Adjectives for Holding

Adjectives For Holding

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing holding, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe holding can significantly impact the tone and clarity of your sentence. A small holding may conjure images of a quaint, manageable piece of land or asset, while a large holding suggests substantial ownership, possibly bringing to mind vast expanses or significant shares. Discussing a hand holding introduces a personal, intimate touch, often found in narratives or detailed descriptions. On the other hand, agricultural and economic holdings point to more specialized domains, indicating the context and scale of the holdings involved. These nuances highlight the importance of choosing the right adjective to convey the exact nature of the holding. For a full exploration of how adjectives can color your descriptions of holdings, see our comprehensive list below.
smallThe small holding was just enough to support his family.
averageThe average holding period of stocks is about 6 months.
largeHe inherited a large holding of land from his father.
agriculturalThe agricultural holding is located in the north of the country.
economicThe company implemented an economic holding strategy to optimize its inventory management.
individualThe individual holding the record for the most home runs is Barry Bonds.
mereThe mere holding of the property did not constitute development.
operationalAt the end of the month, the company had operational holding of 50,000 units.
largestThe largest holding covers an area of 340 acres.
worthThe experience was worth holding onto.
totalThe company's total holding of convertible bonds is 10 million dollars.
privateThe company is a private holding with a focus on long-term investments.
landThe land holding of the company is spread over 500 acres.
originalThe plot of land was held by the original holding company for over a decade.
actualThis is an actual holding of the court.
entireThe entire holding was sold to a private investor.
singleThe amount of $100,000 was transferred to the defendant's single holding account.
substantialThe company's substantial holding in real estate has been a major driver of its growth.
communalThe communal holding of property was a central part of their religious beliefs.
similarThe two companies reached a similar holding on the issue.
speculativeThe company's speculative holding in the tech startup has proven to be a valuable investment.
adverseThe adverse holding of the property for more than 10 years has given rise to a prescriptive easement.
largerThe village's lake continues to require a larger holding pond for fishing.
contraryThe court's contrary holding was based on a misinterpretation of the statute.
jointThe couple decided to purchase the house as a joint holding
acreThe farmer had a large acre holding
minimumThe minimum holding period for this investment account is five years.
temporaryThe temporary holding of the prisoners was authorized for only five days.
maximumThe maximum holding capacity of the reservoir is 100 million gallons.
slaveThe abolition of slave holding was a major victory for the cause of human rights.
feudalThe feudal holding was granted to the knight in exchange for his military service.
typicalAs a typical holding the chain's intended use is for short-term, lightweight items.
termThey made the term holding a part of everyday language.
separateThey require separate holding and isolation until a second person tests negative for COVID-19
multipleThe company has multiple holding in different sectors.
alternativeStudents can go to alternative holding if they do not wish to participate in class activities.
properEnsure the proper holding of the equipment during the experiment.
permanentThe suspect was placed in permanent holding until his trial.
simultaneousThe simultaneous holding of several appointments proved to be an overwhelming challenge.
regularI need to speak with your regular holding
frequentI have trouble with frequent holding in the summer.
crossThe cross holding of shares between the two companies prevents a hostile takeover.
officeMy father prohibited all office holding in our family.
successfulThe company's successful holding of the conference has brought a lot of attention.
necessaryThe necessary holding period for the stock is six months.
narrowThe court's narrow holding only applies to the specific facts of the case.
smallerThe smaller holding is more efficient than its larger counterparts.
uneconomicAfter months of uneconomic holding the company has decided to sell off its inventory.
latterThe latter holding the former's hand, they walked through the park.
collectiveThe museum has a remarkable collective holding of over 10,000 artifacts.
emotionalShe carried the emotional holding of her past experiences with her.
subsequentHe filed his notice of appeal to challenge the subsequent holding of the court.
continuedHe continued holding the book in his hands.
extensiveWe decided to sell our extensive holding of collectible spoons.
essentialThe essential holding is of prime necessity.
isothermalThe isothermal holding period is the time that the weld is held at the specified temperature.
vastThe investment firm boasts a vast holding of international assets.
medianThe median holding period of the fund is six months.
comfortableHe rested his arms on his knees, comfortable holding his head.
prolongedThe prolonged holding of the hostages led to international outrage.

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