Adjectives for Holder

Adjectives For Holder

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing holder, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe a 'holder' can significantly alter the perception of its physical size, legitimacy, duration, or current status. A 'small holder' suggests compactness, possibly implying limited capacity or quaint charm. The term 'right holder' hints at lawful possession or entitlement, adding a layer of legal recognition. Describing someone as a 'long holder' might indicate enduring ownership or participation, emphasizing persistence or commitment. The phrase 'fide holder,' with 'fide' deriving from Latin for 'faith,' suggests authenticity or genuine ownership. Meanwhile, 'present holder' emphasizes the current custodian, and 'original holder' conveys the sense of being the first or initial owner. Each of these adjectives unveils a different facet of the noun, enriching our understanding and communication. Explore the full spectrum of adjectives linked with 'holder' to discover the nuances each brings.
smallHe was a small holder of some land outside the town.
rightI am not the creator or right holder of the work in question.
longThe long holder was used to support the heavy beam.
fideThe incumbent World Chess Champion and the winner of the Candidates Tournament are the two fide holders.
presentThe present holder of the record is a young athlete from the United States.
originalThe original holder of the rights to the film Titanic was Paramount Pictures.
specialI need to find the special holder for my phone.
plasticThe plastic holder was sturdy enough to hold all of my pens and pencils.
largestThe UAE is the largest holder of gold in the Arab world.
individualThe individual holder of the copyright can grant permission to use the work.
previousThe previous holder of the record was a man named John Smith.
currentThe current holder of the record is a young woman from California.
copyrightThe copyright holder is not specified.
subsequentThe subsequent holder of the mortgage foreclosed on the house.
formerAfter losing the match, the former holder of the title conceded the belt to the newcomer.
blankI need a blank holder to complete this task.
substrateThe substrate holder is designed to securely hold the substrate in place during processing.
brushThe brush holder was filled with various brushes, each serving a specific purpose.
registeredThe registered holder of the trademark is a company based in New York.
innocentThe bank honored the check and paid the innocent holder the full amount.
gasThe large gas holder was a prominent landmark on the skyline.
decreeThe decree holder can apply for the execution of the decree.
recordOlympic swimming record holder Tom Shields broke the world record.
penThe pen holder on my desk is made of wood.
crystalThe crystal holder was a powerful sorcerer.
woodenThe wooden holder kept the pencils neatly organized on the desk.
keyThe key holder unlocked the door and let us in.
powerThe power holder bestowed the award upon the deserving recipient.
suitableThe suitable holder for the trophy will be awarded to the winner.
needle"May I have the needle holder please?" the surgeon asked the surgical nurse.
landThe land holder was a wealthy man who owned a large estate.
legalThe legal holder of the copyright for the work may not be the owner.
ticketThe ticket holder was thrilled to win the grand prize.
actualThe actual holder of the copyright is the author.
lawfulThe lawful holder of the firearm was not present at the time of the incident.
spongeThe sponge holder is sitting on the counter.
ordinaryThe ordinary holder was grateful for the opportunity to receive such a valuable item.
postThe post holder is responsible for managing the day-to-day operations of the organization.
cigarThe aging actor gripped his cigar holder tightly, reminiscing about the golden age of Hollywood.
licenceThe licence holder is responsible for the safe operation of the vehicle.
shapedThe shaped holder kept the pencils upright.
adjustableThe adjustable holder can be used to mount various devices securely.
standardThe standard holder for the 100-meter dash is Usain Bolt.
soleThe sole holder of the copyright is the author.
jointI am one of the joint holders of the account, so I have the authority to access the funds.
typeThe type holder is a useful tool for organizing and storing documents.
priorThe prior holder of the check is responsible for endorsing it.
patentThe patent holder has exclusive rights to the invention.
leaseThe lease holder was responsible for the maintenance of the property.
emptyThe empty holder stood in the corner.
mereThe bank acted as a mere holder of the document.
temporaryThe temporary holder of the position will be announced next week.
cylindricalThe cylindrical holder securely contained the important documents.
rightfulThe rightful holder of the property will be reimbursed for the expenses incurred.
greenShe puts the book down and takes the green holder
kettleThe kettle holder protected her hand from the heat.
magneticThe magnetic holder kept the phone securely in place.
legitimateThe legitimate holder of the stock certificate can receive the dividends
dieThe die holder kept the dice in place.
stainlessThe engineer attached the wire to the stainless holder
deceasedThe deceased holder had passed away without leaving a will.
convenientThe convenient holder kept the items organized and easily accessible.
handHe needs a hand holder because of his age.
superiorThe superior holder will be able to showcase their trophy.
ceramicThe ceramic holder gently cradled the precious flower.
toolThe machinist retrieved the tool holder from his toolbox.

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