Adjectives for Holy

Adjectives For Holy

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing holy, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Describing something as 'holy' already imbues it with a sense of divinity, sacredness, or purity. However, the adjectives used with 'holy' can introduce different shades of meaning. For instance, 'most holy' could suggest the highest sanctity, while 'very holy' emphasizes a great degree of holiness. 'True holy' speaks to authenticity, 'heavenly holy' infers a divine or celestial quality, and 'thrice holy' might hint at supreme sacredness in a poetic or ancient context. Using 'more holy' suggests a comparative sanctity. Each adjective subtly shifts the nuance, adding depth and specificity to our understanding of the holy. Explore our full list to discover the myriad ways adjectives can enhance this profound noun.
mostThe most holy relic was kept in the deepest chamber of the temple.
veryThe temple was very holy and serene.
trueThe true holy is the selfless pure
heavenlyThe heavenly holy choir sang angelic hymns.
thriceThe choir sang a thrice holy anthem.
neoThe neo holy cow is a sacred animal in Hinduism.
celestialThe celestial holy light shone down upon the sacred temple.
immortalThe immortal holy man lived in a cave for centuries.
happyI wish you a happy holy holiday.
allThe all holy man spent his life in prayer.
healthyMay your soul be healthy holy and happy!
whiteThe white holy light shone down on the congregation.
longThe long holy sermon made me fall asleep.
innerThe inner holy light guided her through the darkness.
innermostI've never been able to visit the innermost holy shrine of my religion.
earthlyThe earthly holy man devoted himself to meditation.
blessedThe blessed holy land was a place of peace and tranquility.
ancientThe ancient holy relic was said to possess miraculous powers.
slavinskaThe Slavinska holy mountain is a place of pilgrimage for many Orthodox Christians.
emptyEmpty holy and empty sinful, it is only your sins that are empty.
mercifulA merciful holy act helped him get through his time of need.
sacredThe sacred holy texts were passed down from generation to generation.
detroitDetroit holy Redeemer Cemetery
strongThe strong holy man was resolute in his beliefs.
mineMine holy ambition is to be like my friend and to imitate him.
supremeThe supreme holy spirit guided her through the darkest times.
unseenI stood before the unseen holy yet felt a presence that filled me.
eternalThe eternal holy city of Jerusalem.
threefoldThe threefold holy light shone brightly upon the altar.
spiritualThe spiritual holy aura filled the room, creating an atmosphere of reverence.
dewThe dew holy on the grass sparkled like diamonds.
unapproachableThe unapproachable holy man sat in the lotus position, his eyes closed in meditation.
repeatedThe repeated holy chants filled the temple.
mysticThe mystic holy man meditated for hours.
supremelyWith its supremely holy aura, the temple attracted pilgrims from far and wide.
hiddenThe hidden holy relic was discovered in the depths of the ancient temple.
calledThe terrain was called holy by the ancient natives.
inaccessibleThe inaccessible holy mountain was shrouded in an ethereal mist.
ourOur holy scriptures teach us to be kind and compassionate.
invisibleEveryone needs an invisible holy friend.
silentThe silent holy man sat in meditation for hours.
decentThe decent holy man was a role model for the community.
mysteriousHe was a mysterious holy man.
treeThe tree holy in the forest was a sight to behold.
rabbinicalThe rabbinical holy book, the Talmud, contains the teachings of the ancient rabbis.
famousThe famous holy city of Mecca is a place of pilgrimage for Muslims.
veritableThe veritable holy knights were the embodiment of justice and valor.
bareBare holy the rocks lift their heads.
comeCome holy spirit, fill the hearts of your faithful.
fictitiousThe novel portrayed a fictitious holy man who performed miracles.

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