives with the noun 'hiring' can drastically alter the perception and impact of a statement, reflecting a broad spectrum of practices and opinions in the professional world. 'Preferential hiring' might indicate a bias or a positive discrimination policy, while 'new hiring' signals expansion and growth. The term 'negligent hiring' brings attention to the legal repercussions of inadequate recruitment processes. Similarly, 'discriminatory hiring' highlights unfair practices that may violate ethical standards and laws. Using 'own' and 'actual' can personalize or specify the type of hiring, respectively, adding depth to the discussion. Each adjective weaves a unique narrative around hiring practices, coloring them with nuances of intention and consequence. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives associated with 'hiring' and the rich contexts they bring.
preferentialThe company has a policy of preferential hiring for veterans.
newThe company recently announced a new hiring initiative.
negligentThe company was sued for negligent hiring after the new employee injured a customer.
ownWe are responsible for our own hiring decisions.
actualThe company's actual hiring practices may differ from its stated policies.
initialShe was very nervous at her initial hiring interview.
yearlyThe company's yearly hiring process is expected to begin in the coming weeks.
directThe company has adopted a direct hiring process to attract new talent.
worthThey're worth hiring for their in-depth knowledge of the industry.
localThey are committed to local hiring and training.
moreThe company is expanding rapidly and will be more hiring in the coming months.
selectiveThe company implemented selective hiring to ensure the most qualified candidates were hired.
basedThe HR department has made many based hiring decisions this year.
compulsoryCompulsory hiring was the policy of giving preference to some castes while hiring for government jobs.
additionalThe company announced additional hiring in order to meet the growing demand.
federalI am very interested in federal hiring
temporaryThe company is looking for temporary hiring to meet the increased demand.
affirmativeThe company had a policy of affirmative hiring for underrepresented groups.
annualThe company's annual hiring process will begin next month.
futureWe are looking for a new employee for future hiring
academicMany universities are currently ramping up academic hiring in advance of the fall semester.
outsideThe company has decided to suspend outside hiring for the time being.
lateralThe company has been engaging in lateral hiring to fill key positions.
fairFair hiring practices are essential for creating workplaces free of bias.
privateThe private hiring of security guards has increased due to the recent spate of break-ins.
externalExternal hiring can bring fresh perspectives and new ideas to a company.
nondiscriminatoryThe company is committed to nondiscriminatory hiring practices.
labourWe are using labour hiring to fill temporary positions.
recentThe recent hiring process was a success.
laborThe labor hiring process was complex and time-consuming.
effectiveEffective hiring involves finding top talent, screening candidates, and assessing a candidate's fit for a role and for the organization.
mereThe mere hiring of a new employee will not solve all of the company's problems.
subsequentSubsequent hiring was made after an extensive interview process.
immediateWe are looking for experienced professionals for immediate hiring
successfulSuccessful hiring requires a comprehensive recruitment and selection process.
levelThe company's level hiring process ensures that candidates are hired based on their skills and experience, rather than their seniority.
carefulHiring decisions must be made with careful hiring
extensiveThe company's extensive hiring process included multiple interviews and background checks.
seasonalThe store will conduct seasonal hiring for the holiday rush.
centralizedCentralized hiring allows companies to streamline their recruitment process and improve the efficiency of their hiring practices.
termThe company is using term hiring to fill temporary positions.
casualThe company's casual hiring policy allows for short-term and temporary staffing needs to be met.
frequentThe company's frequent hiring has led to a rapid expansion of the workforce.
competitiveThe competitive hiring process was challenging but rewarding.
informalThe company's informal hiring process made it difficult to track job applications.
massiveThe company announced a massive hiring spree to fill hundreds of new positions.
timeThe company is actively time hiring experienced software engineers.
corporateThe company's corporate hiring policy emphasizes diversity and inclusion initiatives.
weeklyThe weekly hiring trends show a steady increase in the number of new employees.
rapidThe company announced rapid hiring to meet the urgent demands of the project.
civilThe company's civil hiring practices include a focus on diversity and inclusion.
permanentThey are considering permanent hiring for the new recruits.
unfairThe unfair hiring practices at the company created a hostile work environment.
equalThe company promotes equal hiring opportunities for all qualified candidates.
femaleThe company placed a high priority on female hiring
compensatoryThe company's compensatory hiring practices are designed to address imbalances in its workforce.
formalThe company had a formal hiring process.
excessiveExcessive hiring within the company has caused a shortage of resources.
customThe company offered custom hiring services to accommodate applicants with disabilities.
proportionalThe company implements proportional hiring to ensure a diverse workforce.
postPost hiring the company provided comprehensive training to ensure the new employees' success.
indefiniteThe company has implemented an indefinite hiring policy, allowing employees to work for as long as they wish.
netThe company's net hiring rate increased by 10% last quarter.
widespreadThe company is expected to announce widespread hiring in the coming weeks.
executiveWe are looking for a recruiter with at least 5 years of experience in executive hiring
flexibleThis company offers flexible hiring practices for new employees.
scaleTo address this challenge, companies are looking to scale hiring
exclusiveOne of the ways this agency assists companies is through exclusive hiring

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