Adjectives for Homeland

Adjectives For Homeland

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing homeland, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

The choice of adjective when referring to our 'homeland' can drastically affect the tone and implication of our discourse. Descriptors like 'new' and 'own' evoke feelings of personal identity and belonging, while 'original,' 'ancestral,' and 'ancient' emphasize historical roots and deep-seated cultural connections. 'National,' on the other hand, expands the scope, aligning homeland with collective national identity and pride. Each adjective paints a unique picture of our relationship with where we come from, imbuing our references to homeland with an array of emotional landscapes and historical depths. Dive into the full spectrum of adjectives that unveil the multifaceted connections we share with our homeland.
newThe refugees found a new homeland in the country that welcomed them.
ownHe was driven out from his own homeland and wandered in strange lands.
originalThe researcher investigated the Khoisan people's original homeland
ancestralWe are visiting our ancestral homeland to learn more about our culture.
ancientThe ancient homeland of the Maya was in the lowlands of present-day Guatemala and southern Mexico.
nationalThe national homeland is the place where the people of a nation live and work.
oldMy grandparents left their old homeland in search of a better life.
separateThe United States needs to provide a separate homeland for Native Americans.
japaneseWe are going to visit the Japanese homeland
formerHe returned to his former homeland after many years.
belovedThe beloved homeland will always hold a special place in our hearts.
traditionalThe Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region is the traditional homeland of the Uyghur people.
arabThe Arab homeland is a region in the Middle East and North Africa where Arabic is the official language and where the majority of the population is Arab.
americanThe American homeland is a land of immigrants, where people from all over the world have come to build a better life.
independentThe Kurds have long sought an independent homeland in the Middle East.
historicThe United States is the historic homeland of many different Native American tribes.
germanI miss my german homeland
lostMy lost homeland loomed in the distance, a bittersweet memory.
africanI longed to see my African homeland
trueThe true homeland of the polar bears is the Arctic.
sovietThe workers toiled day and night to defend their soviet homeland
europeanMany of my ancestors came to America from their European homeland
spiritualThe holy city is considered by many to be their spiritual homeland
socialistThe socialist homeland will always belong to the people.
distantMy heart aches for my distant homeland
nativeHer parents had to leave their native homeland because of political turmoil.
muslimPakistani Muslims demand a Muslim homeland
greekThe Greek homeland is a beautiful and historic place.
historicalThe historical homeland of the Kurds is in the mountainous region of Kurdistan, which is divided between Turkey, Iraq, Iran, and Syria.
ethnicThe ethnic homeland of the Rohingya people is in Myanmar.
northernAfter stealing the cattle, the raiders retreated to their northern homeland
tribalThe tribal homeland was a place of great beauty and tranquility.
russianHis russian homeland always called him back.
tamilThe Tamil homeland is in southern India and northern Sri Lanka.
sikhThe Sikh homeland known as Punjab, is located in northwestern India and eastern Pakistan.
dearI long for the day I can return to my dear homeland
sacredThe sacred homeland has a special place in their hearts.
occupiedThe occupied homeland was a constant reminder of the conflict.
indianThe Indian homeland is a diverse and vibrant place.
beautifulLet's celebrate the beauty of our beautiful homeland
heavenlyI yearn for the day when I can return to my heavenly homeland
mythicalImmigrants from all over the world dream of returning to their mythical homeland
turkishAfter the collapse of the Ottoman Empire, the Turkish homeland was divided into several new countries.
chineseI visited my Chinese homeland for the first time last year.
armenianI visited my armenian homeland last summer.
asianMy asian homeland is a beautiful place.
imaginaryThe refugees yearned for their imaginary homeland
ruralThe rural homeland of the family had been sold many years ago.
spanishIsabel's father was a captain in the Spanish homeland
permanentTheir permanent homeland is located in the mountains.
southThe refugees returned to their south homeland after the war.
easternThe eastern homeland of the family had always been a place where the children could roam freely.
territorialThe bird's territorial homeland is in the mountains.
polynesianThe Polynesian homeland is believed to be in the area of Southeast Asia.
aryanThe aryan homeland is a myth.
basqueThe Basque people are indigenous to the Basque homeland in the Pyrenees mountains.
italianMy Italian homeland is a beautiful place.
biblicalThe biblical homeland of the Israelites was Canaan.
mountainousHer mountainous homeland was a place of great beauty and danger.
liberatedThe liberated homeland was now a place of peace and prosperity.
autonomousThe autonomous homeland for the ethnic group is located in the mountainous region.
legendaryMy legendary homeland was a place of great beauty and wonder.
promisedThe Israelites journeyed for forty years in the desert before reaching their promised homeland
northThe traveler returned to his north homeland for the winter months.
polishThe Polish homeland is a beautiful place with a rich history and culture.
devastatedThe war-torn country returned to its devastated homeland
phoenicianThe Phoenician homeland a region in what is now Lebanon and Syria, was a hub of trade and commerce for centuries.
irishThe Irish homeland has a rich history and culture.
islamicI am proud of my Islamic homeland

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