Adjectives for Hollow

Adjectives For Hollow

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing hollow, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe 'hollow' can subtly shift its meaning and impact. A 'little hollow' might evoke a quaintness or minimalism, ideal for narratives seeking a touch of simplicity. Conversely, a 'deep hollow' suggests a more profound or significant emptiness, perhaps signaling mystery or danger. 'Small' and 'slight' both hint at minimal impact, but with a slight nuance in perception — 'slight' feels less tangible, more ephemeral. A 'large hollow,' on the other hand, carries weight, suggesting a notable absence or void that might be physical, emotional, or metaphorical. Emphasizing these differences, 'more' invites curiosity about additional nuances in the emptiness context. Explore the full spectrum of adjectives that bring unique shades of meaning to 'hollow' below.
littleI found a little hollow log in the woods.
deepThe deep hollow echoed with the sound of running water.
smallThe small hollow has become a home to several small animals.
slightThe slight hollow in the ground indicated the presence of an old well.
largeThe large hollow tree provided shelter for the animals.
moreThe flowers were more hollow than usual.
shapedHe stared down at the shaped hollow created by the fallen tree.
darkThe dark hollow echoed with the sound of dripping water.
naturalA natural hollow surrounded by lush greenery, was discovered during the exploration.
shallowThe shallow hollow held a small pond where the frogs croaked loudly.
greenThe green hollow made the tree look sickly.
centralThe central hollow of the bone was filled with marrow.
grassyThe deer grazed contentedly in the grassy hollow
shelteredThe sheltered hollow provided a safe haven from the raging storm.
likeThe leaves of the tree were like hollow bones.
circular"I discovered a circular hollow in the middle of the concrete floor."
woodedAs I walked through the wooded hollow I could smell the damp earth and leaves.
sleepyThe headless horseman galloped through Sleepy hollow
wideThe wide hollow echoed with the sound of dripping water.
warmThe warm hollow of the cave provided shelter from the storm.
vastThe vast hollow of the cave was a dark and mysterious place.
sandyThe sandy hollow was a perfect place to build a fort.
rockyWe hiked through the rocky hollow marveling at the towering cliffs and lush vegetation.
softThe soft hollow echo of footsteps whispered through the deserted corridors.
narrowThe narrow hollow wound through the forest.
mereThe mere hollow of the tree was not enough to hide the treasure.
bigThe big hollow tree trunk was home to a family of owls.
broadThe broad hollow echoed with the sound of distant thunder.
roundThe round hollow in the trunk of the tree provided a safe hiding place for the small animals.
sacralThe sacral hollow is formed by the concavity of the sacrum
swampyThe swampy hollow was a perilous place, riddled with treacherous quicksand and lurking predators.
dryThe dry hollow sounded hollow.
marshyThe marshy hollow was a haven for wildlife.
dampI walked through the damp hollow my shoes squelching in the mud.
smoothThe smooth hollow glass sphere rolled across the table.
tinyThe tiny hollow echoed with the sound of my footsteps.
lessThe less hollow their words, the more significant they sound.
woodyWe sat around a campfire, the flames crackling in the woody hollow
fearfulThe fearful hollow echoed with the sound of my own footsteps.
gentleThe gentle hollow embraced the weary traveler, offering solace and respite from the relentless journey.
ovalThe round, oval hollow at the end of the bone marrow was the size of a large egg.
conicalThe conical hollow of the volcano was a sight to behold.
hugeThe huge hollow tree stood majestically on the hilltop.
secludedThe hiker discovered a secluded hollow nestled amidst the towering peaks.
correspondingThe corresponding hollow reverberated with the mournful wail.
shadyThe old cabin sat amongst the trees, deep within the shady hollow
sunnyI went for a walk in the sunny hollow
roundedThe rounded hollow of the tree was home to a family of squirrels.
cuplikeThe cuplike hollow was perfect for holding the small plant.
steepThe path wound its way up the steep hollow
prettyThe pretty hollow box had a nice bell inside it.
cavernousA cavernous hollow echoed with the sound of dripping water.
blueThe blue hollow reminded me of a lonely abyss.
shadowyThe shadowy hollow concealed secrets that beckoned the curious
flatThe large cup is flat hollow
neighboringThe neighboring hollow echoed with the sound of laughter.
immenseHe was lost and alone in the immense hollow of the old oak tree.
quietThe quiet hollow echoed with the sound of the wind.
gloomyI wandered through the gloomy hollow my footsteps echoing through the silence.
lonelyThe lonely hollow echoed with the sound of her footsteps.
triangularThe triangular hollow was a mysterious place that no one dared to enter.
markedThe old tree's trunk was marked hollow
hiddenThe explorer stumbled upon a hidden hollow behind the gnarled roots of an ancient oak tree.
coolThe cool hollow echoed with eerie silence.
muddyThe horses galloped through the muddy hollow their hooves splashing water everywhere.
deeperThe deeper hollow of the trench had not yet been reached by the sonar.
convenientThe convenient hollow allowed them to hide the treasure chest easily.
sensitiveThe old, sensitive hollow stirred with the memory of happier times.
nearbyThe abandoned house stood empty nearby hollow
hawkThe hawk hollowed out the tree trunk.
interiorThe huge building has an expansive interior hollow that allows for an abundance of open space.
secretThe secret hollow was hidden behind the waterfall.
sphericalThe spherical hollow of the ball made it possible to bounce.

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