Adjectives for Holes

Adjectives For Holes

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing holes, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

The use of adjectives to describe holes significantly impacts the imagery and understanding of the reader. A small hole might suggest a minor detail or problem, easily overlooked or fixed. In contrast, a black hole evokes mystery and the unknown, perhaps a danger that is incomprehensible or all-consuming. A large hole suggests something missing, a noticeable absence or a significant gap. Meanwhile, a deep hole could symbolize a profound or complex issue that isn't easily navigable. The adjective several implies multiplicity, indicating that the issue or feature isn't isolated. Lastly, round might suggest a natural or designed precision. Each adjective shapes our perception, coloring the narrative in subtle but impactful ways. Explore the full spectrum of adjectives used with 'holes' below.
smallWater dripped through small holes in the roof of the abandoned building.
blackThe universe is full of mysteries, including black holes
largeThe Swiss cheese had large holes
deepI was careful not to fall into the deep holes
severalThe old net had several holes in it.
roundThere were round holes in the fabric.
littleHe looked through the little holes in the fence.
tinyThe leaves had tiny holes all over them.
portThe ship's port holes were open, allowing the fresh sea air to circulate.
circularThe wooden board was riddled with circular holes
numerousThe rusty old cheese grater had numerous holes
squareThe carpenter had to drill square holes for the unique new door.
punchedThe conductor punched holes in the tickets.
bigThe ground was riddled with big holes
dryWe drilled a couple of dry holes before we found oil.
shallowThe farmer dug shallow holes for the new saplings.
inchThe tiny inch holes in the wood were barely visible.
largerThe torn jeans had several larger holes in them.
darkThe explorers carefully avoided the dark holes that dotted the cave floor.
smallerThe smaller holes were created by the machine.
shellWe found the old tank abandoned in a field, riddled with shell holes
positiveThe positively charged regions the absence of electrons in semiconductors are called positive holes
openThe old net had several open holes
burrThe surgeon made small burr holes in the skull to access the brain.
buttonShe stitched intricate button holes along the edge of the garment.
pinThe fabric was riddled with pin holes
shapedThe unusual toys had shaped holes to fit the unique blocks.
multipleThe cheese was full of multiple holes
macularThe doctor suspects macular holes are causing the loss of central vision.
verticalThe termites had made vertical holes in the wooden beam.
structuralBy analyzing social networks through the lens of structural holes researchers can gain valuable insights into the flow of information within organizations.
hugeThe old, abandoned building had huge holes in its walls.
bulletThe old barn was riddled with bullet holes
fineThe colander had fine holes to drain the pasta.
correspondingThe tattered net had several corresponding holes
shotThe tree was riddled with shot holes
sizedThe machine drilled precisely sized holes in the metal sheet.
coronalCoronal holes are regions on the Sun where the magnetic field lines are open and allow plasma to escape into space.
rivetExposed rivet holes gave evidence of previous repairs to the wing.
blindThe blind holes were not visible from the surface.
throughThe nails were driven through holes in the wood.
mudThe truck drove through the mud holes with ease.
emptyThe empty holes in the ground were a reminder of the past.
minuteThe fabric was riddled with minute holes
rectangularThe cheese was cut into rectangular holes
punchThe carpenter used a hammer and nails to punch holes in the wood.
boredThe carpenter bored holes in the wood to make the joints.
waterThe zebras gathered at the water holes to quench their thirst.
extraThe manager repeatedly punched extra holes in his belt.
cylindricalThe cylindrical holes were drilled into the metal plate with precision.
diameterThe metal plates have 5 diameter holes drilled along the top.
deeperThe drill was making deeper holes in the wall.
slottedThe slotted holes allowed for easy adjustment of the bolts.
fingerThe bowling ball had three finger holes
horizontalI drilled horizontal holes into the wood.
narrowHe was shooting into the narrow holes
supermassiveThe astronomers studied the supermassive holes
massiveThe cheese had massive holes
nailI can still see the nail holes in the wall from where the paintings used to hang.
threadedThe bolts were screwed into the threaded holes
irregularThe old cloth was full of irregular holes
adjacentThe adjacent holes were filled in with concrete.
raggedThe tattered shirt had ragged holes from the fray.
ratThe mice scurried through the rat holes in the wall.
predrilledWe used predrilled holes to make assembly easier.
augerThe woodworker drilled auger holes in the wood for the nails.
jaggedThe jagged holes in the rusted metal were a testament to its age and neglect.
innumerableThe surface was riddled with innumerable holes
octahedralThe octahedral holes are surrounded by six spheres.
trappedThe trapped holes in the semiconductor caused the current to flow more easily.
ovalThe tiny, oval holes in the garden hose spurted water into the flower bed in random directions.
coredWe drilled cored holes into the rock to extract samples for testing.

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