Adjectives for Homeless

Adjectives For Homeless

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing homeless, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

The word 'homeless' often conjures images of struggle and despair, but the adjectives used alongside it can deeply alter its impact and meaning. 'Left homeless' evokes a sense of abandonment, while 'new homeless' may reflect recent societal shifts causing more individuals to lose their shelter. 'Single' and 'many' offer a lens into the scale of homelessness, whether focusing on an individual's story or highlighting a widespread issue. The term 'ill homeless' brings attention to health crises among homeless populations, and 'urban homeless' could signify the environmental context of this issue. Each adjective not only describes but also invites empathy and a deeper understanding of the varied experiences of homelessness. Explore the full range of adjectives to grasp the complexity behind this condition.
newI was shocked to see so many new homeless people on the streets.
singleThe single homeless man sat on the street, begging for change.
manyMany homeless people struggle to find shelter and food.
illThe ill homeless man stood on the street corner, shivering in the cold.
urbanThe urban homeless population has been growing in recent years.
youngThe young homeless man sat on the street corner, begging for spare change.
poorThe poor homeless man sat on the sidewalk, begging for change.
ruralThe rural homeless population often faces unique challenges in accessing services and support.
oldThe old homeless man sat on the bench, his head in his hands.
hiddenThere are many people experiencing hidden homelessness who live in cars, couch surf, or stay in motels.
termThe term homeless refers to individuals who do not have a regular or stable nighttime residence.
hungryThe hungry homeless man begged for spare change on the street corner.
chronicallyThe chronically homeless population often faces a complex web of challenges.
localThe local homeless population is in need of assistance.
elderlyThe elderly homeless man sat on the sidewalk, his head in his hands.
mostThe most homeless people are found in major cities.
newlyThe newly homeless man wandered the streets, searching for a place to stay.
shelteredThe sheltered homeless population has increased in recent years.
deadThe dead homeless man was found in an alleyway.
chronicThe chronic homeless often face multiple barriers to finding housing, such as mental illness, addiction, and lack of job skills.
invisibleThe invisible homeless often go unnoticed and unsupported.
olderThe older homeless man has been living on the streets for over ten years.
statutoryDue to a combination of circumstances, he became a statutory homeless person.
unemployedMany unemployed homeless people are living on the streets.
visibleThe protests included many visible homeless people and their supporters.
literalMy father lived as a literal homeless for many years.
femaleThe female homeless population is growing rapidly.
undergroundThe underground homeless population in Los Angeles has grown significantly in recent years.
nearI was near homeless until I found this place.
transientSocial worker Julie Chanatry spoke about the challenges facing transient homeless populations.
residentThe city council met to discuss the issue of resident homeless
sickThe sick homeless man sat on the bench, shivering in the cold.
longerJohn has been longer homeless than expected.
agedThe aged homeless man sat on the bench, his eyes closed in weary repose.
usingThe city is using homeless people to clean up the streets.
streetThe street homeless population is often overlooked.
needyThe needy homeless lined up outside the soup kitchen, their faces etched with exhaustion.
unfortunateThe unfortunate homeless man wandered the streets, seeking shelter from the cold.
fewerThere are fewer homeless people in the city thanks to the new housing program.
coreThe core homeless are those who have been living on the streets for a long time and have little or no contact with services.
alreadyThere are several organizations that provide services for the already homeless
sleeplessThe sleepless homeless man wandered the streets all night.
destituteA group of destitute homeless people huddled together for warmth under a bridge.
cityThe city homeless population is increasing.
arabAn arab homeless man was sitting on the street corner.
recentlyThe recently homeless man found himself sleeping on the streets.
raggedThe ragged homeless man begged for change on the street corner.
concealedThe city council is trying to find ways to help the concealed homeless population.
restlessThe restless homeless man wandered aimlessly through the city streets.
dependentThe dependent homeless population is often overlooked.
adultThe adult homeless population in the United States is estimated to be over 550,000.
unshelteredThe unsheltered homeless population in the city has grown significantly in recent years.
borderlineThe family was living on the borderline homeless after losing their home.
alcoholicThe alcoholic homeless man stumbled down the street.
indigentThe indigent homeless man sat on the sidewalk, begging for change.
episodicEpisodic homeless individuals often experience periods of stability and homelessness.
respectableI come from a respectable homeless family.

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