Adjectives for Hobbies

Adjectives For Hobbies

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing hobbies, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe hobbies can significantly alter the nuance of a sentence, giving more depth to our interests. For instance, referring to other hobbies suggests a variety of interests beyond the ones already mentioned, while many hobbies implies a wide range of activities. Someone's favorite hobbies reveal personal preferences and passions. Meanwhile, exploring new hobbies indicates a journey of discovery and learning. When we talk about our own hobbies, it brings a sense of individuality and personal attachment. Conversely, mentioning only a few hobbies might highlight selectiveness or focused interests. Dive into the full spectrum of adjectives paired with hobbies to capture the essence of your pursuits.
otherI enjoy reading and painting, among other hobbies
manyAmy has many hobbies such as reading, writing, and painting.
favoriteMy favorite hobbies are reading, writing, and hiking.
newI've been wanting to try some new hobbies lately.
ownI like to spend time pursuing my own hobbies
fewShe has few hobbies
variousJohn enjoys various hobbies such as painting, hiking, and reading.
personalPlaying piano is one of my personal hobbies
specialFishing and gardening are two of my special hobbies
severalI enjoy several hobbies such as reading, writing, and playing the guitar.
interestingShe spent much of her time engaged in interesting hobbies like painting, knitting, and gardening.
expensiveGardening and sailing are both expensive hobbies that require a lot of time and money.
creativeI spend my free time engaging in creative hobbies such as painting, writing, and photography.
favouritePlaying video games is one of my favourite hobbies
particularGardening is one of Susan's particular hobbies
popularMany popular hobbies involve spending time with friends and family.
individualEveryone has their own unique interests and individual hobbies
unusualJohn has some unusual hobbies such as collecting bottle caps and painting rocks.
mainI enjoy painting, reading, and playing video games as my main hobbies
chiefGolfing and tennis are his chief hobbies
scientificMy brother's scientific hobbies include collecting rocks and studying astronomy.
activeFishing, hiking, and biking are all active hobbies that I enjoy.
privateShe enjoys writing poetry as one of her private hobbies
intellectualMy intellectual hobbies include reading, playing chess, and learning new languages.
numerousHe indulges himself in numerous hobbies to pass the time.
similarThey get along well because they have similar hobbies
artisticMy artistic hobbies include painting and drawing.
principalSinging, dancing, and playing the guitar are his principal hobbies
usualMy usual hobbies include reading, painting, and playing the guitar.
mechanicalMy father enjoys mechanical hobbies like rebuilding old cars.
constructiveJohn's constructive hobbies include playing chess and building scale models of airplanes.
outsideI enjoy many outside hobbies such as hiking and biking.
timeReading is one of my favourite time hobbies
solitaryThere's nothing wrong with enjoying solitary hobbies but it's important to diversify your activities so that you don't become isolated.
lifelongShe pursued her lifelong hobbies of painting and writing throughout her retirement.
formerI used to collect stamps, but it's one of my former hobbies now.
enjoyableShe pursued many enjoyable hobbies like knitting and painting.
relatedMy related hobbies are collecting stamps and coins.
usefulGardening and cooking are useful hobbies that can provide sustenance.
strangeHe had the strange hobbies of playing with ants and collecting bottle caps.
profitableEmbroidery and baking are profitable hobbies for those with a creative flair.
recreationalShe loved participating in recreational hobbies in her free time.
peculiarThe elderly man's peculiar hobbies included collecting bottle caps and talking to his pet hamster.
fascinatingShe engaged in fascinating hobbies including painting, sculpting, and writing.
respectiveThey decided to pursue their respective hobbies during their free time.
sedentaryI spend too much time on sedentary hobbies like reading and watching TV.
harmlessI like to read and collect stamps as harmless hobbies
indoorSome people enjoy painting, knitting, or doing other indoor hobbies
worthwhileKnitting and painting are both worthwhile hobbies
quietMy quiet hobbies include reading, writing, and painting.
wholesomeKnitting and cross-stitching are wholesome hobbies that can help you relax and unwind.
fewerHe has fewer hobbies than his friend.
petI enjoy knitting and painting as pet hobbies
constructionalHe enjoys constructional hobbies such as building model airplanes and assembling jigsaw puzzles.
yourselfYou should focus on yourself hobbies so you can concentrate on yourself too.
oddJanice loved to collect odd hobbies like tracing the exact amount of gum on the street with chalk.
calledMy sister has many called hobbies such as reading, writing, and painting.
innumerableMargaret's innumerable hobbies prevented her from ever getting bored.
philanthropicHe enjoys philanthropic hobbies like volunteering at homeless shelters and animal rescues.
eccentricMy elderly neighbor has developed various eccentric hobbies in his retirement, including birdwatching and collecting bottle caps.
suitableSuitable hobbies can provide joy and relaxation, and also enhance health and well-being.
diverseI have various diverse hobbies including reading, painting, and playing the guitar.
excitingI have a lot of exciting hobbies but reading is my favorite.
consumingCollecting stamps and painting are her consuming hobbies

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