Adjectives for Holdings

Adjectives For Holdings

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing holdings, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Understanding the nuanced landscape of describing holdings with adjectives like small, large, foreign, individual, or private can vastly alter the conveyed value and nature of those assets. Whether we're dissecting small startups with promising futures, or exploring vast, large conglomerates with international sway, each adjective shades our perception differently. The use of foreign implies cross-border interests, individual speaks to personal wealth, and private contrasts with publicly-held assets. Adding agricultural into the mix, we dive into land and production value nuances. Below is a comprehensive list of adjectives perfectly suited to articulate the varied dimensions of holdings.
smallThe farmers had small holdings of land to cultivate their crops.
largeThe corporation has large holdings in various industries.
foreignThe company increased its foreign holdings by 10% last year.
individualThe company reported significant growth in individual holdings
privateThe company has decided to sell its private holdings to maximize profits.
agriculturalOwners of agricultural holdings must be given the opportunity to adapt to changing circumstances.
extensiveThe corporation's extensive holdings include real estate, intellectual property, and other assets.
realThe company's financial strength is backed by real holdings
totalThe company's total holdings are valued at over $1 billion.
largerSome of the larger holdings of the collection are on display in the main rotunda.
vastThe corporation increased its vast holdings by acquiring a new company.
libraryThe library holdings include a vast collection of books, journals, and other materials.
smallerThe smaller holdings were combined into larger ones.
substantialThe company's substantial holdings in real estate proved to be a wise investment.
operationalThe company has operational holdings in several countries.
uneconomicThe uneconomic holdings of land were a major obstacle to agricultural progress.
financialThe firm's financial holdings include stakes in several blue-chip companies.
averageSome studies have shown that households in the top percentile have average holdings worth $2.2 million.
largestThe company's largest holdings include various industries, such as technology, healthcare, and energy.
currentThe company announced that it had revised its current holdings a move that surprised analysts.
officialThe official holdings of the museum include works by Rembrandt, Van Gogh, and Picasso.
bigThe company has big holdings in the real estate sector.
scatteredHe owned scattered holdings located in several provinces across the country.
archivalResearchers can access the museum's extensive archival holdings
fragmentedThe company's fragmented holdings made it difficult to manage.
colonialMany of the former colonial holdings are now independent states.
formerThe company sold its former holdings in the oil and gas industry.
corporateThe company has corporate holdings in both the US and Europe.
sizedWe have 28 sized holdings which we operate directly.
communalThe communal holdings were divided equally among the villagers.
excessThe company faces a fine due to its excess holdings of the stock for over three years.
separateThe company had separate holdings in the mining and manufacturing sectors.
ruralOur rural holdings are spread across several counties.
hugeThe company has huge holdings in the real estate market.
tinyThe tiny holdings in this area are a result of the subdivision of larger estates over time.
territorialThe country's territorial holdings have expanded significantly in recent years.
crossThe company's cross holdings in various other businesses have led to concerns about conflicts of interest.
feudalThe feudal holdings of the duchy were extensive, stretching across several counties.
marginalThe smallholder's marginal holdings make it difficult for him to make a living.
periodicalThe faculty uses the periodical holdings to access research material.
landThe farmer's land holdings were vast and profitable.
institutionalInstitutional holdings of Spotify are mostly held by active fund managers.
enormous"I think that their enormous holdings are not very helpful..." he said.
netThe net holdings of the company have decreased by 10%.
overseasThe company's overseas holdings are located in several countries.
liquidThe company's liquid holdings are expected to increase by 10% in the next quarter.
valuableThe museum's valuable holdings included artifacts from ancient civilizations.
jointThe joint holdings of the two companies were valued at over $1 billion.
speculativeThe company's speculative holdings are a major part of its investment portfolio.
richThe museum has rich holdings of historical photographs.
consolidatedThe company's consolidated holdings include a diverse portfolio of real estate, equity, and fixed income investments.
respectiveThe Board of Directors of a company may sell, lease, mortgage or otherwise dispose of all or any part of the respective holdings of the company with the consent of the shareholders.
spanishThe Spanish holdings in the Americas included vast areas of land and rich mineral resources.
immenseThe wealthy family had immense holdings in various industries.
smallestA lot of the smallest holdings are under five-acre ranchettes.

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