Adjectives for Holidays

Adjectives For Holidays

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing holidays, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Exploring the vast canvas of holidays, each adjective paints a unique shade of celebration and observance. Whether it is the communal harmony of public holidays, the patriotic fervor of national holidays, or the profound devotion of religious holidays, each term intricately defines the essence of the day. Major holidays often mark significant historical or cultural milestones, while legal holidays ensure official recognition and observance. Meanwhile, long holidays provide a much-needed respite from our daily grinds, inviting relaxation and rejuvenation. The adjectives associated with holidays thus unravel the multiple layers of our collective experiences and traditions. Dive into the full spectrum of adjectives that bring color to the different types of holidays we cherish and celebrate.
publicPublic holidays are days that are set aside by law for the general population to rest and celebrate.
nationalNational holidays are a time to celebrate a country's heritage and culture.
religiousReligious holidays are a time for people to reflect on their faith and traditions.
majorThese major holidays will be observed by Madison Public Schools in 2022-23.
legalWe will be closed on all legal holidays
longDuring the long holidays it sometimes feels very good to do nothing at all.
annualWe get 20 annual holidays at my company.
specialMy family always gets together for special holidays
importantThese are the five most important holidays in the United States.
halfWe used to get half holidays on Saturdays when I was in school.
officialMany countries observe New Year's Day, Christmas Day, and other official holidays
christianChristians eagerly celebrate Christmas and Easter as the two major Christian holidays
traditionalMany traditional holidays involve family and friends gathering together to share food, drinks, and conversation.
longerWe need longer holidays to travel more.
shortI enjoy taking short holidays to relax and recharge.
closedAll shops are closed on closed holidays
statutoryOn statutory holidays public offices, banks, and most businesses are closed.
regularWe celebrate regular holidays in our country.
periodicI have not heard about periodic holidays
federalThe office closes on all federal holidays
frequentPeople with frequent holidays often have more opportunities to travel.
numerousWe celebrate numerous holidays throughout the year.
patrioticMany patriotic holidays are celebrated in the United States.
occasionalI enjoy working in this company because we have occasional holidays
paidWe offer 10 paid holidays per year.
weeklyThe company offers weekly holidays to its employees.
secularThanksgiving is one of the most popular secular holidays in the US.
islamicThe Islamic holidays are celebrated differently depending on the country and culture.
celebratedWe celebrated holidays by eating traditional foods and gathering with family.
extraDue to the recent snowfall, the university decided to give students extra holidays
usualWe do not celebrate the usual holidays like Christmas or Easter.
mexicanMexican holidays include the Day of the Dead, Independence Day, and Revolution Day.
briefI took brief holidays to visit my parents.
movableThe dates of movable holidays such as Easter and Thanksgiving, change from year to year.
dayWe got two day holidays for last week's overtime work.
fewerI regret having fewer holidays
cheapI'm looking for cheap holidays to the Canary Islands.
rareHe was working during the rare holidays that year.
civicCivic holidays are public holidays that commemorate specific events or individuals that are significant to a particular country or region.
seasonalSeveral seasonal holidays exist across cultures and religions.
yearI am looking forward to the year holidays
minorWe celebrated our minor holidays with a small gathering.
favoriteMy favorite holidays are Christmas and Thanksgiving.
overseasI'm thinking of booking some overseas holidays this year.
ethnicMany ethnic holidays are celebrated in the United States.
shorterI prefer shorter holidays for a better work-life balance.
inclusiveOur inclusive holidays include all-inclusive drinks, meals, and activities.

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