Adjectives for Holly

Adjectives For Holly

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing holly, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

The word 'holly' carries with it an array of vivid imagery, much of which is shaped by the adjectives that accompany it. Descriptions such as green, american, japanese, common, leaved, and little not only color our understanding of this plant but also add layers of texture, origin, and size to our mental picture. From the lush, green leaves that symbolize life and vitality, to the exotic allure of its Japanese variety, adjectives offer a nuanced exploration of holly's botanical and cultural significance. For a richer experience of this versatile noun, explore the full spectrum of adjectives that bring the world of holly to life.
greenI love the smell of green holly during Christmas time.
americanThe American holly is a species of holly native to eastern North America.
japaneseA row of tall Japanese holly bushes formed a dark green hedge along the property line.
commonCommon holly is an evergreen shrub or small tree native to Europe and North Africa.
leavedThe leaved holly was a beautiful sight to behold.
littleLittle holly hopped happily through the meadow.
whiteShe cut white holly from her garden and added it to the bouquet.
oldThe old holly tree stood in the center of the garden, its branches heavy with red berries.
berriedThe berried holly added a festive touch to the room.
nativeShe wore a spring bonnet with native holly trimming.
chineseThe Chinese holly native to China, is a popular ornamental plant known for its glossy, dark green leaves and clusters of red berries.
brightThe bright holly berries contrasted with the snow-covered ground.
variegatedThe variegated holly has become a popular plant because it has leaves with several different colors.
wildI love to walk past the wild holly on my way home from school.
deciduousThis deciduous holly has small leaves and clusters of bright red berries.
darkShe hung the dark holly above the fireplace.
englishThe english holly is a beautiful evergreen shrub that is native to Europe and western Asia.
beautifulThe house was decorated with beautiful holly for Christmas.
europeanEuropean holly is a species of holly native to western and central Europe, north Africa, and southwest Asia.
freshThe fresh holly smelled so good it filled the whole house with its festive aroma.
redHe decorated the Christmas tree with red holly and white lights.
poorPoor holly was left alone, lost and scared.
artificialHolly leaves were used to create the artificial holly that adorned the mantelpiece.
pricklyThe prickly holly leaves scratched his bare arms as he reached for the berries.
realThe wreath was adorned with real holly and twinkling lights.
trueThe flowers of the true holly are pollinated by insects.
yellowBright yellow holly bushes illuminated the front yard.
tallThe tall holly stood majestically in the garden.
brazilianThe Brazilian holly is a small tree native to Brazil, with leathery leaves and small white flowers.
nearThe house stands near holly bushes.
thickThe thick holly bush made a perfect hiding place.
blotchedThe blotched holly is an evergreen shrub or small tree with a dense, rounded crown.
glossyThe glossy holly leaves reflected the sunlight, creating a shimmering effect.
distinctThe distinct holly contrasted sharply with the green of the other trees.
lateThe late holly was a beautiful sight, with its deep-red berries and glossy leaves.
traditionalA traditional holly wreath adorned the front door with its emerald leaves and vibrant red berries.
fineThe fine holly gleamed in the winter sun.
goldenThe golden holly berries shimmered in the sunlight.
leafedThe wreath was decorated with leafed holly and red berries.
sacredThe sacred holly tree stood tall and majestic in the ancient forest.
magloireMagloire holly is a rare and endangered tree species found in the rainforests of Madagascar.
northernThe northern holly tree is a beautiful evergreen that is native to North America.
markedThe marked holly decorated the town square.
nearbyThe nearby holly tree was a beautiful sight to behold.
genuineThe wreath was adorned with genuine holly its deep green leaves and vibrant red berries creating a festive ambiance.
occasionalThe occasional holly added a festive touch to the wintery landscape.
dearDear holly I hope this letter finds you in good spirits.
decorativeThe decorative holly wreath added a festive touch to the front door.
sharpThe sharp holly leaves scratched at her bare arms.
legendaryThe legendary holly tree stood tall in the forest, its leaves a vibrant shade of green.
unfortunateThe unfortunate holly could not be saved and had to be removed.
grandThe grand holly is a species of holly that is native to the eastern United States.
smoothThe leaves of the smooth holly are shiny and evergreen.
fakeI decorated the mantle with fake holly and twinkling lights.
snowyThe snowy holly stood out against the white background.
seaThe sea holly blooms in the summer.
stoutHe wove a circle of variegated ivy and stout holly about his head.
goldThe gold holly was a beautiful sight to behold with its vibrant yellow leaves.
fruitedIn the holiday season, fruited holly will be found hanging in homes.
winterberryThe winterberry holly tree adds a splash of color to the winter landscape with its bright red berries.
minuteMinute holly is an uncommon shrub that can only be found in one specific location in Florida.
hogThe hog holly is a biennial plant with large, spiky leaves and clusters of small, white flowers.
cheerfulThe cheerful holly brought joy to the room.
stripedThe striped holly adorned the Christmas tree with its vibrant leaves.
shinyThe shiny holly leaves glistened in the winter sun.
scarceThe scarce holly provided little shelter for the small birds during the storm.
crimsonThe crimson holly berries glowed in the sunlight.
radiantThe radiant holly bushes glowed in the sunlight.
denseThe path was narrow and overgrown, with dense holly branches scraping at her skin.
comptonCompton holly is a species of holly native to California.
novelThe novel holly was a welcome sight in the barren winter landscape.

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