Adjectives for Hold

Adjectives For Hold

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing hold, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe a 'hold' can significantly influence the impression it conveys. A 'firm hold' suggests control and stability, ideal for situations requiring precision. 'Strong' and 'powerful' holds denote an unyielding grip, often used to reflect determination or authority. Conversely, a 'tight hold' might imply restriction or discomfort, reflecting a more negative aspect. 'Good' and 'future' holds, on the other hand, introduce a sense of optimism and potential, suggesting reliability and hope ahead. Each adjective intricately molds the context, offering a nuanced insight into the nature of the hold. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives and the varied shades of meaning they add to 'hold' below.
firmThe wrestler had a firm hold on his opponent's arm.
strongThe fortress was built on a hill, giving its inhabitants a strong hold against attackers.
tightShe held onto the rope with a tight hold
goodThe hairspray provided a good hold for the entire evening.
futureWhat the future holds is a mystery.
powerfulAn enduring covenant is based on a powerful hold
strongerDespite the rough seas, the ship's anchor had a stronger hold on the seabed.
tenuousThe old man's tenuous hold on life slipped away with each passing day.
deepHis resolve had a deep hold on him.
betterWe must take three times better hold of the people and of the values that make the people a people.
precariousThe climber clung to the cliff with a precarious hold
realThe real hold of the bicycle is not in the weight, but in the rider's ability to balance.
permanentDue to a permanent hold the package will not be delivered.
tenaciousThe team held on with a tenacious hold despite the relentless pressure from their opponents.
greaterShe had a greater hold on him than he ever realized.
secureKeep your belongings in a secure hold when not in use.
footThe climber established a foot hold on the slippery rock face.
lowerI've got some fishing gear in the lower hold
strangleThe wrestler had a strangle hold on his opponent.
britishThe British hold strong ties to their cultural heritage.
slightThe slight hold on his hand made her feel safe.
catchHe failed to catch hold of the falling vase.
forwardThe wrestler put his opponent in a forward hold
followingFollowing hold in the interface affects only the virtual interface.
freshThe smell of freshly cut grass had a fresh hold on the air.
darkThe dark hold of the ship was a maze of shadows and whispers.
feebleShe had a feeble hold on reality.
sufficientThe rope had sufficient hold to keep the boat steady.
handLet's do the hand hold and pull out the bacteria from the petri dish.
weakThe adhesive on the weak hold didn't seem to stick to the surface.
lessThe straw has less hold on my drink than I had on the last one.
exclusiveThe company has placed an exclusive hold on the intellectual property.
latterThe latter hold has been postponed until next month due to weather conditions.
emotionalThe old photographs held an emotional hold on her, transporting her back to happier times.
tremendousThe deafening roar of the crowd had a tremendous hold on the atmosphere.
extraordinaryHer unwavering belief in herself gave her an extraordinary hold on the hearts of her followers.
tighterThe warden ordered the guards to keep a tighter hold on the inmates.
longerYou will need to use a longer hold
lastingThe memory of that day holds a lasting hold on my mind.
solidThe climber had a solid hold on the rock face.
fragileThe delicate vase teetered in my fragile hold
slenderHe had a slender hold on reality.
temporaryThe bank put a temporary hold on the account due to suspicious activity.
laidThe policeman laid hold of the suspect and took him into custody.
firmestHer haunting memories had the firmest hold on her soul.
looseThe dog had a loose hold on the stick.
strangeThe strange hold on the situation had left her feeling uneasy.
emptyThe ship sailed with an empty hold

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