Adjectives for Homes

Adjectives For Homes

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing homes, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Describing homes with a specific adjective not only brings to life its physical attributes but also taps into the emotional and sociological significance it holds for individuals and communities. Whether it's the pride and autonomy associated with own homes, the fresh beginnings highlighted by new homes, or the sense of heritage and memory encapsulated in old homes, each adjective unveils a unique story. The difference between private and foster homes opens a dialogue on belonging and care, while many homes reflect on wealth or housing issues. Dive into the depths of these stories and more as we explore the full spectrum of adjectives connected to homes.
ownMany people dream of someday owning their own homes
newWe are building new homes for the homeless.
manyThere are many homes in the neighborhood.
privateThe city is composed mostly of private homes and small apartment buildings.
fosterThe children were placed in several foster homes before finding a permanent home.
mobileThe family packed their belongings into the mobile homes
mostMost homes have multiple rooms.
americanAmerican homes have been getting bigger over the years.
familyWe lived in family homes and were happy.
classThe class homes were filled with students on the first day of school.
respectiveThe students returned to their respective homes after the school day ended.
residentialThe residential homes in the area are mostly single-family homes.
comfortableThey lived in comfortable homes
brokenThe children from broken homes often have difficulty adjusting to new surroundings.
permanentFamilies in permanent homes need not worry about being displaced by rising rents.
happyThe neighborhood was filled with happy homes
beautifulThe street was lined with beautiful homes
ruralThe rural homes were scattered across the vast countryside.
formerHe kept all of his precious momentos from his former homes
betterWe are building better homes for our community.
olderThe older homes in this neighborhood have a lot of character.
statelyStately homes lined the grand boulevard, their manicured lawns sprawling across acres.
suburbanMany suburban homes have large yards.
fineThey offer the best real estate services in buying and selling fine homes
christianThe children in christian homes are taught to love and respect others.
convalescentMany convalescent homes are located near hospitals and medical centers.
ancestralOur ancestral homes have been preserved for generations.
parentThe children were sent to their parent homes for spring break.
historicThe tour guide led us through the historic homes of the city.
expensiveThe neighborhood is known for its expensive homes
adoptiveThe children were placed in adoptive homes across the country.
modestThe modest homes nestled comfortably along the quiet street.
humbleMany of the humble homes in the area had wood burning stoves for heat.
temporaryThe refugees had to live in temporary homes until their permanent housing was ready.
victorianThe Victorian homes in the neighborhood are characterized by their intricate architectural details.
pleasantEvery family yearns to live in pleasant homes
distantThe distant homes on the horizon were a reminder of how far I had come.
decentMany families will get to live in decent homes thanks to government funding.
occupiedWe do not allow pets in occupied homes
smallerI prefer the smaller homes in this neighborhood.
urbanThe urban homes were closely packed together.
japaneseJapanese homes are typically made of wood and have tatami mats on the floor.
wealthyThe wealthy homes in the area are often very large and luxurious.
niceThe neighborhood had a lot of nice homes
elegantThe neighborhood is filled with elegant homes and lush gardens.
attractiveI toured several attractive homes in the neighborhood.
luxuriousThey strolled through a neighborhood lined with luxurious homes and manicured lawns.
styleThe style homes in this neighborhood are all very different.
parentalI remember the days spent in our parental homes
careThere are many care homes in this area that provide excellent care for the elderly.
lovelyThe neighborhood is filled with lovely homes
colonialThe tour guide pointed out the many well-preserved colonial homes
ruinedThe flood waters had destroyed countless homes, leaving behind ruined homes and broken dreams.
palatialThe wealthy elite lived in palatial homes surrounded by luxury and opulence.
peacefulThe town was filled with peaceful homes
suitableThe organization provides suitable homes for the homeless.
quietThe quiet homes were nestled in the tranquil valley.
builtThe construction company built homes in the new neighborhood.
nearbyThe nearby homes were evacuated due to the fire.
storyShe went outside to greet the children who were playing near the story homes

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