Adjectives for Hits

Adjectives For Hits

Discover the most fitting adjectives for 'hits' including direct, many, greatest, and several. Our curated list highlights the right descriptors to bring your sentences to life, showcasing each through example sentences. Perfect for writers and marketers aiming to enhance their content. Dive into our selection to find the perfect adjectives for 'hits'.

directThe artillery barrage resulted in several direct hits on the enemy fortifications.
manyThe concert was a huge success, and the band got many hits on their songs.
greatestThe new music album released last Tuesday consists of the band's greatest hits
severalThe playlist contains several hits from the 1980s.
moreThe batter connected with the pitch, resulting in more hits for the team.
fewThe new song only got a few hits in the first hour.
bigThe band's new album is full of big hits
biggestThe band's biggest hits were played at the concert.
topMy top hits include pop, rock, and country music.
latestThe latest hits on the radio are really catchy.
popularHe played the popular hits all night long.
multipleThe new software includes multiple hits that increase its usability.
majorThe album includes several major hits
luckyThe lottery is a game of lucky hits
currentThe DJ played the latest current hits all night long.
mostThis song is the one with the most hits on the album.
baseThe team scored three runs on five base hits
numerousThe band's hit single received numerous hits on the radio.
hardThe hard hits kept coming, and the fighter was taking a beating.
falseThe search results included several false hits so we had to review them manually.
consecutiveThe batter recorded three consecutive hits in the game.
recentThe band's recent hits have been very successful.
happyThe happy hits of the song made the audience dance all night long.
fewerThere are fewer hits per search result.
hugeThe radio show played huge hits throughout the decade.
quickWe'll be back after these quick hits
palpableThe palpable hits of the metal music made my heart race.
extraI ordered extra hits of fries.
musicalThe band released a string of musical hits that topped the charts for weeks.
minorSeveral minor hits were reported in the area.
successfulThe company has enjoyed many successful hits over the years.
solidThe batter hit solid hits and drove in two runners.
heavyThe band's heavy hits echoed throughout the stadium.
straightThe boxer landed a series of straight hits on his opponent.
nearThe near hits brought back some good memories.
correctThe computer program was able to make many correct hits
commercialThe band's latest album spawned several commercial hits
potentialThe band had the potential hits to make it big.
successiveThe boxer landed successive hits on his opponent's face.
doubleTheir piece of work gained notoriety for its double hits
occasionalThe band's performance was marred by occasional hits in the wrong notes.
relevantThere were 20 relevant hits on the website.
classicThe radio station played a variety of classic hits throughout the day.
randomI spend a lot of time watching random hits on YouTube.
contemporaryThe radio station plays a variety of contemporary hits
sharpThe sharp hits of the knife echoed through the kitchen.
instantThese songs became instant hits after their release.
cleanThe batter hit three clean hits in a row.
cleverThe comedian's clever hits sent shockwaves through the audience.
safeThe batter got two singles and a double, all safe hits
fiveThe batter had five hits in the game.
lethalA sniper took four lethal hits in under a minute.
slyThe fox's sly hits caught the unsuspecting rabbit.
enoughHe had enough hits to make it to the next level.
smashThe band released a string of smash hits in the 1980s.

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