Adjectives for Holders

Adjectives For Holders

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing holders, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

The word 'holders' carries a nuanced spectrum when paired with adjectives, deeply affecting its contextual meaning. A 'small holder' might evoke images of minimalist living or constrained resources, whereas a 'large holder' suggests abundance and space. The distinction between 'copyright holder' and 'original holder' delves into legal territories, marking boundaries of intellectual property and originality. Moreover, the 'right holder' stands as a guardian of entitlements, contrasting with the more passive 'present holder,' who simply possesses. Each adjective unveils a unique facet, inviting readers to explore the precise calibration of language. Discover the full landscape of adjectives aligned with 'holders' for richer, more accurate expressions below.
smallSmall holders operate many small farms in the country.
largeLarge holders of municipal bonds saw their wealth soar in the past decade.
copyrightThe copyright holders have been notified.
originalThe tickets were still in the hands of the original holders
rightRight holders must be notified of any changes to their rights.
present The present holders of the record are Bill and Susan Gilbert from the United States.
individualThe voting rights of individual holders are protected by law.
foreignForeign holders increased their positions in April to 136.05K shares.
powerThe most powerful power holders are often the most invisible.
privatePrivate holders of the firm's shares have been cautioned against buying or selling them.
ticketThe ticket holders were ecstatic when their team won the championship.
freeThe free holders of the county met to discuss the new tax levy.
localSeveral local holders were detained during a police investigation.
largestThe largest holders of the stock are index funds and pension managers.
landThe land holders were proud of their vast estates.
formerThe former holders of the record include Usain Bolt, Carl Lewis and Bob Beamon.
currentThe current holders of the record are the United States.
degreeI interviewed many degree holders but most of them failed to convince me.
respectiveThe respective holders of shares and convertible debentures attended the general meeting.
subsequentThe subsequent holders of the title include the Earl of Derby and the Duke of Hamilton.
jointThe joint holders agreed to sell the property.
britishBritish holders of Russian bonds face potential losses.
policyThe insurance company sent out new policy forms to all policy holders
officeAll office holders must provide the requested documentation.
topThe top holders of the company's shares are its founders and executives.
traditionalThe traditional holders are being paid by the government.
bigBig holders of the stock voted in favor of the proposal.
actual"It will maintain interest rate policy until actual holders see sustained inflation."
federalThe federal holders must comply with associated terms of the license.
previousThe previous holders of the record were a team from California.
keyOnly key holders are allowed to access the secret room.
principalThe principal holders of the new company will be John and Mary.
smallerLarge holders of bank stocks appear to be selling, while smaller holders are holding on.
propertyThe property holders eventually won their case in court.
successiveThe successive holders of the title have been very influential.
pewThe pew holders in the church reserved their seats every Sunday.
seniorThe company plans to exchange the bond issue with senior holders
licenceLicence holders must present their licence to the server.
brushThe artist placed his paintbrushes neatly in the brush holders
institutionalInstitutional holders owned 20% of the outstanding shares.
potentialThe company is seeking potential holders to invest in their new project.
nativeThe native holders sold most of their land to settler families.
officialThe official holders of the company are required to file an annual return.
shareThe share holders of the company met to discuss the financial results.
innocentThe true owners of the stolen bonds were considered innocent holders
multipleThe company's shares are held by multiple holders
maleThe male holders of the ancient knowledge guarded their secrets closely.
assetThe new rule will be welcomed by asset holders who have been seeking higher returns.
postPost holders receive a stipend to cover expenses.
permanentThe permanent holders of the estate were the members of the Smith family.
plasticPlastic holders are a convenient way to store and organize small items.
woodenThe wooden holders can be used to display artwork or photographs.
greenThe green holders were placed on the table.
gasThe old gas holders were a landmark on the city skyline.
bondThe bond holders were not pleased with the company's performance.
penThere were many beautiful pen holders on my desk.
femaleThree female holders of the record were students at the University of Minnesota.
stockThe stock holders voted to approve the merger.
seatThe seat holders were eager to see the show.
tenureThe universities gave tenure holders a pay raise.

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